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  1. Eau Sauvage EDT vs. Parfum - packaging and reformulation questions

    Today on Amazon I was amazed to find in addition to the Dior Eau Sauvage being offered in the traditional vintage bottle
    an offering of Eau Sauvage as pure parfum. The cost of the edt was in the $60...
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    G W Carver - Carvoline Perfumes 1948

    Yesterday I found at a yard sale a tiny bottle of perfume in an exquisite glass bottle. It contains Carvoline's BALM OF GILEAD. The only reference I can find to this is in the Perfume Encyclopedia....
  3. 2 Lutens samples needed to complete review profiles

    Dear Basenoters:

    I will be able within the next month to complete my reviews of the entire Serge Lutens offerings to date, with the exception of two scents, both from last year,
    for which I can...
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    Guerlain Sous Le Vent and Derby

    I notice that Guerlain's 1933 creation for Josephine Baker, SOUS LE VENT, and their 1985 masculine, DERBY,
    share 7 notes. With SOUS LE VENT that's about a third of the 19 notes involved, but with...
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    My Sin = My Peach????

    Does anyone know how the French name for the Lanvin scent - "Mon Peche" - which translates to "My Peach"
    became for its stateside sales "My Sin?"
  6. Bond No. 9 - H.O.T. Always and Rosine - Rosa Flamenca - samples sought

    Two scents that continue to elude me re samples - Bond No. 9 H.O.T. Always and Rosine's Rosa Flamenca.
    Any assistance in tracking down samples of these would be most appreciated.
  7. Quand Vient La Pluie (2007) Guerlain - has it gone underground?

    I would never have heard of Guerlain's 2007 Quand VIent La Pluie if it weren't for Turin and Sanchez' Perfume Guide.
    It seems to have come and gone without a whisper.
    Only 5 reviews on Basenotes....
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    Re: The House of Ciro

    Hi, FiveoaksBouquet - I have only sampled the first nine. I don't own the others, but constantly look for affordable bottles on Ebay.
    Overall, with the obvious exception of Doux Jasmin, Ciro deals...
  9. Hermes Bel Ami - new bottle = reformulation?

    Gents - I have just sampled vintage Hermes Bel Ami and am hooked. I notice there have been a new bottle and box
    created for this, which usually means a reformulation. Was this reformulated? If so,...
  10. Seeking sample of Rosine's Rose d'Amour (2005)

    I am searching for a sample (1 ml at least) of Parfum de Rosine's 2005 release, Rose d'Amour.
    Fee plus shipping costs will of course be reimbursed. Hoping to hear from someone with
    juice to spare. ...
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    Re: Raphael Replique

    The house of Raphael existed from 1944 to 1961, producing a dozen to fifteen scents (the jury is out re re-naming products). The factory burned to the ground in 1961, taking with it all the formulae....
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    The House of Ciro

    One of my happy 2015 finds was the House of Ciro (1923-1961) and so far a host of wonderful florals and chypres.
    I've experienced 9 so far:

    Acclaim (1951)
    Bel Horizon (1961)
    Camellia du Maroc...
  13. Parfums de Nicolai Pour Homme - sample decant sought

    This is one of two scents that continue to elude me (the other is Guerlain's Quand Vient La Pluie).

    I am seeking a sample vial - at least 1 ml. - and hope to hear from a Basenoter, who can make...
  14. Seeking sample vial of Guerlain Quand Vient La Pluie

    Hoping to secure a one milliliter to 1.5 milliliter sample vial decant of Guerlain's Quand Vient La Pluie.

    I am unable to find this at any of my usual decant sites: Perfumed Court, Luckyscent,...
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    Seeking Four Etro Scent Samples

    Hi, Guys - I am seeking 1 ml (at least) vial samples of four Etro scents:

    Messe de Minuit
    Palais Jamais
    Shaal Nur

    If you can provide me with any of these, please respond to this forum...
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    Re: Best tobacco fragrance

    You can't beat the classic Roger and Gallet Cigalia (1911) in production through the 1950s and 1960s. You can still find bottles on Ebay. The perfect vanillic tobacco scent and the coogne is very...
  17. Re: Missing Scents in Basenotes Database - your help please

    Thank you, Colin, for your help in identifying these scents within the Basenotes database.
  18. Missing Scents in Basenotes Database - your help please

    In researching scents given four and five stars in Luca Turin/Tania Sanchez' book, Perfumes: The Guide, I notice a number of scents not listed in the Basenotes Database under the houses to which they...
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    Vintage Tobacco Scents

    My three favorite vintage tobacco scents are Roger & Gallet's CIGALIA, Cherigan's EAU DE FLEURS DE TABAC, and of course, Caron's TABAC BLOND. Are there other vintage tobacco scents you have...
  20. Diorling - two versions - the difference?

