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  1. Re: Would I like Chanel Allure Pour Homme?

    :( that sucks. The new formula is nice but if what you say is true the older formula surely must've been dynamite.

    I know from experience that the latest bottle of PE i purchased just doesn't have...
  2. Re: Is there anything left to add to my wardrobe

    thanks DF. Any suggestions which ones to get and where can I get their samples? thanks!
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    Re: Best lemony/citrus fragrance?

    versace man eau fraîche has a wonderful lemony opening. And it lasts a decent while too. I love it.
  4. Re: Would I like Chanel Allure Pour Homme?

    I like it and don't regret it. I have both Allure Sport and Allure PH, both rock!

    Platinum Egoiste has been on my top 5 for years (at least the formula from 7-9 years ago) but I do not like Bleu...
  5. Re: Is there anything left to add to my wardrobe

    Thanks! I'll check it out, along with some of the woody/leathery scents cacio recommended. Thanks!

    I admit my collection is pretty safe, but works.
  6. Re: Is there anything left to add to my wardrobe

    What targets am I missing?
  7. Is there anything left to add to my wardrobe

    I believe I have pretty much every base covered in my collection: All seasons + All occasions. Outside of a classy Vetiver fragrance I can't think of anything else to add (for now). Thoughts? This...
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    Re: Authorized Resellers?

    I had bought the limited edition metallic Prada pH Amber from (sold and shipped by Amazon) and I hadn't really used it till now (six months after purchase) and the pump came off with the...
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    Authorized Resellers?

    Sooooooo I was in contact with Prada and they do not recognize nor as authorized resellers. Meaning if there are any issues with the fragrance (such as pump breaks) you're...
  10. Re: What are your top 3 Cartier Fragrances still in production

    Nice to see all the responses! Going with a blind buy on the Roadster Sport.
  11. Re: Sephora or for Cartier's Declaration fragrances

    Thx everyone!
  12. Re: Sephora or for Cartier's Declaration fragrances

    Thank you! I'll take my chances with fragrancenet then. Also there was a site where you could plug in the scent numbers and it would tell you when it was manufactured? Thanks!
  13. Sephora or for Cartier's Declaration fragrances

    Going to pull the trigger on the following and wondering if I should go with or stick to Sephora....

    Declaration (1998)
    Déclaration d'Un Soir (2012)
    Declaration L'Eau (2014) OOS...
  14. Re: What are your top 3 Cartier Fragrances still in production

    For me
    Declaration l'eau
  15. What are your top 3 Cartier Fragrances still in production

    Just wanted an idea of what are people's top 3 Cartier fragrances. Please note that you had to have worn it or tried it at least for a day. Don't speculate based off of other people's reviews or the...
  16. Re: New releases: L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Yuzu and Sport Mint

    So my first day impressions of the Sport Mint:

    Longevity: 4/5 (at the time of writing had it on for 6+ hours)
    Sillage: 1/5

    Scent stays extremely close to the body, so much so that I can't even...
  17. How is able to sell perfumes for so much less than retail stores

    I know they sell genuine stuff but how are they able to offer these low low prices on certain colognes that sell for 30%-40% more in retail stores? is their stock old? Any issues with that batch?...
  18. Re: New releases: L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Yuzu and Sport Mint

    Tried the Yuzu and Sport Mint and prefer the Sport Mint.

    The only thing with Yuzu was that the initial top notes are reminiscent of the original and the dry down is reminiscent of the summer...
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    Re: Z Zegna Extreme: eBay

    Thanks fellow Chicagoan! I think that's why i am drawn to it because it's discontinued. I think I'll stay away from it as I can get 2-3 really nice colognes for around the same price.
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    Z Zegna Extreme: eBay

    So i found a seller on eBay selling Zegna Extreme (sealed). When was the last time this cologne was on shelves? And i believe the going price for this is at $90
  21. Re: Z Zegna and Z Zegna Extreme No Longer In Production?

