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    Re: Gucci Intense Oud - discontinued ??

    You're never late for one oud, just a little early for the next.
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    Re: Why I cant find the perfect scent ?

    Perfect for what?

    Even though that looks like a question, that is in fact the answer.
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    Re: Do smokers perceive scents differently?

    I'm sure that most ex smokers would agree that that is the case.

    However, there are hundreds of things that affect how scents are perceived and I doubt there's anything abnormal about most of...
  4. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    Man, I'd love to be a civilian observer to an all-out sillage war. Some of the best forms of entertainment are ones that you simply cannot buy.
  5. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    Thank you for those positive comments.

    There's an argument to be made for "communal" type spaces such as a workplace to have reasonable constraints to prevent excesses, but the clinical argument...
  6. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    Evidently, my soft-pedaled analysis didn't quite get my point across, so I will dress it down a bit for clarity. That "ample evidence" does not support the idea that a person wearing a fragrance can...
  7. Re: Reformulations....... are they always a "less than" vintage?

    Reformulations (and parsing of batches) are not a part of the fragrance universe in which I dwell. My general experience, however, in dealing with things that I do not control interfering with,...
  8. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    There are different viewpoints on this, but the general view is that the science on allergies or "sensitivities" to particular scents is weak, and such a policy is at best problematic and at worst...
  9. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    I get the sense that that is the case with nearly all "compliments" as well.

    On the broader topic, it's that bar-lowering societal trend of taking shameful, obnoxious or otherwise untoward...
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    Re: Do you buy empty bottles and boxes?

    I get them for the caps too. There are very few bottles that are presentable without them. I picked up a lot of three empty Varvatos bottles last summer for two of the caps (Artisan Blu and Dark...
  11. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Yardley Gentleman Classic. And its packaging in an ordinarily configured bottle is the only thing that prevented me from thinking that I had inadvertently grabbed the Nikos Sculpture.
  12. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    This goes to the issue of why people wear fragrances in the first place - have you considered "starting" your day when you arrive home from work? I do that but for reasons other than workplace...
  13. Re: Cat owners: Does your cat try to attack you over certain fragrances?

    Engaging cats at all is oftentimes like stepping right into a comic strip. I find it comically amusing how some cats let you know that your warm skritch and cuddle session with them is over by...
  14. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    Lomani Body and Soul skews a little more toward Winter, but I wanted to get Lomani mentioned in this thread. There is great value in their line.

    Lomani Best and Lomani PH both fit into that...
  15. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    Never met one I didn't like, but I think Just Me is the one you are referencing.
  16. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    I have a bunch of this stuff too and picked up a few of the body wash tubes as well. Its quality, array of notes and potency more than make up for that horrible sprayer! I've read where it's been...
  17. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    Got it X 5. All excellent values.
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    Re: What has Basenotes done for you?

    Like any other interest, fragrances present challenges and rewards that appeal to me, but only until it becomes more about the object of my interest than how I go about engaging it for my own...
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    Re: Fragrance for upcoming Autumn/Winter

    That's close to my list; swap Bogart PH for the Lapidus and maybe Yatagan or One Man Show for the Antaeus and it's just about dead-on.

    Open is one of the best fragrance values available IMO. It's...
  20. Re: Cat owners: Does your cat try to attack you over certain fragrances?

    Food vs not food is the only olfactory determination they appear to make so far as I can observe. I assume it's far more nuanced than that, but that's how it appears.
  21. Re: What are the all-time great marine fragrances?

    Nautica Pure and Nautica Oceans, for as long as they last. Once in a while that beach/seaweed a/k/a "dead fish" note appeals to me, and Bond Wall Street fits the bill there.
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    Re: Recommend me an orange citrus frag?

    Nautica Pure Discovery might be worth a try. Shop around though because prices vary somewhat dramatically on eBay.
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    Re: Fall/Winter Vanilla fragrance

    I agree. I tried the Mancera Aoud Vanille last night before bed because Summer took early leave around here and may not return. I thought that it was a very pleasant vanilla scent, not overly...
  24. Re: What fragrances remind you of Christmas/Winter?

    Pino Silvestre
    Agua Brava

    For obvious reasons.
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    Re: Your bottom shelf (or shelves) NOW

    Twice a year I go through everything to swap out seasonals, then periodically do some limited cycling to fine tune/make changes.

    I constantly come across ones I lament never getting to. I set...
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    Re: What's on top of your wish-list right now?

    Baldessarini Black. I just recently heard about it, maybe here. There's a database listing for it on the other site.

    I doubt this flanker is going to present any continuity from the original; it...
  27. Re: Sandalwood - is there a gem I'm missing out on? Not sure where to look.