    From what I can gather, Diorling was released in 1963 and a reformulation some time later, both now discontinued.
    The first was in the classic bottle with the checkerboard black and white pattern...
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    Scents that weaken as they are used

    Gents - I have on a number of occasions found that a bottle of scent begins to
    seriously weaken in strength when the bottle level gets down to one third full.
    These are sealed spray bottles, so I...
  22. Goutal Eau d'Hadrien - for women/for men - how do they differ?

    Has anyone tried both the Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien creations - one for women, released in a Caron-like curved bottle, and the other for me, released in a rectangular bottle?

    I would be grateful...
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    Lilly Dache scents

    Ladies - are you familiar with the eight scents of hat and fashion designer, Lilly Dache? According to the
    Perfume Encyclopedia, she released:

    Lilly Dache (1940)
    Advance, Attention, Daring,...
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    Re: Your Valentine's day scent?

    Givenchy Vetyver for a romantic dinner out and then dessert at home with black russians.
  25. Lutens Iris Silver Mist - the Holy Grail for the Wealthy Only?

    Just having fallen in love with my first Iris Silver Mist experience, I find to my dismay that it is not available in the
    usual Lutens dispensation - 50 ml edp for $120 - but it's $310 for 75 ml...
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    Re: An Inspiring Vetiver?

    Givenchy-Vetyver - his personal bespoke scent until encouraged to make it available to the public. Even better than Guerlain's, if you thought that at all possible.
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    Your favorite Iris (Orris) scents

    Hello, Ladies - I am beginning to research scents where the Iris (Orris) note is
    center stage. Fath's Iris Gris and Lutens' Iris Silver Mist seem to be the most
    popular with men from my research on...
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    Re: Best musk fragrance?

    The Kiehls and the Serge Lutens are the most concentrated, so you get the real thing and ONLY the real thing. Kiehls is very affordable, but you may want to sample the SL before you buy as it is...
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    Pure Iris (Orris) for Men

    Gents - I have just liberally perfume stoppered wrists, arms, collarbone and ear lobes with Fath's
    Iris Gris -the effect is like nothing I have ever encountered before in this liberality. The peach...
  30. Creed Ambre Cannelle - desperately searching for sample

    I am completing a scent review project and need to sample this one scent in order to complete it.

    Is there someone willing to provide me with even 1 ml?

    Happy to pay your for scent, shipping...
  31. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    This is a brief review of DSH's Scent of Hope, based on Iris Girs. A very true rendering of orris, warm and seductive with its Persicol (peach) note floating above. (Persicol also played a large part...
  32. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    This review is for Thierry Bellet’s recreation of Fath’s iconic scent and released through Legendary Fragrances.

    Iris Gris is delicate and dry, drier than I thought possible, and totally unique in...
  33. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    Mine arrived on Wednesday, but am waiting until the weekend to sample and report. Exciting, eh?
  34. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    Often I am faced with a big cash outlay for a classic and after much pondering, I look at the bargains I've recently found on Ebay and try to average them out. Paying $12 for one item and $120 for...
  35. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    Sorry I missed your question - yes, I did order directly from DSH - samples are free and if you write a review for them, you get a 10% discount coupon. FYI
  36. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    The Sirocco pure parfum is coal tar leather amber knock your socks off strength. The available edc smells the same, just weaker.

    All of these I have found parfum strength on Ebay during the last...
  37. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    Hello - with the Balenciagas I only buy vintage. I'm never satisfied with modern re-formulations. The case of Iris Gris is different in that it is be re-created, not re-formulated. Still, I keep an...
  38. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    Hello - the DSH sample is medium, neither truly strong nor weak. I have just ordered the 1/4 oz. parfum of the Legendary Fragrances Iris Gris - they got permission to use the name itself as the...
  39. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    I have just sampled the DSH Scent of Hope and it is a wonderful rendering of orris - but a decidedly different take on the classic "peach scented pastry dough" description of Barbara Herman in her...
  40. Re: Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    Thanks for the offer. Let's see how I fare with the ladies' responses. I may take you up on it.
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    Re: Estee Lauder Youth Dew..........for men?