    Thank you!
  22. Z Zegna and Z Zegna Extreme No Longer In Production?

    Hi everyone,
    It's been A LONG time since i've frequented this site...hope everyone is doing well.

    Was wondering if these are no longer in production since I can't find them in retail stores, and...
  23. Re: Chanel Egoiste Platinum using a new formula or manufacturing?

    So i received my bottle of PE from Chanel's website as well. Haven't opened it yet but seems like its from the same batch that I purchased from Macy's both are dated Nov. 2012 using the link posted...
  24. Re: Chanel Egoiste Platinum using a new formula or manufacturing?

    Indeed. It was a powerhouse for sure. I am 100% certain the new bottle not so much. I'll go to sephora and sample their tester to see if there's anything different. I hope Macy's will take back the...
  25. Re: Chanel Egoiste Platinum using a new formula or manufacturing?

    Thanks guys! Will check out the link when I go home tonight.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just placed an order through Chanel's website. Will compare the bottle I receive through them and the one I...
  26. Chanel Egoiste Platinum using a new formula or manufacturing?

    So I finished my 100ml bottle of Chanel Platinum Egoiste that I had purchased 5 years ago (don't ask, I only use it for formal events).

    Any way, I bought a new bottle last night from Macy's. This...
  27. Re: Fragrances discontinued in the last 5 years?

    Yea man some of the good ones bit the dust. Went to perfumania mall outlet and they didn't have CW Deep or Rom Silver either. I guess I can give up on those. eBay prices are ridiculously high for...
  28. Re: Fragrances sold and shipped by

    Thanks for the detailed responses everyone.

    Brien: I am buying from Amazon because Amazon is the seller AND the shipper. There is no third party involvement.

    However no one has stated whether I...
  29. Re: Fragrances discontinued in the last 5 years?

    I don't care for compliments but I really liked them both as they were both very pleasant and Romance silver was unlike any other fragrance I had in my collection...but I'll look into Aventus.
  30. Fragrances discontinued in the last 5 years?

    So i received a bit of a shocker when i was at Macy's yesterday. After 7 years I decided to repurchase a couple of my fragrances as the smell had gone really off for most of the ones in my...
  31. Re: Fragrances sold and shipped by

  32. Re: Fragrances sold and shipped by

    Thanks! Pulled the trigger on the following:

    Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men - 1.7 Ounce EDT Spray
    Armani Code by Giorgio Armani for Men, Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 Ounces
    Cool Water By...
  33. Fragrances sold and shipped by

    Any thoughts? They have some really really good prices and wanted to pull the trigger on 8-10 fragrances to replace the 5-6 year old bottles that are now beginning to go off. Thanks!
  34. Re: Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer 2013

    The Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Summer I have is in a light green bottle (2006). I love that one but don't know how the 2012 or 2013 compare.


    And hi! It's been a while!

    - - - Updated...
  35. Re: Where to buy Bay Rum #32 by Bigelow and Co.

    Sweet! Thank you so much! I knew this was the place of all places to track down whatever fragrance one needs...Thanks again SoGent!
  36. Where to buy Bay Rum #32 by Bigelow and Co.

    Greetings everyone,
    It's been a while since I've been here. Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get that particular fragrance? I believe it is discontinued, so...
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    Re: Terre d'Hermes...

    I was recently introcduced to Terre, and my initial reaction was that the frag has a killer scent but seems like it's geared towards the more mature crowd, 35+. upon a second evaluation, it really...
  38. Re: Prada Man Eau de Toilette vs Prada Man Eau de Toilette Deluxe

    Thanks guys, I will be going out today and test some on my skin before I plunk down my $65 for the gift set, which I am assuming is sold out...thanks again guys!
  39. Re: Prada Man Eau de Toilette vs Prada Man Eau de Toilette Deluxe

    thanks, i can forgo the spraying mechanism. What do you guys think of this frag by Prada? and intense version? geez, do I wait or just get this then...and thanks again for your replies.
  40. Prada Man Eau de Toilette vs Prada Man Eau de Toilette Deluxe

    One is $65, the other is $90, and even though I love the way it smells, and is a nice winter frag (the other one I'll be purchasing is John Varvatos) I've scoured the net and have found nothing that...
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    Re: Great juice with crappy bottle!

