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    Re: Why All the Reformulation?

    There really is no one good answer to this question because there are lots of different reasons why fragrances get reformulated.

    Some change due to different, new regulations. Some change to...
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    Re: Hints to avoid fake from eBay scumbags

    Attila, thanks for your helpful hints.

    But I would be very careful about sending the email you suggest. Asking a seller to sell outside of Ebay is a clear violation of Ebay policies. If you...
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    Re: Scent for wedding reception

    An outside reception in Louisiana will be hot. I'd wear MI during the day.
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    Re: About Buying Ambre Narguile

    I love Ambre Narguile, but the price is just too high for me and I never find it at discounters. It's one of the only fragrances I haven't bought specifically because of the price.

    Hope you find...
  5. Poll: Re: Poll: Can only afford one of these, which should I get?

    I couldn't really disagree with Jubilation or DHI. Since I prefer DH to DHI, and lately have been enjoying Jubilation more and more, I went with it.

    Both are miles ahead of the Bond.
  6. Re: Men, what's the worst FEMALE fragrance you have ever smelt?

    It was a Versace. I don't know which one -- I asked her what she was wearing, and she just said it was Versace. Rank.

    We didn't last that long, so I never found out which one.

    The best...
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    Re: Green Irish Tweed vs Cool Water

    Post of the (new) week.

    Since this seems to be, perhaps, the number one thread to start for any new member, perhaps the mods should immediately spring into action to combine it -- I'd be surprised...
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    Re: Creed Help!

    I think you may have misunderstood redraider -- please realize that GIT comes only in one concentration, the "millesime," not in an EDT and an EDP. Creed doesn't offer different concentrations of...
  9. Re: Chergui lovers in CONUS! Its time to buy it now! $64 bucks

    Personally, I think Chergui is one of those unique scents that really isn't all that close to any other.

    It's more powdery than Back to Black and Pure Havane. Far smoother and less acrid than...
  10. Re: What would your Mother like you to wear tomorrow !?

    Mom loves Virgin Island Water on me. It's far and away her favorite.
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    Re: Time to play a little game...

    My favorite post of the week.

    But screw it, I'll play: DESTROY ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE! Can't make even ONE decent fragrance. Confuses crass, juvenile imagery with naughtiness or supposedly...
  12. Re: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme Rare Fragrance Sighting

    I haven't seen it in my local department stores, but don't recall ever having trouble finding it at all the usual discounters for about half off. One of my favorite scents, but I rarely find the...
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    Re: Muscs Koublai Khan

    Was there someone else present?
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    Re: Creed Virgin Island Water Silver Cap?

    Don't worry. It lasts way longer than 30 minutes. I wore it this weekend, and it was clearly smellable five hours later. True, it was the far drydown and didn't have those luscious coconut/lime...
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    Re: GQ's Vetiver recs

    Well, the article's by Chandler Burr, so it's a little hard to say he didn't do his homework. He should be able to rattle off scads of Vetiver fragrances in his sleep.

    I think the issue is more...
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    Re: Skin/health issue , anyone care?

    YOU ARE A GOD AMONG MEN. This is my absolute biggest pet peeve about the human race! The anti-vaccine craziness sets me off every time it's discussed. I worked on some vaccine cases at a U.S....
  17. Re: Thinking about getting my dad Green Irish Tweed for father's day

    This is absolutely true. It's the same with blind buying. No matter what people call "safe," nothing is. And why spend over a hundred dollars for a scent he might not like? Yes, you can resell...
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    Re: Reducing my collection

    One option: About a year ago I decided to downsize. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm going to have an "always own" rotation of about eight scents, and an "optional" rotation of about...
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    Re: TM Pure Malt and DHI available now

    I'm 47 and never go clubbing, but would have no issue wearing DHI. DH and DHI are absolutely age-appropriate for you.
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    Re: Job Interview

    GIT, the fewer sprays the better.

    And if you're putting on a tie, wear a jacket! Please believe an older guy with lots of work experience: even if not formally required, you will never regret...
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    Re: Skin/health issue , anyone care?

    All of us have the occasional allergic reaction.

