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  1. Re: Please give me some opinions about frags with vetiver-noted or with aloofness for hot seasons

    I picked up a bottle of Art of Shaving Vetiver Citron at TJ Maxx for $12.99, and, find it extremely nice especially for that price point. I would second Creed OV and/or Mugler Cologne as well.
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    Re: Today I bought May 2019


    On a search for my white whale "white musk" fragrance. This one smells great, but, projection and longevity is a bit lacking...
  3. Re: The late dry down is what separates Creed and MFK from a lot of other houses...

    I think quality drydowns are the hallmark of top tier fragrance houses. I can't remember the source, but, I recall once being told (or reading) that the focus is put on the top notes in designer /...
  4. Re: Most Mysterious Fragrance You Ever Smelled

    It brings to mind kind of an undulating cosmic transparency. If the visual phenomenon of heat wave mirages in the distance had a scent I imagine this is how it would smell.
  5. Re: Most Mysterious Fragrance You Ever Smelled

    El Cosmico - D.S. & Durga.
  6. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    People are more than welcome to go back and read those posts, if I had any concerns about that I would have deleted them. Although I will point out you are now misrepresenting what I said, if you go...
  7. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    No, you are wrong again. I have not told anyone how they should feel about their purchase. I have only voiced my personal opinions and made observations of the commentary surrounding the fragrance....
  8. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    As I mentioned in my previous comment, I approach anything and everything you have to say with a huge, healthy dose of skepticism. Never mind the fact you aren't even addressing what my point is...
  9. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Haha, no. I am not going to go back through this thread just to try and find some quotes to provide you. Also, since you are new here and probably aren't aware, this site has purged quite a few...
  10. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    And you’ve missed my point completely. The context is, no longer are people arguing about how great this fragrance is going to be. People on your side of the coin have dropped the bar so low they are...
  11. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    What? Are you expecting me to name names? Show you specific quotes? Obviously I was paraphrasing. I apologize that you took those quotations so literally. The #fragrancearmy was very clear on this...
  12. Re: Mugler Cologne or Guerlain L'Eau Boisee - which one for casual summer

    Mugler. I prefer big brother Creed OV, but, their collective scent profile is one of my overall favorite fragrances. Gone through multiple bottles of both.
  13. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    LOL at the people still defending this clown and his mockery of a fragrance. Do you even realize how low you have dropped the bar? You guys started at “it’s the next Aventus, it’s going to be...
  14. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Haha I almost responded to that account recently until I noticed this as well. I am genuinely confused why people are writing in this thread essentially spiking the football as if this fragrance has...
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    Re: WaPo anti-perfume screed

    I stopped caring about the Washington Post and it's contents therein long ago. This just justifies that decision further.
  16. Re: Do you have a bottle unpacking/testing routine?

    I open it with all the respect and reverence of a child on Christmas morning. I have typically 3 tapped my left forearm before I make it to my car (or into the house if I had it delivered). I sniff...
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    Re: A freshy with cypress and juniper?

    Juniper Sling is a great Juniper fragrance. It doesn't have any cypress however. Angéliques Sous La Pluie is another great fresh juniper, but, no cypress again...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 26th April, 2019


    Acqua Dell Elba Classica
  19. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    So I am a troll because I disagree with your approach to someone who posted an earnest review? Please...I am all to happy to part ways with you as well. Keep on keeping on lil fella.
  20. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    You specifically demanded that he "just rate the juice" and "just evaluate how it smells". In his review he did indeed review the fragrance (I have pasted it below to make it easier for you to find)...
  21. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    Hahaha I’m aware that you and trolls like you are just in it for the thrill of trying to get people banned. I’m going to go ahead and mute you and your buddy. Neither of you post anything of any...
  22. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

  23. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    Haha go ahead and report me. I’ve done nothing that breaks any rules or codes of conduct. I’m entitled to disagree with you as much as I choose, and, in my opinion you are trolling this forum. As...
  24. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    Nah, your “point” is to troll, nothing more. You would argue the fact the sky is blue to try and get a rise out of someone on here.
  25. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    That’s what you’re choosing to go with? Comparison of wearing a shirt to wearing a fragrance? You aren’t even a good troll haha. I’ve seen much better attempts. You feeling alright?
  26. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    Haha riiiiiight...a “truth”...

    You’re correct, we disagree.
  27. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    This is like trolling inception! A troll within a troll. Your arguments are just as baseless and sophomoric as OP. I can only hope you two kids run off into the sunset together, you were clearly made...
  28. Re: Tom Ford Fucking Fabolous.. whats do you guys think?

