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  1. Re: Dark,..of the darkest of scents..?Totally mediveal..gothic..victorian..DARK!!

    If you would be willing to sell your bottle of kingdom I would happily buy it I love it above all other frags or can you recommend another fragrance with lots of cumin but not kiss as I already have...
  2. Re: I'm a guy but I like women's perfumes better...

    angle schlesser oriental edition 2,costume national 21, breath of god by guerilla,ambre gris by balmain,feerie by van cleef and arpels<summer time only for me> and molinard de molinard those are a...
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    Re: Feminines that could work as Masculines?

    i suggest angel schlesser oriental edition 2 or costume national 21 also try guerilla perfumes at lush stores these are the ones i am currently using i have an equal amount of male and female...
  4. Re: A forum of perfume lovers! Non conventional perfumes

    you could try ambre sublime by stendhal its amazing x
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    Re: What "womens" frags work great for men

    you said it girlfriend aint that the truth lord have mercy my sweet cherry pie x
  6. Re: Warm gourmand-ish designer scents for winter

    i know that gucci perfume is the best scent ever for winter.
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    Re: Best Fall/Winter cologne?

    body kouros is a good choice and it can be had quite cheaply now on line also you could try paul smith man which has also come down in price and finally thalium black is very easy on your wallet.
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    Re: Help with winter fragrance

    you could try ted lapidus pour lui, dior homme intense, mauboussin m generation, paul smith man, carbone de balmain, angel schlesser oriental addition, fahrenheit asolute, pure malt, pure havane,...
  9. Re: Jacques Bogart Arabian Nights - who has tried this yet???????

    i tried this and it is dreadful type of fragrance that sticks in the back of your throat gave mine away it was not my cup of tea smelled like someone burning plastic and incense at the same time.
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    Re: Angel Schlesser (men) Oriental Edition

    you can get at
  11. Re: Silver Scent Intense - A Sillage Monster

    you can get this from cheap smells website i know this is a late reply but just thought i would let you know anyway.
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    Re: Kerosene Fragrances, Honest Opinions?

    do you happen to know where in the uk kerosenes fragrances can be purchased or where to find them on line thanks x
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