    Platinum Egoiste by Chanel.

    Had the sales woman never mentioned this one to me, I never would have cared to try it out judging by the plain bottle. And now it has become my fragrance of choice for...
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    Re: Baldessarini Del Mar - Hugo Boss

    I like Del Mar, it's not aquatic in my opinion. Subtle spiciness (cinnamon) blended with fresh scent. One could wear this to the office or on cool summer days/nights. Remains a little close to the...
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    Re: A scent for memory lane.

    Drakkar Noir. Takes me back to my mid/early teens. I used to wear it back then.
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    Re: Finished a bottle

    Since I just bought all my frags, I've hardly used more than 10% of everything. Is it just me or does everyone itch to go through their bottles so they can buy more/other frags to replace these?
  45. Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Please excuse my tardiness.

    Here are my impressions of the samples I received from Maisonstinky:

    Firstly, I like how potent and long lasting the frags are. Just a few drops and you can smell it...
  46. Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    my reviews coming tonight....stay tuned
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    Re: Frag for interview

    Thank you guys, thanks Maison, I will probably go with a very few spritz of chrome.

    Thanks for all your well wishes and kind regards, I have my fingers crossed. LOL if I get the job, then oh God,...
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    Frag for interview

    Greetings all,
    I have a job interview for Bank of America this Monday. I was wondering if you could recommend a frag from my wardrobe that should be appropriate for a job interview.

    I will be...
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    Re: Polos:  Blue and Black

    In your opinion how long does polo black last? I couldn't get it to last more than 2 hours....

    PS my fav of the two is Polo Black.
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    Re: Calvin Klein One Summer

    I thought it was alright, a 7/10 in my books. Mildly similar to Ck Eternity, but I'll need to go back and do a second test since it takes more than one test to really get to know the frag for me.
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    Re: Baldessarini Del Mar

    With all due respect, those are their opinions. what matters most is your own, if you like it, wear it. if it doesn't stop women in their tracks don't worry about it, it won't get you dirty looks or...
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    Perry Ellis 360 Reserve

    I posted a message regarding frag purchases for a friend of mine. Well Burberry touch got away, and the store doesn't have any more, the next frag that falls within the budget allotted is PE reserve....
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    Issey Miyake BLEUE

    quick question, no need to type out an explanation, but most of the reviews I read some of them mention whether a frag is a preferred summer or winter wear.

    I am not sure if Issey Miyake...
  54. I need to pick one of these for my friend

    Hello all,
    First of all, I want to thank you for all your help in the past.

    My friends actually now make it my responsibility to suggest and buy them frags now. With my new profound knowledge I'm...
  55. Thread: Spill it

    by CyberAthlete

    Re: Spill it

    Aqua Di Gio
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    Re: Post eBay Fragrance Seller Feedback here!

    I just stick with high volume sellers on ebay and I buy only from those with whom I've carried out transactions in the past. I don't mind an extra $2-$3 to ensure the authenticity of the fragrance.
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    Re: LIVID ~ LIVID ~ LIVID!!!!!!!

    Griff do you work for ebay?
  58. Re: 5 STAR FRAGRANCE GENERAL~1000 posts~game & pri

    Wow, that's dedication. 3 years, and 1000 posts. that's very generous of you to give out frags and samples. I haven'r read all the entries, so if there is a duplicate, then that's just by chance...
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    Re: Colognes and cloths

    well one would wear a T-shirt when the weather is warm and thus fresh, citrus, aqua colognes all go well with t-shirts. cold weather brings out musky, amber frags and normally one would have a...
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    Re: Zegna 'Design By Ducati'

    The juice is the same, and although I love 'Z' my fav summer frag (along with Issey 2006). it sucks in the longevity area. After 2 hours I can hardly tell I even have it on me (and that's taking the...
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    Re: Price Your Collection

    I tallied the money I paid for mine, i guess they were a good buy over all ($30 for each frag + its accessories).