    Do consider its two prior incarnations as well - Dana's Tabu and Tuvache Tuvara.
  42. Fath's iconic IRIS GRIS re-formulated by two USA perfumeries

    If you are up in the news, you know that two USA perfumeries have independently re-formulated Jacques Fath's 1947 classic IRIS GRIS recently. If you have sampled either or both of these, I would like...
  43. Still seeking sample of Creed Ambre Cannelle

    Last May I started a thread, seeking a sample of Creed's Ambre Cannelle. A basenoter
    wrote in mid June, offering one, but the message never got to my notification box. I just
    sent that member a...
  44. Jil Sander Woman Two - any fans out there?

    This seems rarer than hen's teeth. Wondering if you have experienced it and think it's worth my continuing my search to experience this scent for an affordable price.
  45. Seeking 1 ml - 1.5 ml sample of Creed Ambre Cannelle

    I am close to the end of my search in having experienced every scent in Barbara Herman's SCENT AND SUBVERSION from 1882 to 1959, with four exceptions. One of these is Creed's Ambre Cannelle.

  46. Re: Cigalia (1911) - the first "tobacco" scent?

    Thank you, Bokaba, for your observations. I just recently found a bottle of R&G's 1923 LE JADE, which is on its way to me. No one on Basenotes (both forums) had ever tried it and I heard personally...
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    Re: Guerlain Sous le Vent

    So perfectly put, Mr. Reasonable, and so poetically. I was intrigued by this, since Josephine Baker is one of my very favorite chanteuses, but I never expected to fall in love with it, just...
  48. Cigalia (1911) - the first "tobacco" scent?

    I recently became aware of Roger and Gallet's 1911 CIGALIA, which is described as resembling pipe tobacco. If so, this would have beat out Caron's TABAC BLOND (1919) by 8 years as the very first...
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    Re: Roger & Gallet's 1923 LE JADE

    Since my original posting, I have heard from Roja Dove and Barbara Herman, who have not experienced this scent either. It is one of those mystery scents, impeccably packaged, the contents of which...
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    Roger & Gallet's 1923 LE JADE

    Hi, Guys, A month ago I posted an inquiry on the Female Forum as to whether anyone had actually experienced this scent,
    and if so, could they describe it. After 204 viewings and no responses, I...
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    Roger & Gallet's 1923 LE JADE

    A pristine bottle and presentation case of this rare scent just sold on Ebay for $400.
    Has anyone actually experienced the scent, and if so, how would you describe it?
    I can find no info on this...
  52. Re: Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass - have any of you gentlemen tried it? Really nice.

    Hi, Actually you can still find this in drug stores or through Amazon. It's super cheap for a 100 ml bottle ($12-15), the price really of a sample these days. If you can spray it first of course,...
  53. Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass - have any of you gentlemen tried it? Really nice.

    A very dry and fresh combination of lavender, neroli and bergamot, fading with the gentle support of carnation, rose, jasmine, tuberose and narcissus, to a warm powdery base of sandalwood, benzoin,...
  54. Parfums MDCI - what is the amount of fluid in their edp bottles?

    I am finding the eleven offerings of MDCI to be universally a one size edp at a $250 range, but nowhere can I find any information as to what amount of fluid is in these bottles. Will someone out...
  55. Caron Tabac Blond - where can I find a contemporary bottle?

    I have half of a 50 ml contemporary bottle of Caron's classic - TABAC BLOND - left and am trying to buy another. Amazon refers me to LuckyScent, where all of their TB products (extrait, edp) are sold...
  56. Mystery Scent - LA FUITE by GG - not Balenciaga

    Recently I purchased a tiny bottle on Ebay of a scent advertised simply as LA FUITE. The Perfume Encyclopedia and Basenotes both recognize only one scent using this name (translation "The Flight")...
  57. Balenciaga Talisman vs. Talisman Eau Transaparente - any difference???

    I note that Balenciaga is listed as debuting its Talisman in 1994 and its Talisman Eau Transparente in 1996. Other than one being amber and the other clear, is there a difference in the scent?????
  58. SHOCKING, REPLIQUE, APERCU - warm autumn chypres of the past

    I am a huge fan of a certain type of chypre that is warm, autumnal, slightly sweet, very rounded.