    Everything in life can kill you. Anything can make you sick. Often, the substances labeled as "all natural" or "organic" are the worst...
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    Re: GQ's Vetiver recs

    It's about what I'd expect from GQ: mention the biggies, cover all the price points, make sure you mention some scents the readership can find in any department store, and throw in a few curves (Fat...
  23. Re: Can you check my modest wardrobe and see what I can use for formal or professional events?

    If you are going to ask for comments on your wardrobe, I think you'd get more responses if you enable us to see it without having to click on your profile.

    Your collection is heavy on "casual"...
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    Re: Skin/health issue , anyone care?

    Not worried in the slightest.

    Given your beliefs, perhaps this is not the hobby for you.
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    Re: male bar soap

    The greatest soap in the world, in my opinion, is made by Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy. The cream of the crop is the almond soap -- smells like a slightly spicy almond. It's also very, very...
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    Re: Use by dates on fragrances

    Meaningless, but I wish all fragrances had a "produced on" date.
  27. Re: Need help finding a winter, office-type scent

    And smells more like flinty body odor.

    Sorry, I had to say that. I recognize that my view is the minority -- most people do like the parfum better, it seems. I just don't. And the op said he...
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    Re: Job Interview
  29. Re: Anyone know any coupon codes for Beautyencounter?

    If you're buying a Creed, don't forget they shave Creed serial numbers off (or did, as of last year).
  30. Re: Which should I get? Pure Havane or L'instant de Guerlain Extreme?

    I think if I owned Pure Malt, I wouldn't buy Pure Havane. They're not identical by any means, but some of the notes are so similar I'd probably get LIDGE if I was on a fragrance budget.
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    Re: Memoir Man and Royal Oud - similar?

    Well, to me they're both very strong. But that's about the only similarity.

    Don't much like Memoir Man. Like Royal Oud, but don't love it -- my nose gets tired of it very, very quickly (which...
  32. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - cheaper / better alternatives

    I'll just say again that to my nose, Mugler Cologne is nothing like Neroli Portofino. Nothing at all like it. I know somebody said they were 65% similar or so. I just don't get that at all.
  33. Re: Please Tell me About The Dior Homme Line

    Neither is particularly pricey, and I'd just get a sample of them to see for yourself.

    I've tried only the original DH and DHI, and the reformulated versions (pretty sure I have tried the Sport,...
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    Re: Do as I say, not as I do.

    Strangely, I'm going in the opposite direction. I've tried hundreds of niche scents, and missed out on some classics. Now that I'm going back and trying them, I'm surprised at how much I like them....
  35. Re: Lemony lemons with a spritz of lemon...

    I'm sorry Eau d'Hadrien doesn't work for you. I think it's the king of lemony scents.

    But nearly as good is Creed's Bois de Cedrat. It's a bit less "bright" than EdH. The only knock is that...
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    Re: Kouros or Mont Blanc Individuel

    Kouros by a mile, if we're talking about the vintage. No opinion on the reformulated version.
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    Re: This seems like a bad investment...

    That's got to be a mistake? Surely they meant to apply a 30% discount and accidentally applied a 3x markup or something.

    Unless Kate Spade is the "original DHI" of the female perfume world.
  38. Re: Do you think Concentre D'Orange Verte is a shared gender scent?

    Neroli Portofino is a great scent, but like recognize, I don't put neroli and orange in the same grouping -- similar, but not the same. And I don't get that great a longevity from Neroli Portofino. ...
  39. Re: Molinard Vanille or Diptyque Eau Duelle?

    Eau Duelle by a mile. Love it.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense or Chergui

    Chergui over DHI. Now, if it was the original DH . . . okay, still Chergui for me, but that's close.
  41. Re: Do you think Concentre D'Orange Verte is a shared gender scent?

