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  1. Re: What notes/scents work well with your skin? Which don't?

    I'm finding that incense based frags such as CdG Kyoto, Montale Full Incense, and Heeley Cardinal work really well. My skin tends to drink up fragrances, and these have worked greatly.

    On the...
  2. Re: Fragrances you love that doesn't last on your skin

    I sampled Heeley's Esprit du Tigre today. For all of the 10 minutes I could smell it on it, I was enamored.
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    Re: KOUROS arrived! The ultimate review.

    This is disheartening. I like a lot of the powerhouse frags such as Paco Rabanne PH and Aramis. I have Kouros on the way to sample it. I will be extremely disappointed if it is not as overbearing...
  4. Re: Can you name any frags that have escaped the IFRA restrictions?

    I was under the impression you almost had to go niche to get frags that skirted the IFRA restrictions...

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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