    Most of my frags are 1.7oz except for Gio, Hugo, Platinum, Eternity, Zegna, Issey...
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    Fragrant films are a heaven-scent

    Mon Apr 17, 6:06 AM ET

    TOKYO (AFP) - Movie fans bored with hi-tech sound effects and graphics will soon be able to experience cinematic smells after a Japanese film distributor announced it is...
  63. Re: Whoa!  It's my THIRD Basenotes Anniversar

    Congrats 6Kats on 3 years. I hear you and totally feel you.

    Me before basenotes -> 5 fragrances in collection

    Me after basenotes (Joined Feb. 23, 2006) -> 17 (those reviews in the directory...
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    Re: Price Your Collection

    Armani – Aqua Di Gio
    Cologne (Gift)
    After Shave Splash (Gift)
    After Shave Balm (Gift)

    Armani – Armani
    Deodorant (Gift)

    Azzaro – Chrome
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    Re: Good summer, active, every day scent

    Polo sport
  66. Re: Just Snagged Visit Blind...and Cheap (my opini

    I got the same deal as Joel at Filene's basement and ended up buying 4 of those gift sets for the price of one.

    I kept one to myself, and gave the rest away to friends and my bro.

    I didn't like...
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    Re: Match the cologne to this picture!

    Guy Larouche Horizon


    YSL Kouros
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    Re: First Date Scent

    Me too, I have a date coming weekend. She's in her early 20s and we'll be going to a spanish restaurant (with bar, live band and dance floor). we might hit the dance floor for some salsa...what could...
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    Re: Rive Gauche PH vs Light vs Intense

    that makes sense. thanks
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    Rive Gauche PH vs Light vs Intense

    I've been reading a lot about how Rive Gauche drives the opposite sex I am intrigued about it and thinking of making a blind purchase.......
    but what bout the light and intense versions?
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    Re: Wore Rive Gauche to work and got BITTEN!

    Stupid question:

    Do Rive Gauche Intense/Light even compare to Rive Gauche PH? Should I even bother with them or just go for this heart breaker on a blind?
  73. Check out these deals. All retail box, NO Tester

    No advertising please.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Lacoste Pour Homme: Your thoughts

    thanks for your reply guys, I will definitely pick this one up...i love boss bottled...which is my current casual every day wear favorite....and since you mention lacoste is good for cold seasons,...
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    Lacoste Pour Homme: Your thoughts

    Was thinkings of purchasing this frag as well...please look at my wardrobe and let me know if it is similar to anything else I might have (in which case I won't get it).

    Also how long does it...
  76. Re: Are head and body shower gels/shampoos worth i

    I just picked up the Cool Water Deep shower gel and going for Romance Silver's as well...

    as for D&G i got outbid, so will try my luck again.
    haven't seen the shower gel for it though....
  77. Re: Azzaro Silver Black - Potent Scents are Back
  78. Replies

    Re: Shelf Life of frags?

    well that's great news then.

    my main concern was whether they'll still be good for 3-5 years because I do think I would've worn all of them out by then...which is good for my investment.
  79. Are head and body shower gels/shampoos worth it?

    I just made a few recent purchases (all retail boxed versions, no testers), got some damn good deals IMO, but the seller also has shower gels, now I am thinking, either I can get the shower gels...
  80. Re: Part II: You Know You're Addicted When...

    lol and I wish I had 3 bottles only so my life would be easier...i go through this everyday...
  81. Replies

    Re: Shelf Life of frags?

    thx, I also checked out the faqs...
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    Shelf Life of frags?