    I match the Proraso shave cream with the original Nautica as my go-to sandalwood setup for anything that involves church or Christian holidays.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    What little summer we had disappeared over the weekend. Cool, cloudy and wet today. I nearly grabbed the Dark Aoud, but opted against the finality that would represent and instead selected something...
  29. Re: New batches of Drakkar Noir are incredible

    I'm a big fan of DN and the many colognes with a similar vibe to them (and there are many). I have one of those 200ml jugs too, probably 60% full - it came in a lot and I've always kept it in a...
  30. Re: Creed Aventus Clone = Club De Nuit Intense By Armaf ?

    Club De Nuit Intense Man is indistinguishable from Aventus for any purpose that matters. The significance of nuances, batch drivel and hysterical dunning of clones are an invention of people...
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    Re: A parfum for nihilism

    Something that says I've rejected everything meaningful except my deep concern about what others think of me and some random perfume house's ability to provide some scent that will bring others down...
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    Re: Scented Bracelet

    Plausible concept as a form of wearing fragrance, but I would assume that it's primarily a gimmick to get people to pay way more money for way less product.

    Given that along with this product they...
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    Re: Is NOTINO for USA ever going to come back?

    I agree and would go well beyond that. At the time they discontinued US service, they were steadily carving away my FNet budget and would probably have all of it by now except for maybe some...
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    Most of them are just blathering on trying to frame objectively what is purely subjective, immeasurable and untestable. There are no fixed or recognized standards for anything they say or do. That's...
  35. Re: Why don't more cologne companies ignore the restrictions on oakmoss?

    My guess is that they have to weigh the pecuniary benefit of using "real" oakmoss in customary quantities instead of the more than adequately synthesized/formulated substitutes in order to sell to...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian - Blind buys

    How the psychology of discount retailers affects us is really surprising. I get my best car rental rates directly from the rental company- never found anything close anywhere else; I get the best...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian - Blind buys

    That Rasasi keeps tempting me, especially when I see it at a good price.

    I have Nejma No. 1 which is similarly compared to TFTL though, making it difficult to justify the Rasasi with so many...
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    Re: Creed Himalaya strange batch code place

    My understand of Creeds is that the correct location for a batch number/information on an authentic bottle is wherever they put it.

    I have a bottle where some legend very similar to the one...
  39. Re: Cold/Detached Fragrances (In Need Of Recommendations)

    I was asking myself the same question as I was shopping for heart-healthy cheesecake and low-carbon charcoal.

    There are just some questions of which the mere formulation indicates that the matter...
  40. Re: Anyone here going to CANCEL Dior for their sauvage ad?

    Most ads turn me away from a fragrance anyway so I try to not pay attention to ads at all lest they degrade my enjoyment of the product.

    Beyond that, I'm not a customer for Dior fragrances and...
  41. Re: Do you notice your fragrances get stronger as they age?

    I bought a package of a couple dozen of Baldessarini samples that had obviously evaporated a bit, confirmed by measurement to be about 15-20 percent.

    They make for a nice concentrated version of...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    Okay. All ready for no-buy August. How does this thing work anyway? Is it just like it sounds?
  43. Re: What are some fragrances that you just can't understand why they are loved?

    I would care only to the extent that I have to be exposed to it. Generally speaking though, just because I don't wear something myself doesn't mean I don't like it. Some can be off putting, but...
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    Re: Wife Hates Almost All Of My Fragrances...

    For some reason, I am thinking about all those news "articles" I saw in 2009 about how to manage your budget in tough economic times, how to manage your debt in these tough economic times, how to...
  45. Re: Dior getting blasted for new Sauvage campaign

    Unfortunately, there is an audience for this nonsense (this is why traitors are worse than enemies, and should be perceived accordingly); use the imagery and it's cultural appropriation; don't use it...
  46. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    1. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
    2. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
    3. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
    4. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
    5. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

    I even went to a department store to check a sample and verified that it...
  47. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    That's the part I'm enjoying here.
  48. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Artisan Pure. I had bought a lot of three empty Varvatos bottles with caps and boxes to get the caps for two testers I had bought, Dark Rebel Rider and Artisan Blu. Turned out I also needed the spray...
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    I am wearing the same thing, trying to pick something for an upcoming trip to the Mojave.

    I tend to associate vetivers with cooler but not cold weather, but the Guerlain as a fresh dryness that I...
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    Exactly. In that context, the concept was expanding toward the logical extreme of encompassing anything not named "Fragrance for Men." I was was trying to bracket the range so the concept made a...
  51. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    One Man Show. Not much occasion to use it during the Summer and I didn't want to wait another month or two. It's one of my favorites.
  52. Re: Which fragrance do you have the most backup bottles of?

