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  1. Afraid my Aventus is ruined after storing it in a wine cooler

    Hey guys,

    I don't know if it's just paranoia or something but I've been storing all my colognes in a recently purchased wine cooler because the summer was so hot and I didn't want my investment...
  2. Re: How significantly does heat/humidity affect a fragrance?

    What kind of powder do you suggest? And should I put it around the bottle, or just in the cupboard? Thanks!
  3. How significantly does heat/humidity affect a fragrance?

    I'm just wondering because I'm living in a dorm room for a few more weeks and I brought some Creed's with me. I have the fan on consistently in the room, and while it's not THAT hot in here, it's...
  4. Re: Got a Sample of CREED Aventus…Pleasantly DISAPPOINTED, anyone else?

    Aventus took me a month before I feel in love with it. I thought it was just average when I first wore it. Then I wore it to a party and got at least 5+ compliments for some reason even though it...
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    Re: Samples giveaway...

    all you're gonna get is beggers with this thread. Why not just make a game/lottery for them.
  6. Thread: Frustration...

    by sp333

    Re: Frustration...

    Buy some small 10-20ml atomizers and decant some of your juice into them. Then just freshen up every 3-4 hours or whenever you feel appropriate. Also, try moisturizing the areas where you spray.
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    Re: Update on BeautyEncounter Millesime Imperial

    I'm not sure, I have friends that have purchased testers before that smell fine. I doubt I'll ever purchase a tester of something as expensive as a Creed though. Might as well spend a few more...
  8. Re: Your Top 3 popular fragrances that you just don't like

    Pretty Close to OPs:

    Terre d"Hermes
    Cool Water

    Can't stand orange =/
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    Update on BeautyEncounter Millesime Imperial

    Hey guys,

    Few days ago I posted a thread about getting a bad Millesime Imperial from BE. Called them up and told them the defects along with my order number. They checked and realized they had...
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    Re: Addicted to a Fragrance?

    Pure Malt and New Haarlem. Pure Malt moreso since I actually own a bottle and not a sample, but's simply amazing on my skin. I can't get enough of it. The first 4 hours is the best scent...
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    Re: Guess the cologne, win a free 5 mL decant!

    Dior Homme
  12. Re: Millesime Imperiale from BeautyEncounter? Absolutely no watermelon.

    lot# is a sticker on the side saying A331C08 which I thought was a pretty good batch
  13. Re: Millesime Imperiale from BeautyEncounter? Absolutely no watermelon.

    Hey guys, thank you for the responses. I do not think it is fake but I am definitely questioning the legitimacy of it being a new bottle. I didn't mention this in the original post but when I first...
  14. Millesime Imperiale from BeautyEncounter? Absolutely no watermelon.

    I tested this fragrance earlier at the Creed Boutique last week and I absolutely fell in love. The top notes were heavenly and the watermelon lasted on me for quite some time. So I decided this frag...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Is there any evidence to suggest they aren't soaked in barrels?
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    Re: L'instant de Guerlain Extreme for $40???

    What's the number for the Toronto Boutique? I've been looking for a place to buy it from forever!
  17. Thread: DHI vs LIDGE

    by sp333

    Re: DHI vs LIDGE

    If only I could find LIDGE somewhere in the U.S.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense -WTF ? that why LIDGE is so hard to find? Because there's a banned chemical? I'll never find it =/
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    Re: Guess the cologne, win a free sample! (part 2)

    Hanae Mori H.M.
  20. Re: Similar to La Nuit, Givenchy Play Intense, and Tobacco Vanille

    Pure Malt is nothing like that! We have pretty similar tastes and PM is probably my favorite gourmand right now though New Haarlem is giving it a run for its money. You definitely won't smell like a...
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    Re: I really wanted to like you, pure malt...

    PM is my favorite frag atm, its a beauty on my skin, just loves me. Try it on a bit more, you might get used to it.

    Rochas man is a skin scent but many like it. Burberry London smells more like...
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    Re: silver mountain water

    I like this frag a lot. Honestly my next purchase is either this or MI, but I can't figure out which has better project/longevity on me, which in the end will probably be the deciding factor.
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    Re: Question on pure havane

    If you email customer service at Thierry Mugler the people there would be more than happy to send you some free samples. It works especially well if you've already bought there products before. Just...
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    Sexy, projecting summer fragrance?

    Looking a sexy smelling fragrance that can project decently and has good longevity.

    I loved Virgin Island Water but it doesn't stay on my skin at all and I barely smell it after an hour.

  25. Re: "Original" fragrances for going to the Club/Bar?

    Orginal A*Men is one of the few imo that will outproject most of the club scents worn. PH and PM just don't project like this beast though (though I love PM). Drydown is probably one of the most...
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    Re: Have you discovered your favorite designer house?

    Mugler no question.
  27. Re: Giorgio Armani Aqua de Gio vs Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey

    A lot of people are saying AdG by a mile but I wouldn't trust that. I'd say AdG is riskier but with better return, LD is safe getting the usual compliments. With AdG you might find the occasional...
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