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  1. Re: NEW: Parfums de Nicolaï - Patchouli Sublime!

    I'm also a bit surprised at the luxe price considering the listed ingredients. But really, what is "amber"? Is this release merely because Oud Sublime needed a friend on the same shelf? Many...
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    Re: New Perfume Guide

    I feel like I hear the Jeopardy! theme song playing in my head each time I check this thread. What is... New News on "The Guide" ?
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    Re: New Perfume Guide

    It's almost November. Gleefully marking my calendar.
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    Re: New Xerjoff Oud Stars ?

    Also on the First in Fragrance Website. 500 Euros for the 50ml bottle. :-/
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    Re: Best Xerjoff fragrances

    I'm a fan of the house. About 7 full bottles, but another 35-40 "minis" (from their sampler sets). Too many highlights to name them all... and so many categories (and price ranges), but here are...
  6. Re: Oud Sublime - Latest from Parfums De Nicolai Anyone tried it?

    Thanks so much for your reply!
  7. Re: Oud Sublime - Latest from Parfums De Nicolai Anyone tried it?

    Does anybody know where this might be available (for international shipping) outside of the PdN website. In the past I have purchased most PdN fragrances from Germany's First in Fragrance as they do...
  8. Re: NEW: Histoires de Parfums - This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.2 & 1.3!

    Loving 1.3. A powerhouse of pungent and fiery notes, but is anyone else getting a distinct "Montale has done this" vibe from the scent? A little Black Aoud, a little Moon Aoud.
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    Didn't even know there was a "new," but just sprayed both the MAN and WOMAN versions in the Dubai airport. Yep - they nailed the wet earth vibe. The female version is quite green and fresh, but...
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    Re: New Perfume Guide

    My, oh my, oh my! This is, sincerely, some of the best news of 2017. I so love these reviews, the format, the thematic articles in the introduction, and the wickedly entertaining prose that makes...
  11. Re: Oud Sublime - Latest from Parfums De Nicolai Anyone tried it?


    I imagine that the price point makes this a rather rare find. FiF, where I've tended to order PdN fragrances for years, doesn't carry this one. Any other takers? sniffers? Testers? Any...
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    Re: Ambergris: Myths, Truths, and Half-Truths

    Thank you, Claire!

    This is by far one of the most comprehensive and archive-worthy posts ever to hit basenotes. While so many have described ambergris very well in the past, your (plentiful and...
  13. Thread: Yohji Homme

    by FumeHood

    Re: Yohji Homme

    Does anyone know where this might be sold in Singapore? Thanks!
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    Re: New Kerosene: Broken Theories

    Love this. A dark, boozy orange with a good dose of smoke. Like incense-infused cointreau aged in wood casks and smoothed out by dark vanilla. Unique, compared to other scents with a blood orange...
  15. Re: Best wine cooler or mini fridge for fragrance storage?

    Bump. Moving to Singapore and I think concept is unfortunately going to be a necessity to protect a collection of 300-400 bottles. Has anyone had success putting some form of thin, flat surface......
  16. Thread: Aeon 001

    by FumeHood

    Re: Aeon 001

    Nice! Sounds really spectacular. I love smokey vetivers. It's probably just me, but I have a problem with the concept of highly limited fragrances in the obvious case that, if I love it, I will...
  17. Re: Your best and most impressive niche acquisition of 2015 ( regardless of which year it was releas

    Popping into my head right now...

    Maai by Bogue
    Anubis by Papillon
    Fidelis by Histoires de Parfums
    Russian Tea by Masque Milano
    Nawab of Oudh Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne

    And some...
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    Re: Are any Xerjoff frags worth the price?

    I disagree with the many NO's here. Xerjoff makes some EXCELLENT and very long lasting fragrances. Their primary line (in which Homme and Richwood are amazing) is overpriced, but the Casamorati,...
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    Re: Top 500 Modern Perfumes : The Data

    Super cool breakdown of the data. Well done.
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    Re: Amouage Musk Abyadh Attar

    Hey sculpture of soul! I am curious if you ever dipped into this. Years later... I find myself in the same boat. I have and enjoy a roll-on of Kiehl´s plain musk oil... but am also wanting...
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    Re: favorite jasmine ?

    +1 for Sarassins, though I tend to wear it around the house for my own love of Jasmin, and not out too much unless I apply early. It starts quite feminine (albeit beautiful). In an hour, however,...
  22. Ciel Man is no longer on the Amouage site. I'm...