    Which ones? I like Concentre d'Orange Verte quite a bit, but it has the typical short citrus longevity. Would love to find a similar scent that lasts longer, but haven't yet.
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    Re: Pure malt now at fragrancenet

    Just tried NCT2A and that dropped it to $60.98. Ten dollars more of stuff would get free shipping, too.
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    Re: Pure malt now at fragrancenet

    After the basenotes discount, the price is $65.61. That's the cheapest I've seen it. I think you still have to pay shipping unless you add another $4.39 in merchandise to the order.
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    Pure malt now at fragrancenet

    A heads up for those who enjoy this scent: I just noticed this is listed as being in stock at fragrancenet. The price is only about a dollar less than retail, but with the basenotes code or a...
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    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

    I volunteer to personally visit Katie Puckrik and take her to dinner to convince her to join the basenotes community.
  46. Re: Do you have to "like" a house to appreciate a scent?

    Not really. But I admit that there are some houses I prefer. If I see Creed release a new scent, I'm more likely to seek it out to try it just because I tend to enjoy Creed scents. I hate...
  47. Re: Jubilation XXV is not my favorite Amouage anymore

    I don't adore any of the Amouages, but I like all of them. At this moment, I think Jubilation is the best. It's teetering at the edge of my "bottle worthy" list.
  48. Re: Which of these should I layer with Tobacco Vanille tonight?

    No layering for me. If I did, it might be with something like SDV, but frankly I doubt it would improve either scent.
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    Re: Creed Help!

    Glad you pulled the trigger. I always buy Creeds from discounters, and am nearly always satisfied. Besides, GIT is the number one selling Creed, so the chances of getting an older batch are...
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    Re: How much is left?

    I know the flashlight through the back trick works for GIT and SMW. Remember to pay attention to which way the sprayer bends so you know which way to tilt the bottle when it gets near the end.
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    Poll: Re: Summer night out scent for 16 year old

    Try D&G The One.

    Le Male is not a bad scent, for all its bad press here.
  52. Re: Niche Summer Fragrance: no citrus, no cologne, no barbershop!

    Creed Original Vetiver is the lightest summery vetiver I know, and would be a nice choice.

    In a similar vein is Mugler Cologne, often mentioned as the twin to OV.
  53. Re: Hoarding was the solution, but now it is too late!

    None of my favorites has been drastically reformulated. I hear tell Chergui is changed, but I like it currently.

    The only exception is Kouros. I wish I had a dozen bottles from before the...
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    Re: A decent fig scent for the summer

    Hermes un Jardin en Mediterranee.
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    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

    I never watched any of the youtube scent reviews because I never found them helpful, and most annoyed me.

    Okay, I watched Katie Puckrik. But that's because she's so damned cute and I'm a pretty...
  56. Re: If you had to pick one to be a true signature what would it be?

    I think having up to four signatures is a great idea.

    My signatures would probably be Millesime Imperial and Chergui.

    Nobody can recommend a signature for you -- it's an organic decision...
  57. Re: Dissection of a rare gem: YSL "Kouros" pour homme, EDT, year 1981 (with pictures)

    If you think you can kill Kouros with something as simple as fire, you're delusional.
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    Re: Kouros=Aramis ?

    Aramis (and the whole nasty family) is unpleasant and shrill to my nose, but I don't like sharp leathery fragrances. Kouros is one of the greatest scents of all time -- citrusy, floraly, and then . ....
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    Re: What to wear to up-coming wedding?

    Sir, that is a fine wardrobe. I thought it would be an easy pick, but you have too many good scents.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and pick Jubilation XXV. I think it would be great as a...
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    Poll: Re: What to wear for my upcoming wedding?

    "Whatever your fiance wants" is a time honored and appropriate answer.

    If she leaves it to you, I personally would pick something you've never worn before (but smelled and tested -- no blind...
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    Re: Best scent for a public hanging?

    How can this post be topped? Didn't even know there was a scent called "The Hanged Man." Now I have to try it on name alone.
  62. Re: Product Variation & Online Retailers - Not a thread about Creed & Discontinued Fragrances

    My nose thinks it detects slight differences in almost every scent I buy, but I am nearly positive it's just my imagination. Besides, it's just subtle differences.

    I have no problem buying...
  63. Re: Package is delayed at customs facility. Will it be confiscated?

    Been ordering stuff online for years. Many get delayed, often for extended periods -- sometimes being routed through weird places, sometimes sitting in one place for several days.