    It is present in three discontinued fragrances: Schiaparelli's SHOCKING, Raphael's REPLIQUE and...
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    Houbigant Basenotes Site - Confusing

    Basenotes lists 68 Houbigant fragrances, with 56 discontinued, 7 bearing the name Houbigant and 5 bearing the name of Dana. My question is why the Dana fragrances are listed in the Houbigant section?...
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    Re: Raphael of Paris

    Raphael Lopez, 3 Avenue George V, Paris, 1930 - creator of 13 scents between 1930 and 1960, when his factory burned to the ground along with almost all the formulas. Here are the releases, those at...
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    Raphael of Paris

    I placed a similar piece on the Women's Forum, but no replies. I wonder if any of you men know of or have sampled REPLIQUE or PLAISIR, the two of his thirteen scents that still seem available on...
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    Fans of Raphael of Paris- 1930-1960

    Ladies - I am a man in love with the two scents of Raphael's of Paris that seem to be available -Vintage Replique and Plaisir- 2 out of 13 scents, the remainder do not seem to be available.

    I will...
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    The House of Raphael, Paris

    I am looking for information on the perfume House of Raphael - I can find nothing on line or in the Basenotes Fragrance Directory- other than the "recreations" by Lost Perfumes.

    Does anyone know...
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    Re: Quintessential Citrus Fragrance?

    My favorite and the only citrus I wear is Borsari's Acqua Classica - crisp, full of sunlight, long lasting, the perfect morning summer cologne. The ultimate in classic Italian sophistication.
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    What Has Happened to Caswell Massey?

    I just went out on Caswell Massey's site and it would seem that in the past year they have dumped an enormous amount of their standard fare.

    Gone are four men's lines: Verbena, Lime, Aura of...
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    Re: Looking for a fresh, green, rose...

    Guerlain - NAHEMA - exactly what you are looking for and one of the very best rose scents out there.
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    Seeking the pure single note of Peony

    I have been told that there are a number of scents on the market with the name "Peony," but which are melanges of floral notes. I am seeking a pure single note Peony scent - for example, Serge...
  68. Serge Lutens La Myrrhe - how can I find it stateside?

    Gents - Want to give this as a gift, but can only find it online for sale in Europe. Do any of you know where I can obtain it stateside?

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    Re: Women's scents for men

    Thank you so much for your lavish response. I will try Chant D'Aromes on your recommendation as I can see every one of the points you have taken as valid for a different but obviously sophisticated...
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    Re: Women's scents for men

    Thank you for your kind words. I limited myself to the scents featured in the book, hence no inclusion of others.
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    Re: Women's scents for men

    I limited myself only to those scents highlighted in Dove's book, hence no mention of those you name. No offense intended to these fine scents.
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    Re: Women's scents for men

    It's a dry, leathery scent with the addition of vanillin, the chemical version of vanilla. Guerlain supposedly was mixing a new batch of JICKY and added the vanillin to see what it would be like and...
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    Re: Best masculine rose for hot days?

    Penhaligon's HAMMAM BOUQUET
    Brosseau's OMBRE ROSE
    Lalique's PERLES
    Guerlain's NAHEMA
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    Women's scents for men


    In Roja Dove’s THE ESSENCE OF PERFUME, this master “nose” of the perfume world devotes a section to exploring 57 classic women’s scents of modern perfumery, from 1889’s...
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    Women's scents for men


    In Roja Dove’s THE ESSENCE OF PERFUME, this master “nose” of the perfume world devotes a section to exploring 57 classic women’s scents of modern perfumery, from 1889’s...
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    Aoud (oud) - que?????

    These two terms are used in discussions about the contents of scents and scent manufacturers use the word in their descriptive titles, yet I can't find a definition on line.

    Even Wikipedia only...
  77. Re: Boucheron Jaipur Pour Homme vs. Must de Cartier Pour Homme

    Thank you all, for your responses. Spending more time with each, based upon your learned advice, I do find that Jaipur is superb, Must very nice. So far, in case anyone is interested, my top...
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    Re: Acqua di Parma Colonia

    I SOOO wanted to love this scent, it being a favorite of BOTH Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, but it dries down on me to a most unpleasant tweedy, harsh chypre. Sigh! If only...
  79. Re: Does anyone know what men's fragrance this is?

    Sounds like my first experience with scent - and it was WOODHUE, if I recall the advert sample correctly
  80. Re: Lalique - Pour Homme VS Encre Noire VS White

    Have you tried Lalique's PERLES? Tweedy chypre made up of rose, bourbon pepper and patchouli - although created for women, it is eminently wearable by men - very masculine.
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    Re: looking for a summer tea scent

    Going way out on a limb here, but Mugler's ANGEL, though beginning with a balsam/berry blast, calms down on my skin after half an hour to Earl Grey Tea. And it lasts.....
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    Re: Best Serge Lutens!

