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    CH Men (red ribbon)

    Have half of a 1.7 oz. bottle of CH Men, with the red ribbon, and a partial 3.4 oz. of CK One Shock (can't tell, maybe half? The bottle is black... )

    Looking to swap either or both, for any...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3


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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Picked up a bottle of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Intense for $24 at Marshall's in Massapequa, NY.
    Pretty good flanker of the original, a smoky citrus fragrance with moderate longevity and projection...
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    Re: Vintage Héritage de Guerlain

    I have the current EDT, and though not likely as strong as the vintage, it smells great. It's on the conservative/traditional side of masculine fragrances, but perfect as a Fall-Winter-Spring...
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    Re: New Armani Eau Pour Homme

    Even though I like the new one, these days, something like Eau Sauvage or Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo or even Creed Original Vetiver, is more my cup of tea in the same chypre genre.

    The $5 for the mini...
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    Re: Which fresh woody for summer ?

    I'd say any of the excellent vetiver scents listed on here. I'd also throw in Terre De Hermes Parfum; it's more citrusy than the EDT, and dials back the 'woods', which makes it good for Summer.
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    New Armani Eau Pour Homme

    Has anybody else worn this?

    I picked up a small mini for about five dollars at a Fragrancenet store at a shopping mall (yes, Fragrancenet now has mall stores in some locations), and I like it....
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    Re: Vetiver fragrance

    Besides the great suggestions made by others, including Guerlain Vetiver, Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver and Creed Original Vetiver, one of the best vetiver fragrances I own is Lorenzo Villoresi's Uomo. Its...
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    Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    I don't think it's underrated at all, it's much loved.

    Yeah, I lurve this one as well, even with my dwindling 30ml decant.
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    Boucheron Pour Home EDT

    What do you guys think of this one?

    I had the chance to buy an older partial bottle for < $10, and glad I spent that little, because I don't think this one is my speed at all.

    It leans way too...
  11. Re: What is the "cheapest" scent that you really enjoy?

    Oscar for Men. When available at discounters, try it, a very nice citrus/peppery/woody scent.

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    Re: Owning too many fragrances?

    Honestly, 'too many' is a personal metric, and it's very subjective. It all comes down to budget, space needed or other considerations.

    I've been trying to get my own bottle quantity down from...
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    Re: What a great, classic scent.

    The EDT in current formulation.

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    What a great, classic scent.

    Just received the current formulation of Guerlain's Heritage on a swap (special shout out to XentMaster for being a great trading partner), and I can't believe I never really gave this fragrance a...
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    Re: Best classy everyday scent

    Mine are:

    -Guerlain Habit Rouge EDP*
    -Guerlain Heritage EDT*
    -Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense
    -Creed Aventus
    -Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT
  16. Re: A better version of Sung there one?

    Yeah, this. I have the Prada Amber Intense version in the black bottle, but I've smelled the original, and it smells like a fancy soap found at a high end hotel (think Four Seasons, Edition, etc.) ...
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    A handful of bottles for swap. CONUS

    Looking to swap any/all of the following:

    just under half a bottle of Michael for Men by Michael Kors (the original, not Michael Kors for Men)
    half-3/4 of a bottle of John Varvatos Vintage
  18. Re: How many colognes do you have? And do you rotate between scents?

    I have about 12-16 full bottles, and about a handful of decants from splits.
    I usually wear a fragrance based on seasonality.
    I'm actually looking to slim down the full bottles even more, as I'm...
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    Michael for Men by Michael Kors

    I have approximately half of a 3.4 oz bottle, without a box, of Michael for Men, looking to swap it for similar or 1.7 qty of a Guerlain, either Vetiver (modern version) or Heritage.
  20. Re: Deciding between Azzaro Pour Homme and Dior Eau Sauvage...

    I have both, but the Sauvage is much more fleeting, so it tends to work better in the Summer.

    Current Azzaro is better than the older.
    APH's modern formulation has an opening that's much less...
  21. Re: Fall and winter is here...time to break out the _____ (fill in)

    Well, obviously, but that applies for enthusiasts of all interests.

    I'm also a consumer technology nerd/fan and I follow enthusiast blogs like Engadget, Tom's Hardware, iMore, The Verge and...
  22. Azzaro Pour Homme: I like the reformulation better.

    I remember coming across Azzaro Pour Homme years ago in a department store, trying a spritz, and the initial smell had me doing the stink face. Couldn't stand the stuff.