    Ciel Man is no longer on the Amouage site. I'm not a huge fan of the scent... but the new layout of alternating Tall/short (man/woman) bottles made the lack of Ciel stand out. Did this happen a while...
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    Poll: Re: Green irish tweed vs Cool water

    Was going to suggest the same as mixerscent (neither!). Go for the Al Andalus attar while you still can... years from now, when none of these attars exist, you can return to the GIT vs Cool Water...
  24. Re: NEW edition to the Xerjoff Casamorati dal 1888 line: 1888

    Over a year after release, This 1888 (and the newer Gran Ballo) are still not in the directory. How does one request an addition?
  25. Wow. What a wonderful opportunity... and with...

    Wow. What a wonderful opportunity... and with such a fascinating nose. Too bad it's right in the middle of final exams for this fan. But 12 students sounds pretty exclusive, and I imagine the demand...
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    Re: No one ever told me Ubar was beautiful

    Thank you, Cacio and Donna. That clears things up. Yep... mine is also the "pebble" bottle in the second image. 50ml and clearly labeled as EDP.

    I would not describe it as the floral bomb...
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    Re: No one ever told me Ubar was beautiful

    BUMP. Still would love some insight on my confusions below. Anyone out there who can identify (and date) the frosted glass glacier-looking bottle?

    To clarify... the "old new" that was raved...
  28. Re: What fragrance would the Prophet Muhammad wear?

    I'm thinking something sweeter as opposed to musks or Oud - maybe Jubilation XXV, Sharif (Abdes Salaam), or something salty with a real ambergris tincture. Whatever it is, I would´t suggest bottling...
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    Re: best tobacco scent?

    Surprised to see no love for / Abdes Salaam's Tabac or his Don Corleone (now called Palermo?)... which adds some vanilla spice and bit of booziness to the Tobacco note. Both are...
  30. Re: The 18-point perfect fragrance wardrobe for gentlemen

    Not sure what the original categories were, as the initial post may have vanished? But from what I can make above...

    Amber - Opus VI (Amouage)
    Chypre - Chypre Palatin (MDCI) today, but maybe New...
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    Re: No one ever told me Ubar was beautiful

    In another thread I read that the original Ubar (1995) was EDT. The "polished stone" I have clearly says EDP under the name on the bottle front... so maybe this is the 2009 re-release but prior to...
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    Re: No one ever told me Ubar was beautiful

    To clarify... the "old new" that was raved about is still in the modern bottle (minus magnetic cap), correct? I have a 50ml bottle that looks nothing like the new square bottle... or like any other...
  33. Re: Four New Ormonde Jayne - Nawab of Oudh, Tsarina, Qi and Montabaco

    The prices are high, in my opinion. But in fairness, those that I have tested are very solid, well-constructed perfumes with high quality ingredients. The important detail here that many miss is...
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    ... and is a digital (portable device/reader)...

    ... and is a digital (portable device/reader) version available?
  35. Thread: Rozy by vero

    by FumeHood

    Re: Rozy by vero

    Nevermind, found a likely-to-be parallel explanation here:
  36. Thread: Rozy by vero

    by FumeHood

    Re: Rozy by vero

    Can somebody explain the Voile d'Extrait term... and how it differs from the Perfume and Extrait editions that seem to also exist? Any guidance appreciated!
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite Amouage (non-Opus)?

    Foetidus, tapping your knowledge of the history of this house, is there a distinction between the vintage Silver Crystal and the vintage EDT I have seen as Silver Gentlemen's Cologne? Different...
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    Re: Roja Dove fragrances

    Can anyone with knowledge of the full line throw Musc Aoud into the comparative mix? I know it's an entirely different family from the Chypre discussed above... but am curious how it stands next to...
  39. Re: If you can only have one Amouage attar, what would it be?

    Does anyone have any experience with the limited edition Ruh al Oudh? Is it a blend? Or a pure Agarwood oil as the most expensive in their line (Khaloud, Silver) claim to be? If so... of what...
  40. Re: What fragrances are popular in your country right now?

    Brazilians love themselves some 1 Million and Carolina Herrera 212! (alone with other sweet concoctions, to be honest).

