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    Re: Sweet licorice fragrances

    Ditto the Reglisse Noire. Also MCMC Perfumes Maui
  2. Re: Has anyone tried 1000 Flowers scents? Thoughts?

    I'm tried the Reglisse Noire, and I'm loving it. It's very different. I think I smell the licorice mostly. I get the mint, but it's very subtle. It kind of reminds me of Parfums De Nicolai. ...
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    Re: Roger & Gallet Bouquet Imperial

    I love this one too, although I'm a girl. I get the berry scent. I've bought this for years, and I think it was a bit smokier originally, and deeper, but unlike most reformulations, this one still...
  4. Re: Black Gardenia by Michele Bergman what's your opinion?

    To me Monyette Paris is like the daytime beachy gardenia... creamy and sunny. Black Gardenia is like a nighttime version of gardenia. Really beautiful and dark. At first I was afraid that I would...
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    Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    I know that perhaps the price is offputting, but there is something that happens when I mix this with my Annick Goutal Passion. At the end of the day, at around 5:00 when I know I'll be heading out...
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    Re: What is your favorite Annick Goutal ?

    Anybody remember Extrait D'Annick? Anyone? This was amazing, if anyone remembers this. Sadly, so sadly it was discontinued. If anyone can recommend anything like this. I have a bottle that has...
  7. Re: Annick Goutal Passion- Has it been reformulated?

    I had bought many times, and realized that it had lost that big "white flower" element. I don't know how else to describe it. I checked at Bergdorf and Bendels, and it was definately different. I...
  8. Annick Goutal Passion- Has it been reformulated?

    I keep buying this, (okay on Ebay), and it smells weird, like a pesticide. I know I should probably go to a store and buy a fresh bottle, but now I'm afraid. Any long term users?
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