    Many moons later now, and...
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    Re: Today I bought...October 2015

    Been wearing mine for about an hour's 1998, all over again.
    And I'm back in college, spraying on Envy for Men for a night out.

    It's pretty good so far, not as intense as Envy, more...
  24. Re: Fall and winter is here...time to break out the _____ (fill in)

    Fall rotation=
    Michael for Men
    CK One Shock
    Rochas Man
    Pure Malt
    Guerlain Habit Rouge EDP
    and last, but not least, Dior Homme Intense
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    Re: CH Men: Don't Get the Hype

    Same. It's fine, it's not terrible or anything......but I could think of others in its price range that had the same vibe, but were similar or better (Rochas Man, CK One Shock for Him, Varvatos...
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    Re: Today I bought...October 2015

    .....Carven Homme, the original one from the late 90's/early 2000s.

    In fact, bought it about a week ago, but it was delivered from Amazon today. I figured for about $12-15, even if it's terrible,...
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    Re: A modern version of Azzaro Pour Homme?

    It IS! Not to derail the thread off topic, but it's nice. >$100 nice? No. But I'd definitely consider a split if one becomes available.
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    Re: A modern version of Azzaro Pour Homme?

    Yup, and also Replica At the Barber's; caught a whiff of that in Sephora last week and loved it.

    But original Azzaro?

    To each their own, but for me it was a scrubber. Sprayed it on and made...
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    Poll: Re: Hanae Mori HM v Edition Blanche

    Because it smells like a lemon meringue cake. And lemon meringue smells awesome.....although not very masculine, but hey, you can't have everything.
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    Poll: Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver or Dior Homme Sport ?

    (Shrug) During the Summer, I use both----Grey Vetiver for work, and DHS when I step out with the gf later that night or the weekend,
    I have and love both.
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    Re: 1st world problem

    I'd be hesitant to keep reapplying at work. I used to work with a kid, who became known as Over Applying Cologne Guy. He used to wear this heavy cologne, and would reapply at regular intervals...
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    Re: Which one will be my next cheapie blind buy

    Like everyone else suggested, go for Encre Noir and MB Individuel, both very good, and punch much higher in quality above their price point.

    I use Individuel, as a day to day, and work scent. ...
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    Re: Whats The Big deal With Guerlain...

    I too can appreciate Guerlain's offerings and their history, but on the other hand, having owned a couple of their 'classics',Vetiver and Habit Rouge (in the EDP variation), I'm not eager to go out...
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    Re: Came back from vacation, found stuff stolen.

    Gotcha. Thanks.
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    Re: Came back from vacation, found stuff stolen.

    I'm not sure. I used Norwegian Air.

    How would I claim a loss if I hadn't declared anything beforehand? It'd be great, but I don't know.....
    They would ask me to provide proof, that I had the...
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    Re: Came back from vacation, found stuff stolen.

    I'm thinking about planning another vacation for next year (gotta solve the post vacation blues somehow) and probably thats the way to go. Or just bring stuff like a Creed in a small decant.

    On a...
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    Re: Came back from vacation, found stuff stolen.

    I padlocked my suitcase on the way there, but not on the way back. Lost the key for the lock in Greece, and figured I'd chance it...and there you go.

    As far as plastic film wrapping, at the...
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    Re: Came back from vacation, found stuff stolen.

    Vacation was great.
    Greece was awesome, but also kind of fell in love with Copenhagen. Beautiful women that looked like supermodels were everywhere! My head was on a swivel the entire stay...
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    Came back from vacation, found stuff stolen.

    I just returned from a trip to the Greek islands, and a long layover in Denmark, and found both bottles of cologne (Dior Homme Sport and Millesime Imperial) and a nice razor, stolen from my suitcase,...
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    Re: Recommend me a LEATHER scent

    Don't have much experience with leather scents, but I tried the Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather over the weekend, and it smelled pretty frickin' fantastic. There seemed to be a lot more going on in...
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    Re: Colognes you love but they just DON'T LAST

    I remember the old Armani Eau Pour Homme---used to have to figuratively bathe in that one to get it to last. Great for a few hrs, then from what I remember, fades away into nothing.
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    ADP Colonia Leather

    Caught a whiff of this over the weekend at a local Nordstrom's; in a word, Fantastic!