    I did not like it. It’s not unpleasant, just...if “meh” had a scent, it would smell like this fragrance.
  29. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    He did rate/review the juice. Pretty in-depth as a matter of fact. He is entitled to feel, and speak about, whatever other portion of the packaging, bottle, sprayer, or man behind this ridiculous...
  30. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    It has only been released to a handful of shills in his native Germany.
  31. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Fixed it for you.
  32. Re: Change My Mind: Obsessing over fragrance is the most passive, cringe-worthy "hobby" there is

    This has to be trolling, right? I have read through this post multiple times, and, the one and only conclusion I can come to is you are trolling and trying to get people in a forum dedicated to...
  33. Re: Frankincense / smokey / peppery scent that is mordern?

    Agreed. This is a fantastic scent.
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    Poll: Re: Amouage Reflection Man vs Myths Man

    Although I don't personally subscribe to the "signature scent" ideology I would have to recommend Reflection as an everyday scent of these two. I personally could not wear either of them everyday,...
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    Re: splash vs. srpay--thoughts?

    I have never been a fan of splash on fragrances. It feels messy and cumbersome compared to spray on, and, I don't feel like the fragrance projects or lasts nearly as long with a splash on.
  36. Re: Le Labo Rose 31 or LV Rose des Vents??

    I have not tried LV Rose des Vents, so, I can't give a comparative analysis. What I can say is Rose 31 is one of my favorite fragrances, I have owned a few bottles over the years and it certainly...
  37. Re: How many chances do you give a fragrance?

    It depends on my first reaction. If it is something challenging but I feel has merits I will give it a handful of opportunities varying in length between wears. If it is something I instantly...
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    Re: Your first cologne

    Joop! Homme is the first fragrance I distinctly remember smelling from a sample. The first fragrances I remember owning was a Calvin Klein miniature set that included; Escape, Eternity, CK One, CK...
  39. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    "Certainly"? it does not. Not even in my little completely unscientific sampling does Sauvage "certainly" beat Aventus. As a matter of fact, in my experience, Sauvage has caused more...
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    Poll: Re: Best Vetiver

    My favorite fragrance of the available options is Creed's Original Vetiver. My favorite vetiver branded fragrance is Chanel Sycomore. Although I don't think either *really* smells like vetiver...
  41. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Valentino Uomo Acqua
  42. Re: Montblanc Aventus or like Sauvage?

    I personally do not get any parallels with Sauvage. From start to finish this is a replica of Aventus, to my nose, with only slight discernible differences. It doesn't have the powerhouse sillage...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 22nd April, 2019

    By the Fireplace Maison Martin Margiela complemented with Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford beard oil.
  44. Re: Montblanc Explorer or Mazzolari Nero?

    I haven't tried Mazzolari Nero, however, I recommend Explorer regardless. It is a very good fragrance.
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    Re: Beach Hut Man vs. Bracken Man

    I found something very grating and irritating about Bracken, it was definitely a "dislike" fragrance in my experience. So I would have to give my vote to Beach Hut.
  46. Re: Which houses in your collection have the best presentation.

    Amouage men's line presentation is my favorite. Fate and the newly released Portrayal are far and away my favorite fragrance presentations.
  47. Re: For Those Who Bought And Enjoyed The Original Angel Men....How Do You Feel About It Today??

    I never really liked the original A*Men. I did track down and purchase a few of the flankers when the A*Men craze was at it's height. I remember paying quite a bit for half a bottle of Pure...
  48. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    My thoughts exactly!
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    Poll: Re: Amouage Reflection Man vs Myths Man

    I voted Myths. I recently tested the majority of the men's line, and, Myths was one of my top three (along with Epic and Journey). I suspect, as many have pointed out here, that you will get a lot...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    I had the same experience with Carnal Flower when I first tried it. It is a masterful creation.
  51. Re: who else tries to wear 3 fragrances a day?

    On a typical weekday I only get one in, spray it on in the morning and work all day. On weekends I will often get two in, a scent of the day and scent of the evening. Three is ambitious, I applaud...
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    Re: Your all time favorite!!

