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    Re: Golf SOTD recommendations?

    If insects are an issue at the course, citrus frags (lemon in particular) are best. Stay away from florals, The bugs will want to pollenate you!
  2. Re: Seeking reviews of Montale Kabul Aoud. Have you smelled this one?

    I've had Kabul Aoud on my list of hard to find scents that I wanted to sample. So when surrendertochance said they had it available, I ordered a decant. This is the first day I've worn it, and so...
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    Re: Basenote Hype Victims?!

    +1. I had high expectations because I'm a big fan of Heritage and LIDGE. But this one didn't cut it.
  4. Re: Basenotes favorites that you hate... Hated that you love?

    This is a great thread, especially if you want to sample/blind buy (or not) based on other's groupings.

    One Million
    L'Air du Desert Marocain (and others by Tauer)
    Anything Polo...
  5. Re: Suggestions please for a natural smelling/wild RASPBERRY smelling fragrance ?

    +1 on Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille.
  6. Poll: Re: Bulgari Aqua Marine vs Bulgari Aqua POLL!

    I wish I had seen this thread before I blind bought Aqua Marine a few months back. If someone wants to swap for it, PM me.
  7. Re: Twin brothers? Bulgari Aqua Marine and L'eau Par Kenzo

    I don't think there is any similarity. L'Eau Par Kenzo has a green tea vibe while Aqua Marine smells like seaweed.
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    Re: When to wear Guerlain Heritage?

    I typically wear it in the winter, but could be worn anytime of year, casual or formal
  9. Re: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Private Blend Initial Review

    I enjoy TL, but IMHO it's nearly identical to Angel Schlesser Essential.
  10. Re: I finally got the chance to try Creed Aventus at Neiman Marcus

    +1. Aventus has weak projection for me.
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