    I was wondering because I bought 14-18 frags these past 3-4 months and wanted to know how long I have to use them all before they go bad? I keep them in a drawer at the bottom of the closet away from...
  83. Re: Need help in making one more purchase

    "I don't see nothing wroooong,
    with a little bump and grind...."

    Thanks for your votes, seems like D&G is the clear D&G it is...prob Romance silver as well...why...
  84. Re: Tested Eternity Summer and Unforgiveable

    what's the color of the bottle/juice for cK eternity summer 2006, because ebay still has some from 05 and I don't want to buy that one....
  85. Re: Need help in making one more purchase

    I can't cancel the order because

    1) I already purchased a 100ml 'Z' Zegna body wash for $1 +$7 shipping
    2) I got the cK eternity gift set from him for $31 as well.AND shipping for ANY additional...
  86. Need help in making one more purchase

    Hello all,
    I have purchased accessories to some frags from a seller on ebay, now I need to purchase one frag from him so I can get the $10 ebay discount on fragrance purchases...i can't make up my...
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    Re: New at the game

    Do what I do.

    Take two names that the experts mention regarding the type of frag you're looking for.

    Go to a Nordstrom, Marshal Field's, Carson,

    Spray one on your right inside the elbow...
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    Re: Azzaro Visit- advice

    you applying it to your underarms?

    I wore it, and never thought it smells like BO. I got many compliments the night i wore it and went to a Latin club to salsa. Latin dances are great because...
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    Re: Designer Deodorants

    Yea, well i don't anticipate any heavy acitivities when I apply the deos. I wish they would make Anti-perspirants. After all, in winter you can't even smell the deo (or your armpits) under layers and...
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    Re: New: Varvatos Vintage.

    darn envy, you beat me to the John Varvatos. and i've been longing for it for a long time. Care to share?
  91. Thread: YSL M7

    by CyberAthlete

    Re: YSL M7

    I am not stating that they are similar based on the pyramids alone. I owned both, and still own envy, but no longer own M7 simply because once they dry down, they're very much alike. And besides I...
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    Re: Clothing Forums....

    just saw it, but any way, most peeps here are frag experts, askandy has clothing experts (mostly the formal kind).

    87000+ posts vs 907? do the math. not trying to sound rude, but just pointing it...
  93. Thread: Clothes

    by CyberAthlete

    Re: Clothes

    My favorite places to go are Gap, Express, Banana Republic and Nordstrom Rack

    I always look for killer sales and deals but since my sizes are so popular and common it's hard to find anything in my...
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    Re: Sunglasses?

    I have a few
    Steve Maddens (my fav beach wear)
    Urban Outfitters (my fav casual wear)
    Tommy Hilfiger
    Dockers (my fav fashionable/formal wear).

    I am not too big on aviator styles. but I...
  95. Thread: YSL M7

    by CyberAthlete

    Re: YSL M7

    Hi Maison, thanks for the referral. I sold out of the ones I had, but I can check this Sunday to see if my local TJ Maxx or Marshalls still has some.
    My prices are $23 for the 1.7 and $6-10 for...
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    Clothing Forums....

    Here's a nice forum which i believe is the basenotes of clothing.

    check it out. the people there are very knowledgeable and nice.
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    Re: Dolce & Gabanna PH: Opinions

    i'll try it out today when i go to marshall field's....i am sure they'll have one lying around....them or sephora...thank you for your opinions
  98. Replies

    Re: Dolce & Gabanna PH: Opinions

    thanks guys, i'm sold! I will buy it! You answered all my questions, and also the one where if it might be a good fit for my variety wardrobe. Good to know, and yea I figured it might be more of a...
  99. Replies

    Dolce & Gabanna PH: Opinions

    I'm looking to purchase this for my wardrobe...any thoughts? I've read the reviews, but is it necessary for me to indulge in this one as well looking at my wardrobe?

    and what would D&G be...
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    Re: Any Small Sprayers Out There?
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