    A unique one that I can't get away from (here specifically, since your...
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    Re: Roja Dove Amber Aoud Absolue Precieux

    Same question, still no response?
  42. Re: NEW edition to the Xerjoff Casamorati dal 1888 line: 1888

    Still loving it and highly recommend this. (I ended up purchasing it from First in Fragrance in Germany, who also supplied the sample. It is advertised on the Xerjoff website but, strangely, not...
  43. At first, I was waiting for the punchline,...

    At first, I was waiting for the punchline, checking the calendar to make sure it wasn´t April, or hunting for a clear indication of satire. But the fact that this is not a joke, coulpled with the...
  44. Re: venturing into the world or arabian perfumes and perfume oils, seek advice

    Thank you, Cacio and Noggs. That helps. I was told that this was the UNSMOKED version, but the name, as you translate it, makes it sound otherwise. Love smoke, but would rather not mix it too much...
  45. Re: venturing into the world or arabian perfumes and perfume oils, seek advice

    Not sure how ACTIVE this thread is, but it seems like an appropriate place to throw out one I am interested in.

    I had my eyes on Amouage's Silver Oud attar (the oud component of Homage) and often...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    Ditto. The more I read about this, the more it sounds like something that is not only right "up" my alley, it might just repossess the whole alley and kick the other squatters out.
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    Re: New Amouage Opus VIII

    Thanks, Noggs. That's a refreshing and against-the-current take on Opus VIII and is much appreciated. I'm a sucker for dark hearts "masquerading," so I definitely want to try this.
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    Re: New Amouage Opus VIII

    An interesting new release, as is anything Amouage (to me, at least). Then again, Opus releases get a lot of flack around here; they are accused of being simple and unfinished, something I have...
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    Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    This is always a frustrating concept for me as I look to basenotes for enlightenment. And don´t take that comment the wrong way, Mr. Reasonable. I am a a big fan of your reviews and comments and can...
  50. Smells like Mixed Crayola Crayons... in a cedar...

    Smells like Mixed Crayola Crayons... in a cedar box. Sounds strange, but I love this stuff.
  51. Re: Article: L'Artisan create promo video for new Explosions d'Emotions trio

    Hmmm. Just me, or is this cinematography, subject matter, and editing pretty underwhelming to promote the top shelf line of such a big name outfit? Not that I'm against a little perfumed porn from...
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    Re: Why did Luca Turin dissapear from style?

    Looks like they are trying to get two more reviews up today:

    Message in a Bottle: Viktor & Rolf and Hermès
    luca turin reviews bonbon and jour d'hermès absolu

    (From the main page,...
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    Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    +1 for Borneo. And you liked the earthy dry-down of Ore, so you'll like the sweet dirt vibe of Borneo.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Exactly, Naylor! (And I seem to recall that, at the time I ordered P&O and Sova, it was only four. These two plus (new) Jeke & Norne).

    I am traveling now but when home I'll post a pic to show...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    A query:

    Does anyone know when the original Baque was officially discontinued? Years ago I ordered a small (15ml?) bottle of baque and rume along with some larger bottles of Grev and (old) Vikt. ...
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    Re: Looking for that WOOD scent

    +1 for Duro. Too expensive IMO, but it's aallllll wood and lasts a week on your skin

    +1 Wonderwood - pretty pure wood scent

    My other favorite woods tend to have incense... L'Artisan Parfumeur...
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    Re: Guerlain Sous le Vent

    I have both SLV and Derby, but find SLV to lean closer to Mitsouko than to Derby. But in that sense, it might still be of interest to you, as it is a more masculine take on Mistsouko... less waxy...
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    Re: Amouage Tribute Attar

    3 of the amouage attars in my collection are white-boxed. Tribute is in a brown lacquered box with purple velvet inlay, but it was purchased about 4 years ago. What is the distinction in the box...
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    Re: Amouage Tribute Attar

    Wow. This is sad, sad news... not just for Tribute, but for the whole line. These are all very special and personal perfumes and, as suggested above, have little in the way of similar releases that...
  60. Re: NEW edition to the Xerjoff Casamorati dal 1888 line: 1888

    So I finall got hold of 1888. Love the top section, and feeling like I get the Neroli early. The citrus notes (like only Xerjoff can do) take on a powdery, vintage perfume quality and feel a bit...
  61. Re: Your favorite fragrances that evoke the outdoors

    Parfums de Nicolai Eau de Chateau Intense (Burning dry branches in a field of wild flowers on a sunny afternoon. So realistic it will set anyone with pollen allergies running for their meds)...
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    Re: A-Man Havane Pure Limited Edition

    Probably just the lighting in the pic above. However, the 2013 pure Malt does, in fact, have an opaque gold paint over the glass star - you can´t see the juice. Perhaps they are doing the same...
  63. Wow. That is one of the most _______ stunts I've...