    And unlike other fragrances from this house, the scent lingered on the part of my forearm I sprayed it on,...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Picked up Vera Wang for Men, a 1.7 for $14.99.
    Opened it, tried it......and returned it back to the store barely an hour later. Good thing I had other shopping to do in that strip mall parking...
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    Re: Favourite Blu Mediterraneo?

    Ditto. Unfortunately, I think it's discontinued. I have a sample, but I can't find a full bottle anywhere.
  45. So, what, 'Smell like Wolverine, Magneto or...

    So, what, 'Smell like Wolverine, Magneto or Iceman!" ?
  46. Re: Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza - your thoughts?

    Ditto. My favorite is actually one of the Blu Meditteraneo flankers, Cipresso Di Toscana. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued.
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    Re: Anyone own any Lorenzo Villoresi fragrances?

    I own Uomo, which is pretty fantastic IMO.
    Only downside is that longevity is not great.

    I get a very 'foody' vibe from it, a kind of citrus and tomato basil, to my nose, and then later, almost a...
  48. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    Unless you use unscented soap or deodorant, if you think about it, most probably already do layer. Irish spring body wash, plus Right Guard Sports deodorant spray, plus a few sprays of Guerlain...
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    Re: Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    It's a solid, masculine cologne. Nothing amazing, but smells nice and is something you can wear day to day without having to think about it.
    Oscar for Men can be a decent daily driver, while you...
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver EDP?

    A Guerlain Vetiver EDP?

    This was basically what I got out of Dior's Eau Sauvage Parfum, the black labeled bottle with the dark green juice, relatively new.

    It's basically a punch-in-the-nose...
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    Re: New Tom Ford 2014?

    Yup, Grey Vetiver is pretty great. I wore it last Summer, mainly for a couple of friend's weddings, both outdoor, that I attended.
    For that kind of formal, warm weather event, GV is aces.
  52. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    It would likely be anything that combines patchoulli, incense and vetiver, like Encre Noir, Gucci Pour Homme I or Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense
  53. Re: I literally don't get vetiver. Why would ANYONE want to smell grassy?

    I guess, kind of like how vetiver is a component of Chanel Pour Monsieur, but it's just a component, it doesn't take over the fragrance.
    Although, I should say, Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver, Lorenzo...
  54. Re: Good summer fragrance with excellent projection and longevity?

    Yeah, not exactly sure what happened but the availability of Bergamotto Marino has dried up.
    Not sure if it's the distributor restricting availability to drive up the price, or if its been...
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    Re: Best summer daytime fragrance?

    What I use for spring and summer"

    MI (a 50ml split)
    Dior Homme Sport 2012
    Chanel Pour Monsieur (though this is more of a year round-er and work scent for me)
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Lorenzo Villoresi...
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    Re: Pure Malt for $63 on Amazon - Grabbed 2

    The supply only goes away when Mugler wants it to, in order to drive up prices again.

    The price it's going for now, is what Pure Malt should be selling, sanely, at. The >$100 prices it was going...
  57. Re: Good fragrances you won't typically find in department stores?

    What's funny is that, you won't find any of the classical Guerlains (Vetiver, Habit Rouge, etc.), Givenchy, or Caron fragrances (Pour Homme, Third Man, Yatagan) in these stores either, which is a bit...
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    Re: What smells like Gilette shaving cream?

    Besides Rive Gauch, I've read that Brooks Brothers 1818 has a similar shaving cream vibe, which lasts all day. Seems to get generally positive reviews.
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    Re: Need suggestion for a wedding?

    Take a full bottle of any 70s or 80s era masculine powerhouse, say Van Cleef and Arpels or Yatagan, and literally shower yourself with it.

    Try not to notice the trail of unconscious victims...
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    Mont Blanc Individuel....

    Just bought this out of curiosity, and I found it a decent price at retail.

    All I get out of Individuel is a fairly short lived 'fresh laundry just out of the dryer' type smell, with a bit of...
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    Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur: where to buy EDT

    Just to chime in, has it. I believe they're based out of Hong Kong, but they ship internationally, free to the U.S. That's where I bought my last bottle, and it's the correct,...
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    Re: Best Tobacco Scents Out There

    Like others have mentioned Michael for Men, by Michael Kors.
    Also, the drydown of CK One Shock for Him is a tobacco bomb. It's a bit on the synthetic side, but still smells nice.