    If you like pure jasmine - SL's A LA NUIT is the perfect choice. On a man it becomes quite different, warming after half an hour to a captivating aura that women find irresistible, partly because...
  83. Boucheron Jaipur Pour Homme vs. Must de Cartier Pour Homme

    Thank you, Gents, for your responses to my request for Oriental Scents for Men. The two above arrived in samples within days of each other and they are both wonderful.

    However, to my nose they...
  84. Sample Search: Must de Cartier Pour Homme and Boucheron Jaipur Homme

    Thanks to those who responded to my Orientals for Men search. I am having trouble finding any sample source for the two scents listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also since there were...
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    Stupid Question: Why do top notes exist?

    This is one of those Emperor's New Clothes questions that I was asked recently and my response was: Well.......just because, I guess?

    But really, since they are so fleeting and are quickly gone...
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    Re: Cinnamon and patchouli

    Robert Piguet's BAGHARI - cinnamon with a patchouli support - a woman's oriental that is actually unisex and easily worn by men. Try a sample from the perfumed
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent get's you the most female complime

    Lutens A La Nuit - being as close to pure jasmine as I have found. After an hour on my skin, it warms down from its initial greenness and it seems to be irresistable to the ladies, something about...
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    Re: Orientals for Men

    I am working with a 2 oz bottle of the EDT. I am under the assumption that the EDT is simply a weaker version of the EDP of any scent, that there is no difference except for application strength and...
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    Orientals for Men

    I have just discovered orientals and am enjoying Shalimar, Opium, Youth Dew and Baghari - notably all scents designed for women, but which I find quite wearable. Oddly, I am not fond of Opium for...
  90. Roja Dove Scents - where to purchase in USA?

    I have been able to sample three Roja Dove scents through I cannot seem to find any sales locations for full bottles of his scents in the USA - only through his private web...
  91. Roja Dove Scents - where to purchase in USA?

    I have sampled three of the Roja Dove scents through, but find I cannot order any of his scents in the USA. It seems they are only available through his web site in the UK. ...
  92. CB I Hate Perfume's CRADLE OF LIGHT an original blend of earthy vetiver and bright birch

    What a surprise this was! I received it in a Perfumed Court sampler pack for Jasmine, which is not where it should have been as the Jasmine note evaporates in ten minutes. What is left is a...
  93. Re: The best masculine perfume with orange blossom... is????

    FLORIS #127 and PENHALIGON'S CASTILE are my all time favorite nerolis (orange blossom oil).
  94. Replies

    Seeking long lasting lemon scent

    I would like to start exploring lemon scented colognes (I have favorites in the orange/neroli and lime areas and I do love two "cedrats," the Creed Bois de Cedrat and the Guerlain Eau de fleurs de...
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    Anise/Fennel note in Fougeres

    I have noticed in both Trumper's Wild Fern Cologne and Penhaligon's English Fern Cologne a decided anise/fennel note. Yet, it is not listed as an ingredient in either. Can anyone tell me what...
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    Re: Vanilla scent for men?

    Penhaligon's ARTEMESIA is a wonderful vanilla/amber scent. They provide free and generous sample vials upn request.
  97. Re: Seeking advice on choosing Serge Lutens (eventually non-export)

    I have just tried the Vetiver Oriental and find it quite nice - among my top five vetiver favorites. The vetiver mixes with a myrrh-like note that takes over as the vetiver fades. Really classy. ...
  98. Thread: Etro Vetiver

    by JackTwist

    Re: Etro Vetiver

    After sampling 27 vetivers, I chose Etro's as my personal favorite for the heavy earthy version with Guerlain's as my personal favorite for the lighter green version.

    The runners up are The...
  99. Re: Tuberose, Jasmine, or Gardenia scents for men?

    Penhaligon's ELLENISIA is a superb blend of tuberose, gardenia, rose, jasmine, plum nectar and vanilla - very rounded and as close to a Southern garden in the moonlight as they come. This is the...
  100. Tragic Scents- Your true love is discontinued

    How many times in your life have you found the perfect signature scent, looked forward to wearing it for years, and then have it be discontinued???

    This has happened on three occasions in my life....
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