    Wow. That is one of the most _______ stunts I've ever seen undertaken by a respected fragrance house. (Too many pejorative words for that blank... I couldn't decide which to use.)
  64. Re: I love New-York, which Nicolaï fragrance do I go for next?

    Haven´t smelled the Oud duo. but her Musc Intense feels more like a rose oud to me - and I love it. Easily Masculine.

    Vie de Chateau Intense is one of the best dry, smokey, herbal scents I´ve...
  65. Re: NEW edition to the Xerjoff Casamorati dal 1888 line: 1888

    Saffron, Rose, that benchmark Xerjoff Neroli note... and ending in Leather? Sounds stunning. I need to find this. Thanks for the input, Gloves!
  66. Re: NEW edition to the Xerjoff Casamorati dal 1888 line: 1888

    Unfortunately, no. My post is merely fishing for info. I have nothing to offer other than noticing a new release. :-/

    Interesting about that dirty skank note, though. Don´t know that I've...
  67. NEW edition to the Xerjoff Casamorati dal 1888 line: 1888

    Has anyone heard anything about this? I'm a fan of this more affordable line (Casamorati) from Xerjoff, with a particular affinity for Fiero and Regio. Noticed a new release on their website. ...
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    Re: Aventus perfume oil

    That would be because some here are making the assumption that Creed´s use of the term OIL implies an extrait or pure oil attar, as is common in middle eastern perfumery and pure essences. Clearly,...
  69. Re: What has joining Basenotes taught you about your tastes?

    Wow. So much.

    - as mentioned above, that perfume is rarely gender specific for me...
    - that dirty can be beautiful and I am drawn to the dirty...
    - that spraying something in dutyfree, smelling...
  70. Re: Does air enter a properly working spray bottle?

    Though I follow the logic in your argument, I would think that this would only be the case with aerosol-style cans. I was never under the impression that pressure differential forced the juice out...
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    Re: Article: Slumberhouse relaunch Vikt

    Interesting. I wonder if this limited edition Vikt is reworked... or the same as the juice in my coveted bottle from years ago. Slumberhouse is interesting that way (well... interesting unless you...
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    Re: Why did Luca Turin dissapear from style?

    Bummer :-(
  73. Re: Versatile grassy / green / leafy fragrances with extremely long-lasting sillage?

    There are some long lasting green notes in Amouage Memoir Man, Dior's Granville, and a few of the more sappy releases by slumberhouse.

    My favorite green is Jo Malone's Wild Fig and Cassis. I...
  74. oops

  75. Doesn't the release of HIS and HER flankers...

    Doesn't the release of HIS and HER flankers defeat the whole purpose of... uh... ONE?
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    Re: Jubilation XXV vs. Chypre Palatin

    Agreed that they are both beautiful. The two scents in this thread are far too different in their style to even sense a common creator. XXV is the more sensual and creamy gourmand - always gets...
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    Re: The Thanksgiving Thread

    Eau Noir. This Immortelle bomb of a gourmand has always smelled like Thanksgiving to me. In fact, Thanksgiving is probably the only time I ever wear it.

    For Christmas, I have the same direct...
  78. Not listed here, but pretty significant in my...

    Not listed here, but pretty significant in my opinion...

    L'Artisan Parfumeur has put the ENTIRE WEBSITE on sale (including the USA, UK, and FRENCH sites) at 25% off, plus they're throwing in one...
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    Re: Potent Amber - Better than Ambre Sultan

    For a warm, comfortable Ambre, I really like Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums. Some have described it as "textbook" for the genre. I personally find your reference scent, Ambre Sultan, to be an...
  80. Thread: Best Oud ever

    by FumeHood

    Re: Best Oud ever

    Correct, Duke. For some reason I thought it did in the base.

    But unless we're talking about pure oils or wood chips, the ingredients of any oud-based fragrance are deceiving. You could argue...
  81. Thread: Best Oud ever

    by FumeHood

    Re: Best Oud ever

    Best oud ever? So many OUDS not tried, and those that I own might be my favorite on any given moment. Oud is like food, you have to be in the mood for the vibe it projects. Wear one too often and...
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    Re: frags you couldn't live without!

