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    What cologne makes a man seem like a snob?

    Judging purely by smell, not reputation of the house or label.
  2. Looking for single-note colognes, esp. orange (like Demeter but w/ better projection and longevity)

    I know about Demeter fragrances, but have heard they have terrible longevity and projection. Are there any other manufacturers/vendors that do a similar thing to Demeter, but with higher quality? ...
  3. cologne: any chance of a fake? (testers)

    I'm thinking about buying a cologne tester from overstock. Has anyone bought cologne or testers from them before? I don't think they would knowingly sell fakes, but I'm especially worried since...
  4. What chocolate-based cologne has gotten you the most female compliments?

    I really like a good cologne with a chocolate base, so i'm wondering if anyone has actually gotten female compliments while wearing them. I'm considering Chocolate Greedy and L'instant guerlain...
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