    Krigler America One 31
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    Re: Club de nuit intense

    It is pretty disingenuous to say that it shares "literally no qualities" with Aventus. That is just blatantly untrue and completely misleading. Side by side is it noticeably a cheaper knock-off? ...
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    Re: Club de nuit intense

    This sums up my take on both fragrances pretty spot on. I'll be the first to admit I am a big Aventus homer, I have gone through a handful of bottles and loved each and every one of them. I read a...
  55. Re: One that I don't see much talk on, Missoni Parfum Pour Homme

    I saw a boxed set at TJ Maxx for $59.99. I considered getting it, but, ultimately did not. Now I am hoping they still have it after reading through this...
  56. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Wha...what? What are you even saying? Do you even know at this point? I said I would wager a hefty sum that the people who are criticizing the bottle and cap in this thread did NOT partake in the...
  57. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Haha nah, reason isn't even in the same ballpark of what you're attempting to defend. First off, I would wager a pretty hefty sum that not a single person here who is speaking negatively of this...
  58. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    In this even more absurd attempt at a comparison you are making I would say price point would be the biggest factor. When someone is dropping $180 or more of their hard earned money they expect more...
  59. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Haven't seen a single Escentric Molecules fragrance ship in a plain brown box. All of the bottle graphics in the line are completely unique as well. The ONLY parallels between the two are the lack...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 10th April, 2019

    Creed Viking
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    Re: Smart Casual scent for 60s man

    Creed Viking - warm weather

    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur - cool weather

    Those two immediately come to my mind when I picture the wardrobe you described.
  62. Re: Really Masculine, Really Modern, Really Excellent

    I don't hate to say it


    Or it's currently available to the mass market brother Montblanc Explorer
  63. Re: Name an house that is better than Dior, overall...

    As a fragrance house it certainly has its merits. I haven't sampled nearly enough fragrances from nearly enough houses to make anything even close to an opinion on how it ranks against all the other...
  64. Re: What’s a typical “grandpa” smell?

    I think, in general, when people say something is a "grandpa smell" they are speaking somewhat with a negative connotation of a fragrance they deem dated. If you are speaking of a fragrance that has...
  65. Re: Confessions of a Basenoter. Am I moving to next level? Starting to like the other Clive Christia

    My thoughts exactly. Looking back on my fragrance journey to date I have had many different shifts in what was capturing my attention at the time. For instance, right now, I have been scooping up a...
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    Re: Sway your interviewers

    I suppose it's to each their own. Although there is most certainly some validity in the recommendation to not wear a fragrance to an interview, I think the argument could also be made that if...
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    Re: 18yo Male

    Creed Aventus is one I would highly recommend, however, it's a very pricey fragrance. I certainly couldn't have afforded it at 18...that being said, Montblanc has a relatively new release out called...
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    Re: Teenager Second Fragrance

    From your list I think the best overall fragrance is Burberry London Men. However, that is certainly not something I would wear in the summer, or, any kind of heat and humidity personally. Based on...
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    Re: Mefisto gentiluomo vs Creed MI?

    Another one for MI. One of my favorite fragrances.
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    Re: Office Fragrance For Engineering Firm

    My recommendation would be Creed Original Vetiver or it's little brother Mugler Cologne (which I believe they have renamed to Mugler Cologne Come Together). Another one that comes to mind is...
  71. Re: A newly imagined idea for a fragrance. Does it Exist?

    +1 I was going to recommend Tea for Two as well. Ironically enough I have recently been on the hunt for an Earl Grey Tea fragrance with lavender as well. Adding Anise would definitely make it...
  72. Re: Which Cologne Companies Have The Best Websites And Marketing In Your Opinion?

    I have always been impressed with Amouage as a company. I think their website is classy and extremely easy to navigate, I think their marketing is current and modern (see the recent threads about...
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    Re: Amouage Portrayal

    Amouage fragrances have not resonated with me unfortunately. But, those are some darn good looking bottles!
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    Re: Gym fragrances

    I am genuinely appreciative when I get a whiff of a pleasant scent while I am working out. Quite frankly I can't even understand why this is a discussion...why on earth would anyone prefer to smell...
  75. Re: need suggestion for aqua di gio clone

    Freshwater from Bath and Body Works smells nearly identical to Aqua Di Gio in my opinion. Not sure if it has oakmoss or not, however.
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    Re: Amouage Bohemian. April Fools?

    That is true. Maybe they are trying to take their marketing in a new direction with a bit of levity. I just think, based on the company to date, they come across as more serious than that. Also,...
  77. Replies

    Re: Amouage Bohemian. April Fools?

    I could be completely wrong about my assessment of the company, but, Amouage doesn't come across as a brand that would partake in April Fool's to me. Also, as Kaern said, if it is...they should at...
  78. Re: Your thoughts on Penhaligons Sartorial?