    Because nothing else smells quite like it (it hits all of the notes I most crave in perfumery)...

    "Vintage" 1740. I know, ridiculous that the word vintage needs to precede something conceived...
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    Wow. That's an impressive lineup! Thanks for...

    Wow. That's an impressive lineup! Thanks for bringing it all together so concisely.
  84. Poll: Re: Your strongest fragrance - projection & sillage?

    From Your list, Black Aoud


    Amouage Interlude Man, Epic Man, Opus VI
    Puredistance M
    FK Absolue Pour Le Soir
    Xerjoff Gao
    Several Serge Lutens - Arabie, Chergui, Gris Clair, La Myrrhe,...
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    Re: 2013 Amoauge Opus VII (7) due in April.

    So can we at least confirm that these are the official notes? from

    Opus VII – Green, Woody, Leather

    Top: Galbanum, Pink Pepper, Cardamom,...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite tobacco?

    Favorites include Tabac or Don Corleone by / Scents of the Soul (Abdes Salaam) and Amouage's Tribute Attar

    With the common Vanilla companion - Tom Ford's TV or L'Artisan's Havana...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Malt or Pure Havane?

    For a more unique take on the once-original-now-repetitive A*Man DNA, it's gotta be Pure Havane. I find both of these a tad bit too sweet (and, from what I recall of a single smelling in a Paris...
  88. Re: Article: Patricia di Nicolaï previews Amber Oud and Rose Oud | Esxence 2013 [Video]

    I think she is amazing. So much talent exhibited across the whole line - from the sophisticated and intense classics to the clean and incredibly uplifting Eau releases. Having been to her shops...
  89. I do struggle with this. Not because I want to...

    I do struggle with this. Not because I want to be a foghorn. On the contrary, I am discrete but pretty selfish with my scent space, meaning that I often wear perfumes for me and me only - to be...
  90. Re: Looking for a leather fragrance that has a very good longevity?

    I still don't see M as a leather scent, despite its marketing. (Not downtalking it, however; it's my hands-down fav... just not as a leather.)

    The most natural-animalic-leather (if that's what...
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    Re: L'instant extreme vs Chergui

    I agree that a comparison of these two really defeats the intent of the scents. I would not even put them in the same category. Own and love them both, recognizing that LIE is an easier...
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    Poll: Re: What are you Top 5 Creed...

    I am neutral creeder, neither against nor a big fan of this house, so I can attempt to be pretty objective regarding the three or four that I have found interesting. Royal Oud is overpriced for what...
  93. Re: Article: Yohji Yamamoto take us back to the future and beyond

    Wow. Is this THE Yohji Homme of incredible notoriety in 'the guide,' ebay, and Basenotes lore? If already launched, has anybody smelled it for comparison. I sniffed it once and found it intriguing...
  94. Re: Amouage opus vi...a you know anything about it ...???

    Did you ever get to try this, Aldo? If interested, I could send you a sample (now that I'm living in Brasil). PM me. I do love this, though like many of the heavier and / or more richly...
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    Poll: Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Love them both, and do not find them very similar beyond the the Duchaufour feel and noteworthy use of incense.

    Despite the categorization of woodsy, I rarely find much wood in Timbuktu. This...
  96. Re: Article: Perfume House to advertise upcoming fragrance with famous man

    Easily the funniest headline on basenotes. Ever.
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    Thank you, Alfarom. I wonderful read and a new...

    Thank you, Alfarom. I wonderful read and a new discovery for me. It's as if the soul of the creator really shines through the approach, philosophy, and (I imagine) scent creations of this perfumer....
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    Re: Amouage Interlude Man - 2012

    Agreed. And it's pretty much love at first sniff to my nose. While there are certainly some shadows of olfactory "imagery" to previous thumbs-up recipients EPIC and MEMOIR, I also am surprised that...
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    Poll: Re: Help Me 2 From Entire SERGE LUTENS LINE.

    Great choices, Benz. Very different and both stunning. You won't regret those two. Enjoy!
  100. Replies

    Poll: Re: Help Me 2 From Entire SERGE LUTENS LINE.

    Surprised to see so much love for Fumerie Turque, frankly. In my considerably large lutens library, this is my least favorite. I am very sensitive to the urinous smell that.. well.. is probably a...
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