    For an...
  63. Re: Think of the most over-powering cologne to ever overwhelm you negatively...

    Eau Sauvage EDP (the green liquid with the black label bottle).
    Two spritzes from a Sephora bottle had me gassed out, like swimming through a haze of syrup.
    I was impressed with its power, but...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

    Michael for Men by Michael Kors.
    I keep forgetting how good this is; it's so masculine, makes you want to go grizzly bear hunting, rappel down the side of a mountain, dress in a tux and drink a...
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    Re: Just sampled: "Bentley for Men"

    Well, like the other high end car manufacturer fragrances, maybe we'll see them popping up on discounter shelves within a year. May give it a whirl then.
  66. Re: Anyone ever worry about possible adverse effects from fragrance on your skin over many years?

    Honestly, if we do end up with adverse effects from chemical reactions, it's more likely to come from food preservatives and plant fertilizers, than from fragrance chemicals.

    I'd worry less about...
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    Re: The Best Floris Fragrances

    Haven't tried any, but I've heard the Santal is really nice. I've read it being compared to a softer version of Gucci Envy for Men.
  68. Re: Thinking about getting my dad Green Irish Tweed for father's day

    Getting my old man an iPad. Just bought an iPad mini for Mom's Day. It's the perfect parents/grandparents computer. No more tech support from us, why their Windows PCs and netbooks aren't working.
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    Re: TM Pure Malt and DHI available now

    It sounds great, but wondering if I could pull that off, as it sounds like a 'clubbing' cologne. I'm pushing Forty; the notes sound appealing (I have and like Rochas Man, wear it on dates), but I'm...
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    Re: Recommendations for a summer niche under $150?

    Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo; 1.7 ml for around $80. Classical, herbal/citrus in the Meditteranean-Acqua-di-Parma vein, but more masculine.
  71. Re: Suggestion: Green/Fresh/Citrus Cologne for the Beach

    I have a decant of MI, and the name 'Bergamotto Marino' sounds like it'd be too similar in that genre, though obviously of different quality. Are they similar, or way different scents?
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    Re: Is the new Monsieur de Givenchy still good?

    I own half a bottle, that was left to me by an old roommate/house- share-mate. MDG is fine as a day to day work scent, but I find that it works really well layered with a spritz or two of Oscar for...
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    Re: I'm mad at you, Monsieur Givenchy!

    Wish I could enjoy it more as well. Bought it from a Long Island shopping mall kiosk, and maybe it was an old bottle sitting in the heat, because all I get out of it is a pleasant, sharp old school...
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    ...and with that, I'm good, I think.

    Just recently acquired my tenth bottle of cologne/fragrance, eleven if you count an almost finished mini of Izod.

    And now that it's at that number, it seems that it's likely too many, I'll never...
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    Poll: Re: Your strongest fragrance - projection & sillage?

    From a recent purchase: Prada Amber PH Intense.

    Smells great, but you have to take it easy on the trigger. I spritzed on three sprays, and I had to slide down most of the windows in my car, in...
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    Re: What is it about Azzaro PH that I hate?

    Likewise. First time I spritzed Azarro on my arm, and took a sniff, the knee-slapper of a scene from Anchorman came immediately to mind.
    "It's a formidable scent....It stings the nostrils."
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    Re: How different is the new Rive Gauche?

    Was it reformulated while it was still packaged in the tin can?
    I bought a tin can version from a mall kiosk about a year or so ago, and the longevity on this was fairly short lived. I remember...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite neroli/orange blossom?

    A lot of love for Thierry Mugler - Mugler Cologne, I see. I bought it recently, wore it for a day, and had to return it. Luckily it was from a Macy's who usually take most fragrances back,...
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    Re: Black Tie Event - GIT or Aventus?

    Yah, just recently bought Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, and they may as well have named it Tom Ford Formal Event. That's right up its alley.
  80. Re: Two novelty fragrances: HM Hanae Mori and Prada Amber PH Intense

    Ha, thanks for the anecdote L'Homme. scent. Noted.