    Baldessarini. Probably 5 75ml bottles over the past 2-3 years at an average cost of around $16. Plus I got the refillable metal vessel with two of the 50ml refills, about $40 for the bunch.

    It is...
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    We're getting warmer weather this week so it's an ideal time to audition fragrances for evenings in Las Vegas at the end of September. Averages for that time are 86/62 (30/17), but they've been...
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    Above average for a "safe" celebrity scent, competitive with much more expensive autumn/winter fragrances. Nothing "pretentious" about it, especially in context in a forum where pretension oozes from...
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    The only fragrance I ever wanted to punch.

    Kind of reminds me of Bond No. 9 - not a particular fragrance, but in that it's a slightly above-average fragrance that is very well made.

    I'd give it...
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    Re: Are any niche companies basically a scam?

    Their enduring nature makes the use of the term "scam" sound like so much sour grapes. I'm content to conclude that I am simply not the intended target audience. My view is at that price tier,...
  57. Re: the flight to quality - do you have this "problem"? Don't mean to sound smug (apologies)

    This is a fairly succinct analysis of my relationship of my least expensive fragrances that rest among my favorites of any price, though "unremarkable" would have to mean inexpensive and/or not...
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    Re: Cloudy and strangely colored decants

    The only one that ever went cloudy on me was a bottle of Nautica Oceans, which is fully water based. The fragrance itself smells and performs just fine though.

    Decanting as a source for fragrances...
  59. Re: 2019 Fall Fragrances You Plan To Wear/Obtain?

    Kenneth Cole Black. It shares a cap with Vintage Black which is decidedly Summer. You can get away with Black until just before the dead of Winter.

    Lalique was made for Autumn. There's four more...
  60. Re: What do you spray on the sheets before bedtime

    I don't think in terms of the aromatherapeutic aspect if it. Bedtime is test time for new stuff or refresher for stuff I haven't used for a while, and I apply it to myself, not the sheets.
  61. Re: Perry Ellis 360 red or Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man

    I'd say go with the Armaf if you must pick only one, but only because it's a little better for year-round wear. The PE skews a little away from Autumn/Winter wear. It's not a huge deal, but between...
  62. Re: One Fragrance Versatile (Covers every occasion, setting, season) Your Pick?

    I always wear Voyage on travel days. I'd be hard pressed to find a better value for my fragrance dollar.

    For everything else, Baldessarini - easily the most versatile one I have.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    I bought a bottle of Bond No 9 Park Ave South at a great price to give to someone but it came without a cap thus not presentable, so I am kind of stuck with it. I got curious about it because it has...
  64. Re: Why Do Companies Reformulate A Successful Fragrance?

    The myth that reformulations are necessarily bad is 100 percent driven by the lowbrow but common desire to attach oneself to a certain status without appearing to be following a trend. It's just...
  65. Re: PSA: eBay has REMOVED the option to list USED fragrances. Uh oh..

    It looks like as though the listing interface is changing too. They were trying to do too much at once I guess.

    All's well that ends well. The used (pre-owned) listings are returning to eBay now...
  66. Re: PSA: eBay has REMOVED the option to list USED fragrances. Uh oh..

    I couldn't agree more on the decants. I understand that there is an audience for them and I would not begrudge them access to such listings if it weren't for the fact that people who do not wish to...
  67. Re: PSA: eBay has REMOVED the option to list USED fragrances. Uh oh..

    It was specific to USA I think. So far as I can observe, the used fragrance listings on over the past two days are mostly from Canada, or are probably dormant listings from an earlier date...
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    Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size ozís?

    Especially for mass-market fragrances, for anything below 50ml, if the bottle is not outright re-configured in some significant way to accommodate the smaller size, the smaller size itself degrades...
  69. Re: PSA: eBay has REMOVED the option to list USED fragrances. Uh oh..

    Yeah, I'm not seeing what the hysteria is all about here. These rules are common sense, and there is no reasonable reading of them suggests that used fragrances are prohibited. Splashes, I suppose,...
  70. Re: Ebay no longer allowing the sale of used fragrances?

    For years eBay have used the defense "hey, we're just a venue" to defend itself from pretty much everything and absolve itself from any liability for wrongdoing on their site. Any time they get...
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    Re: Pros & Cons of spraying fragrance on shirts
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    Re: Some perfumes that celebrities are wearing

    I could envision a scenario where I have a perfectly acceptable range of maybe a dozen fragrances for all seasons where every one is readily available for no more than $15, some for as little as $7....
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    Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size ozís?

