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  1. Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..

    Bought a 75 ML tester via and initially was super excited/hyped in getting my first niche purchase, but then after spraying it for at least a week I was unimpressed by it's overall...
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    Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    HUGE letdown when I bought this bottle about a month ago...longevity wasn't as long as I expected it be. (Probably at least 1-2 hours give or take. I feel like once I go out, this cologne just...
  3. Possibility of a fake (or bad bottle) Issey Miyake?

    Hey Guys,

    Just started getting into researching colognes and what not, so I thought you guys could help me out. Bought a sample bottle of L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake (15ML sample) from...
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