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  1. Re: Ever discover a fairly common scent smells like a fragrance you own?

    I don't own it, but I know someone who owns and wears Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum and it smells almost exactly like my almond-scented Method "Wood For Good" furniture polish, which I thought smelled...
  2. Re: suggestions on a real pineapple [ + + + ]

    I've long wanted to try this one. From what I've read, however, the pineapple in it does not smell edible as real pineapple does. It is being brought back as part of a heritage line or something like...
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    Re: Mitsouko formulation

    I recently bought the EdP, made in 2014 according to the batch code, based on trying an extrait of some vintage although I don't know what because it's part of a coffret of minis. I actually prefer...
  4. Re: What was the last fragrance you purchased for a gift?

    L'Artisan Ananas Fizz and Robert Piguet Petit Fracas for my SO, Gres Cabochard for my mother.
  5. Thread: T K Maxx

    by JamesBeach

    Re: T K Maxx

    I've gotten a few things at TJ Maxx but nothing quite so upmarket as you are describing. I'd do somersaults if I saw Penhaligon's, Annick Goutal, or, heaven forbid, Guerlain on their shelves. Mostly,...
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    Re: Are all modern Cody fragrances bad?

    Everything Coty seems to have been declining for a long time now. It's not outside their wheelhouse to produce quality products because they still do under the banners of some of the many brands that...
  7. Re: Fragrances that blew your mind when you first smelled them?

    Dior Fahrenheit and Dunhill Desire when I was a teen and frankly my impression still hasn't changed, they're both overachievers. For all my olfactory education since then, these are still mesmerizing...
  8. Re: lime notes instead of Bergamot / Orange / neroli-- Citrus --in a fresh fragrance for summer !

    Cartier Declaration Essence.

    The original is quite similar so investigate that one as well but Essence has an edge over it in my opinion for what I perceive as a more durable, vanillic heart. It's...
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    Re: What have we become?

    I'm of two minds. On the one hand, I've experienced enough to dismiss perfumes as being "common," for lack of a better word. Over-represented notes or compositional styles that are very popular and...
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    Re: Fragrantica Reviews....

    There are hundreds of thousands of reviews spread across the thousands of perfumes in the Fragrantica database. Consequently, it's largely self-policing. The voting mechanism is supposedly programmed...
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    Re: Your Favourite ISO E Super Scents

    I'm not super clear on what isolated IES is like, I know it's supposed to be dry, wood-like, and prone to cause anosmia giving it an elusive quality.

    That said, I'm an enthusiastic fan of Serge...
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    Re: Celebrities favourite fragrances

    Michael Jackson is supposed to have worn Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles as his signature scent.
  13. Re: Nice read about 'chemicals' vs 'naturals'

    I don't think it's asking us to accept that a chemical is safe if its toxicity and biological effects are unknown. If someone is insisting that a chemical is harmful but can't tell you at what dose...
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    Re: Today's Purchases - January, 2014.

    Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu
    Comme des Garçons Incense Series: Jaisalmer
    Elie Saab Le Parfum
    Marni by Marni

    Marni is a new love of mine, a beautiful addition to the incense rose family. A...
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    Re: What is your favorite Guerlain?

    Probably not a popular answer, but oh lawdy, Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune is just wonderful. The juiciest, most delectable grapefruit. I'm not the most educated here, though. I've smelled a...
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    Re: Why do you wear cologne?

    Art on the walls, plants in the garden, photos of travels, liqueurs in the cabinet. Perfumes are in that class of things we partake in not because we need them but purely because we enjoy them. Not...
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    Re: are alcohol based fragrances safe?

    All matter is made up of chemicals. Carbohydrates, fats, water, oxygen--chemicals. Vague references to chemicals as a mysterious, sickening force really ought to be avoided. It's important to be...
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    Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    I really enjoy this line; unfortunately, it's my opinion that the asking price is excessive. My favorite is Épice Marine, sort of a salty lime scent that teases toward a margarita. Considering its...
  19. Re: How do you buy, store and organize samples of perfume?

    I don't have many samples (yet) but I keep them in these ammo boxes. Keeps them upright, so they're less prone to leaking.
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    Re: Today's Purchases - January, 2014.

    Technically purchased late December while I was in Lebanon. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca 4.2oz in the original box and 1 oz Le Feu d'Issey Light for $50 and $40 respectively hidden in...
  21. Re: Men's Perfume with citrus flowers

    Terre d'Hermes is a peppery citrus that, to my nose, doesn't have much in the way of a floral underbelly. I'd think it's appropriate for all occasions, inoffensive without being boring. It's a...
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