    The 50 ml size being the most realistic from the perspective of reasonable use is a compelling argument. Let's face it - if you spend any time here, you likely have a collection of bottles that you...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    Maybe in a week or so. :)
  75. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    I do that too. It's a habit derived from the old days of VHS video and record albums. In some instances I will apply tape to the cut points to prevent the cellophane from tearing. It just keeps...
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    Re: cheap tobacco frags

    I do not find the Baldessarini EDC all that weak for my uses of it. But there is a concentree version available that is definitely heavier if needed. If I had to pick a favorite from my collection...
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    Re: Let's talk about Drakkarr NIOR

    I've never tried Fierce but I think the difference would be the lavender. The Skulls and Roses is probably the biggest stretch for those I named though and only barely makes the cut in this nebulous...
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    Re: What do you wear purely for yourself?

    Everything. Projection is not a consideration other than it is my intent not to. Just enough for me.

    Stuff I specifically don't wear outside the house is a different category and is more...
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    Re: cheap tobacco frags

    Thank you for assembling all this information us! There are some great leads for me to follow, and I appreciate the effort.
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    Re: Creed Royal Mayfair

    If the store is trustworthy, give them a call first. I would not be surprised at all if there is nothing amiss here. Manufacturers have so many agreements and cross-agreements with distributors,...
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    Re: Let's talk about Drakkarr NIOR

    It had been said that the original Caesars Man did a good job of substituting for the original DN after reformulation; now, ironically, the original DN will set you back less than a bottle of the...
  82. Re: Scam, Shill or Just Two Low Watt Bulbs in a Bidding War?

    They interviewed Laurent Ponsot for that documentary. He is an interesting man - very intelligent and a very dry wit; he approached this very deliberately and patiently. He attended an auction and...
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    Re: Fake St.Sail st.Barts??!

    The Five Star bottles are different - the sprayer assembly has a narrower base and the older caps (with the rope) do not fit.

    I picked up a bottle of the Five Star version and am road testing it...
  84. Re: Scam, Shill or Just Two Low Watt Bulbs in a Bidding War?

    It's especially hard when the venue is significantly complicit, passively or otherwise, in the dishonest behavior. Click on the link in my first post, and eBay steers you directly to a counterfeit...
  85. Re: Scam, Shill or Just Two Low Watt Bulbs in a Bidding War?

    There was an episode of FBI Files about a crook who set up shop and produced and sold counterfeited wines. He wasn't a charlatan by any means - he was a skilled wine expert, said to be the best in...
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    Re: Tell me about the Aventus subforum...

    I think of the Volvo ad that unironically implores people to show just how different they are by doing the exact one thing that Volvo is telling them and millions of others to do.

    The entire...
  87. Scam, Shill or Just Two Low Watt Bulbs in a Bidding War?

    Creed Aventus Men's Eau de Parfum Spray - 4oz. Empty bottle with box and cards

    So is this some crazy rare batch (LT4216K11) that when full goes for a grand, some kind of money laundering scheme or...
  88. Re: Liquid color of Caesar Man Legendary Cologne Spray.

    I commented (ad nauseum) about this in another thread because at the time all was in transition. Because knowledge of the two varieties was scant at the time, the question I had was whether this new...
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    Re: clearing a clotted spray top ?!

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    Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

  91. Re: Which classic fragrances did/do a shaving soap or cream?

    Musgo Real make one in the classic fougere construction; also an Oak Moss that is even more so.

    Guy Laroche make/made an Horizon aerosol that's still available for a reasonable price.
  92. Re: The Ralph Lauren Supreme Polo line is a bit of an underrated gem...isn't it?

    I hope I agree. The Leather Supreme arrives this week. It's encouraging to read a positive review as a lead-in!
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    Re: Songs & Parfums

  94. Replies

    Poll: Re: Poll: Do you blind buy fragrances

    I realize that in context, "blind" means you didn't sample it before buying. Almost everything I have is a blind buy in that regard, but none are uninformed purchases. Now the information on which...
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    Re: Your guilty pleasure fragrance


    And I never wear it outside the house. This one's just for me.
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    Re: Made In I wrong to be sceptical ?

    I think the Yacht Man fragrances are manufactured in China. The cologne and body products say "Fragrance Made in Germany," which to me is a dead giveaway. The lady dost protest too much, methinks....
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    Re: Which Jacques Bogart should I blind buy?

    Heh. My problem with Bogart has historically been that new releases didn't make it to the New World for months if ever. I bought Oud and Ruby Red from India, and Force Majeure from Israel.

  98. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Lomani Best turned out to be another smashing success of an addition of my shelf of outstanding fragrances that are basically given away.

    My impression of Bogart Story Green skews slightly more...
  99. Re: Tell me about the last compliment you received

    I wore Kiss Him to work and it didn't result in an E-mail to everyone the next day directing us to please be courteous and respectful toward those with fragrance sensitivities.
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    Re: Which Jacques Bogart should I blind buy?

    Read Darvant's review of CityTower. That's what got me started with Bogart.
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