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  1. Poll: Re: Based on your current use, how long would your wardrobe last if you stopped buying today?

    My thoughts exactly. I just can't help it when I walk into the store. I need help lol. I was gonna do my wardrobe thing on here but I don't have that kinda time. I counted yesterday and I have 322...
  2. Re: Young Gentlemen (20's to Early 30's), What's Your Favorite Office Scent(s)?

    Cold - Cartier Roadster, A light spritz of A*Men, Creed GIT, John Varvatos Vintage
    Warm- Creed GIT, Rochas Man, Mugler Ice Men, Chanel Bleu, John Varvatos
    Age- 31
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    Re: College guys 18-23 years old. TOP 5 FRAGS

    1. Rochas Man
    2. John Varvatos original
    3. Creed GIT
    4. 1 Million
    5. Aqua di Gio and Bud Light. Or swap the AdG with A&F Fierce.
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    Re: Blind Buy: Fahrenheit or Chergui

    IMO they are both love or hate scents. I personally prefer Fahrenheit. I just don't car for SL scents much though.
  5. Re: Best "allround" scent of these: Himalaya, GIT, or SMW

    GIT is great for most occasions, and age groups.
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    Re: 10 Disasterpieces - Your list

    L'eau d'Issey
    Chrome Legend
    Polo Explorer
    1 million
    Farenheit 32
    Davidoff Hot Water
    A Men Pure Coffee
    John Varvatos Artisan Black
  7. Re: If you could have one super-popular male frag in your wardrobe, what would it be?

    A Men. If that's not super popular enough then Farenheit. I like to be smelled lol. I think that's the reason most people don't smell these super popular frags on anyone because they are designed to...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    For me I always get complimented on John Varvatos original and Vintage, A Men, Cartier Roadster and Pasha, Swiss Unlimited, and Creed GIT. The king of compliment getters for me though has to be...
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