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  1. Re: Are there some people who just wont project?

    Will that significantly increase your projection power. Where should I apply the lotion, and what brand do you suggest?
  2. Re: Are there some people who just wont project?

    I am rocking three sprays of kouros, which was bomb for the first few second, and now no one can detect it without really having to sniff the air. I can't even tell unless I really try to in a tight...
  3. Are there some people who just wont project?

    No matter how strong a scent is. SI this a skin chemestry thing, and what can be done to offset this.
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    What are the best fragrences for smokers?

    What do you guys think. The ones that would be detectable right after a hookah or cigarette on a cold day, something long lasting, and able to project through the cloud of smoke and such.
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    A projection problem?

    I have noticed whatever I wear, no matter how strong will not project off my skin after a few hours. Also, I am not talking softer weaker fragrences either. The other day I got a bottle of Joop!...
  6. Re: Need help with my 15 Scent ultimate collection

    No such thing as an ultimate collection without Kouros.
  7. What smells almost identical to "The One", but lasts and projects longer.

    I have really like the one by d and g for the past two years, but my only beef with it is that it doesn't project much, nor doe sit last long. I have also heard the same from many others, what's...
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    Re: London or JPG le male

    If you are talking Burberry London, then its London for me. However, my beef with london is that it does not last.
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    Some cologne suggestions please.

    Hi everyone. This is my first post here, and I thought this would be an appropriate question to ask. I have tried a boat load of colognes over the past few years, but the only ones I use now are...
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