    The Prada is a tougher nut to crack. It also kinda reminds me of the priests at the Greek Orthodox religious primary school I...
  81. Re: USPS' Perfume Crackdown March 1; No Air/Priority Shipments

    Although tough for individuals, businesses get around this by having a certification or permit, with their shipping personnel instructed to pack and ship fragrances in a particular manner.
  82. Re: Two novelty fragrances: HM Hanae Mori and Prada Amber PH Intense

    Yeah, I'm not arguing they're not good smelling fragrances. In fact, you can call them very good, to great.
    I'm arguing their versatility. I don't know----haven't tried wearing the HM to...
  83. Two novelty fragrances: HM Hanae Mori and Prada Amber PH Intense

    So, I've recently acquired both the HM Hanae Mori---a fragrance that smells like a delicious vanilla custard with lemon filling birthday cake, and Prada Amber Intense, which is dark fragrant soap or...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    It might just be a reflection of an industry thing---more brands controlling their product, and by contract preventing sell through at discounters, thereby 'cheapening' a brand.

    Also, when you...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Hope you like it, but for me, all I got after the first two sprays was a way harsh hairspray smell that seemed to stick in my throat and nostrils after I took a whiff. Returned it to my...
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    Re: The most you've ever spent on a fragrance?

    About $100, give or take twenty bucks, and that's only for a couple that I own.
    Honestly, in this economy I couldn't justify spending more than that on a men's cologne.

    I suppose if you're a well...
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    Re: A cologne that will make her think of sex

    From what I hear, something that's easy to wear, readily available at brick and mortar retail, and has a rep for smelling great to women but is also very masculine, with a 'come hither' vibe, is...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage - best inexpensive perfume

    Not too big on Aqua Fahrenheit; it smelled great when I sprayed it on my arm to sample, but just like the original Fahrenheit, the 'gas' note literally gave me a migraine headache.
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    Whoah! Huge price disparity

    This past week, bought a bottle of HM Hanae Mori for men, due to liking the samples I'd received from a girl I knew at a local Macy's, so I went back to her and bought it, the EDP for $95.

    When I...
  90. Re: Creed Original Vertiver Vs Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    I have a full bottle of Mugler and a sample of OV. To me, Mugler is generally okay, but there's something in the notes that's 'off' about it; a kind of funkiness that I can't quite describe, that's...
  91. Re: How long do you give a frag before deciding if it's for you or not?

    Usually 2-3. I just blind bought Mugler's Cologne...mistake. I liked it initially, but after a couple days of wearings, there's something 'off' or funky to me about it.

    Thankfully, I got it from...
  92. Re: What fragrances are you surprised few people like on BN ?

    The Swiss Army by Victorinox and the Mont Blanc lines.

    Although they both make what are considered 'safe', likeable, scents that are usually pushed in department stores, their stuff never smells...
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    Re: Creed is all you Need..

    Their stuff is all pretty good, but it's still really high priced for what they are (cologne!). I did recently just participate in a decant split, but I could never justify spending full retail,...
  94. Re: What fragrances that are highly talked about have you not had a chance to sniff out yet?

    Probably the ones that are either unavailable in the U.S. market, have limited distribution, or have been discontinued. I'm sure some of this is due to the whole scarcity principle----if something...
  95. Creed's M.I., RL's Polo Sport and Izod= Brothers from another Mother.

    Of course, I'm being a bit flip, but....

    Just received my Creed Millesime Imperial decant from dusttdust, and enjoying it.
    I highly recommend splits with him, by the way; great transaction and...
  96. Creed's M.I., RL's Polo Sport and Izod= Brothers from another Mother.

    Of course, I'm being a bit flip, but....

    Just received my Creed Millesime Imperial decant from dusttdust, and enjoying it.
    I highly recommend splits with him, by the way; great transaction and...
  97. Re: Wow! Spice Bomb smells VERY similar to Bath & Body Works PINK CHIFFON

    I actually have a sample and to me, Spicebomb opening notes bear a striking similarity to the mid and dry down of John Varvatos Vintage. Which is a good thing, because spicy cinammon, light vanilla...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Went in to a local Marshall's on Long Island to look for a new messenger bag, for work. While I didn't see anything that impressed me I did see cologne gift sets in the mens fragrance area.

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    Re: A Great Day with Rive Gauche Pour Homme

    Maybe it's just my skin, which is admittedly very dry, but after the initial blast of RG, fifteen minutes later I get.....nothing. I can barely smell it on myself, unless I press my nose...
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    Re: Chanel PM Concentree----dissapointing. Meh.

    I should also say that, its January in NY, and I have very dry skin.
    I bought Rive Gauge which is supposed to be a projection monster, and I get nothing from that too.
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