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    Re: Fragrances for summer


    :vrolijk_1: this one also its like a storm going around with great fresh mature smell ( i dont know why they name it Bottled night !!! it should be bottled summer)
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    Re: Fragrances for summer

    am from Dubai and as you know in such area its very hot and humid which means you need a long lasting fragrance, I used to spend money on good smell fragrances which never last than 1 hour, which...
  3. Re: Screw this , i'm sick of being over powered by other scents at work. No more Mr nice guy

    hey, I know this feeling, its too hot and humied in my country and the good scents usually don't last long but the ugly scents or in other words the dark perfumes last all day, anyway, from my...
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    Re: AVENTUS by Creed

    my God, This perfume is really really nice and very gentle, once you spray it everybody will ask you about it.

    I haven't try such a nice perfume...
  5. Re: Could anyone from UAE help me to procure something from UAE, Sharjah?

    I'm from UAE and I can help you if you want just tell me what you need , :0
  6. Re: fragrances known to be long lasting (all the day)?

    Terre D'Hermes, Armani prives(all 5) , Tom Ford for Estee Lauder and many stuff a can't remember now.
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    Re: SotY: #2 Hermes Terre D'Hermes

    My dad never liked anything we buy for him, He has a very difficult personality. However, I

    bought this perfume (Terre D'Hermes) for him and he said to me "this is what I name perfume"

  8. Re: Narciso Rodiguez captures the 'essence' of femininity

    I love this perfume, when I wear it I feel really that I'm a gentleman.

    Its long lasting and the dry down is much better. But the female fragrance is not that

  9. Re: How did this happen? I am in love with narciso rodriguez

    Once I saw this perfumed I liked it before smelling it!! and when I smelled it I fall in love with it.....

    it's best to be used in winter...
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