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  1. Re: Saw some new vetivers on Luckyscent, has anyone had any experience with them?

    Thank you so much for saving me from an ill advised purchase. I have a love hate relationship with luckyscent, whoever writes their product descriptions is a genius who makes everything sound like...
  2. Saw some new vetivers on Luckyscent, has anyone had any experience with them?

    With it being the New Year I've decided to spring and treat myself to a new non mass market scent. I went on to Luckyscent and found the note search feature which I've somehow managed to miss before,...
  3. Are there any true 'black' fragrances out there?

    Yesterday I was thinking about which fragrances in my wardrobe would be which color (I was bored at work, cut me a little slack ;) ) and while it's very easy to classify the blues, greens, browns,...
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    Re: Must Own Revelations

    Sadly, my most own fragrances include a couple of bank breakers...

    Guerlain Vetiver (dirt cheap)
    John Varvatos (not too pricey)
    Bvlgari Aqua (pretty cheap)
    Havana (hello I used to be 40 dollars...
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    Re: Good Dark, Mysterious Fragrances?

    Seconding Scent Intense, throwing Knize 10 out there too
  6. Re: Which scents go well with a leather jacket?

    I try and avoid wearing a scent with leather in it when I wear a leather jacket, as there are so many interpretations of leather that the notes in my scent might not mesh with the leather of the...
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    Re: Good scents for the Tropics

    I'm going to throw Erolfa by Creed into the mix, although sweating might decrease it's longevity even more than normal for a creed.

    On me, I've found the following have served me well in the heat:...
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    Re: Which scent for the mood "hard-boiled"?

    Throwing in another vote for Knize 10.

    Also, Anvers by Ulrich Lang.
  9. Clueless man needs help--Le Baiser Du Dragon

    Ok, clueless might be an exaggeration, but a very slight one I promise. You see, I've been wearing fragrances for 20 years, but somehow I've managed to never really pay attention to the variety and...
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    Re: Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    It's on Perfumebay, I can't post a link yet since my post count is too low

    Cost is 44.90 for 3.4 oz, but the Limited Editions set which is Ginger and Vetiver is 37.90 for a 1.7oz of each, an...
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    Re: A Sensual Aquatic---Does it exist?

    Interesting. I'm curious thought, can an aquatic be 'spicy'? It would seem to be contradictory.
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    A Sensual Aquatic---Does it exist?

    I don't know if this would be contradictory but is there such a thing as a sensual aquatic? Something that is salt water based, not clean, and has a 'sexy' feel to it?

    I loved Kenzo Pour Homme...
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    Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    Sensual Vetiver. I purchased this as a blind buy in a combo set with Refreshing Ginger, two limited edition scents by Herrera that build upon the original Herrera for men. I am glad I did because I...
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    Scents that say trip hop

    Good evening/morning! Has anyone heard of a style of music referred to as trip-hop? Read the definition on wikipedia, I can't link to it :(

    Basically it's a mix of live instruments, samples and...
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    Re: Need a non-niche spicy fragrance

    Thanks for all the responses guys, only one problem! I've smelled most of the scents in this thread and none of them remind me of Havana :(

    1: Nemo. Too synthetic for my tastes, I do like the...
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    Need a non-niche spicy fragrance

    Good evening all, I have a bit of a question for you all with just one limitation on possible answers.
    My dilema is simple: I broke my bottle of Havana. So while my bathroom smells lovely right now,...
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