    It is a very good fragrance, but, plays in a space that is inundated with fantastic options. On it's own I very much like it, but, compared to other options of a similar vein I didn't find myself...
  79. Re: The poster this forum misses the most is ...

    petruccijc is one of the only people in this forum I have met in person (years ago), we had an awesome and in-depth conversation about fragrances. A very genuine and incredibly knowledgeable guy. ...
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    Re: Gym fragrances

    Sure do. I don't do much of anything without putting a fragrance on. Typically for the gym I go with something cheap and inoffensive, "fresh" and "sport" type scents.
  81. Replies

    Re: Recent cheapie purchases?

    Jovan White Musk for Men

    Michael Jordan for Men
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    Re: 1 House, 3 Colognes, for Life?

    I would have to go Creed;

    *Millsime Imperial

    Or Krigler;

    *America One 31
    *America One 31
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    Re: What’s the best acqua di parma?

    Assoluta is my favorite. Also, although it unfortunately gets a lot of hate on here, I really enjoy Colonia Club. It is my SOTD as a matter of fact, and, loving it!
  84. Re: Has your taste for a particular fragrance/fragrance note ever changed due to an event in your li

    Similar scenario for me. Years back I dated a girl who didn't like the vast majority of fragrances. I ended up only wearing Montblanc Legend for a long time because she liked that one and wasn't...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 22nd March, 2019

    Krigler America One 31
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    Re: My 3 most complimented fragrances

    Rose 31 has garnered the most unsolicited praise of any fragrance I have worn. I have also gotten multiple comments from wearing Tiffany for Men Sport, Aventus, and Millesime Imperial.
  87. Re: Fragrances you've changed your mind about...

    I had a complete paradigm shift regarding an entire class of fragrances; gourmand. I can't really pinpoint what caused the change or why, but, I went from owning, wearing, and loving many gourmand...
  88. Re: What's your least favorite fragrance in your collection?

    Vince Camuto Eterno. I love the bottle and want so badly to love the fragrance, it has it's moments with me. But, overall, I find the saffron note very difficult.
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    Re: Krigler Perfumery

    I stumbled upon Krigler in The Plaza on a trip to NY and fell in love with America One 31. It is hands down my favorite fragrance. I sampled a couple others while there, they seemed like high...
  90. Re: which of these 4 similar fragrances is the best?

    In my opinion Tuscan Leather is the best of the options you provided, although, I have not tried Dolce and Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud so my choice is from the remaining three.
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    Re: Mens rose frags

    Le Labo - Rose 31

    Emanuel Ungaro - Ungaro Pour L'Homme III
  92. Re: Are we certain that this hobby is safe?

    Yeah...I am right there with you on all of these. I have other passions that will get to me far before any concerns I have over wearing fragrances.

    "Do not take life too seriously. You will...
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    Re: Amouage advice required

    Journey for me. One of my favorite that Amouage offers. Fate is...interesting. I found it intriguing, but, ultimately not for me. (Quite possibly my favorite bottle of any fragrance line,...
  94. Re: Mont Blanc Explorer.....The New Fragrance (2019)

    Same here. This is my SOTD today, I went pretty heavy on the trigger.
  95. Re: Fragrances with a real smoke smel like MM By the Fireplace and Amouage Interlude Man?

    Any idea if this can be purchased in the states? I can't seem to find anything online other than being able to backorder it on their website. I love the smell of a good peaty scotch (Ardbeg FTW)...
  96. Re: Dry (or semi-dry) fragrances with strong anise and/or clove notes

    Noir Epices - Frederic Malle was a very dry fragrance to my nose and smelled strongly of clove.
  97. Re: Amouage Myths Man - better than Interlude Man?

    I recently purchased samples of the vast majority of the men's line, and, Myths was one of my top three along with Epic and Journey. I don't specifically remember my feelings towards Interlude which...
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    Re: What should/will Creed do next?

    I disagree for a couple reasons. First, Creed is a business. There is no question they have their finger on the pulse of the fragrance community and market. They do their research, and, know what...
  99. Re: Mont Blanc Explorer.....The New Fragrance (2019)

    I just received my bottle in the mail, and, this is exactly correct. The argument that this smells "nothing" like Aventus, or, that it isn't clearly an attempt to copy Aventus is disingenuous. This...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 25th February, 2019

    Started the day wearing Lalique Pour Homme EDP. Purchased Vince Camuto Eterno at lunch and sprayed some on for an unintended layering. Actually play pretty well together.
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