    Post office...
  64. Re: Creed untouched territory for men/unisex

    No need for me to repeat points that are made so succinctly, except to say that I agree with everything here. I realize Creed brings some of the negativity on itself -- really, I do -- but at the end...
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    Re: Creed GIT

    Well, since the original poster provided no information on who it was bought from, batch numbers, or anything other than "it smells off," there is no reason to even guess here.

    Could be anything...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    I am pretty much totally in love with two scents over the past month:

    VIW. Nothing to say here. I hope my next bottle is identical to this one. Creamy coconut with a hint of lime. Surefire...
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    Re: Top five warm weather fragrances

    Nothing wrong with AdG. Smells dandy, and that's the point.

    Lately, for me, I tend to wear:

    Warm weather daily at work: Millesime Imperial.
    Warm weather on weekends: VIW.
    Warm weather on...
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    Re: Best scent for a public hanging?

    Shame on people for not engaging in meaningful discussions of the political and moral quandries of modern society . . . on a perfume forum.

    Some of you guys must be a lot of fun at parties.
  69. Re: Creed untouched territory for men/unisex

    Well, that's undoubtedly a fact, but I don't see the relevance. If you'd prefer a traditional perfume house, how about Guerlain? In the past five years, the only strictly male scents it's released...
  70. Re: Creed untouched territory for men/unisex

    I don't quite follow your logic, sorry. Chanel, to take just one example, has released only two male scents in the past few years (Bleu and an Allure flanker). Yet nobody says Chanel is overly...
  71. Re: Creed untouched territory for men/unisex

    I much prefer the release of fewer quality scents than many mediocre scents. And, as has been pointed out by others, it's really not one, it's more like four or five.

    And it's not like Creed is...
  72. Re: What fragrances have you worn day after day?

    I usually rotate fragrances daily. Lately it's been MI every other day, and then on the other days a collection of warm weather favorites (Eau d'Hadrien, VIW, Neroli Portofino, or Concentre d'Orange...
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    Re: DHI new formula

    My experience, too. Love DH, like DHI a lot, and hate MiP. To me MiP smells like a rough draft of DHI.
  74. Re: Suggestion: Green/Fresh/Citrus Cologne for the Beach

    Obligatory MI recommendation, but you have it.

    But apart from that, Concentre d'Orange Verte would fit the bill admirably. Best orange scent around, to me.

    If you like lemon, this Summer...
  75. Re: Ed Hardy Scents - Do They Grab Anybody?

    I think you're right about Love & Luck smelling like fruit water, but I think that's what it was aiming for. It really isn't an MI clone at all -- certainly not like Unforgivable Multi Platinum,...
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    Re: Aquatics comparison

    Well, Millesime Imperial is an aquatic, and I personally think it's the most beautiful pure smell out there (some days I waffle and say Chanel Eau de Cologne smells better, but today I'm on the MI...
  77. Re: Ed Hardy Scents - Do They Grab Anybody?

    I tried Love and Luck when looking for an MI replacement during the "batch variation" Creed era. I recall liking it, but not loving it. And then I tried Unforgivable Multi Platinum, which was so...
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    Re: A superior cologne

    I like both the Hermes scents, but they are not at all "true" eau de colognes. No reason not to recommend them; they're just in a different category.

    I own en mediterranee, and while I like it,...
  79. Replies

    Re: Girlfriend's Favorite

    In my totally subjective experience, another wrinkle is that my girlfriends have enjoyed scents like New Haarlem, Chergui, and Dior Homme more when at the outset when we started dating, but after a...
  80. Replies

    Re: A superior cologne

    The best true eau de cologne I've tried is Chanel. Neroli Portofino isn't a "traditional" eau de cologne, but is nice. Frapin's Humaniste was mentioned by someone; I like that one, but it's not in...
  81. Re: Creed untouched territory for men/unisex

    One of Creed's positive points, in my book, is the fact that Creed is very conservative with regard to the number of scents it releases. Creed has 69 scents listed in the directory (which includes...
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    Re: Girlfriend's Favorite

    I currently have no girlfriend, but am accepting applications if any female members are interested.

    The last one loved Neroli Portofino. Loved loved loved it. Prior girfriends (just in the...
  83. Re: A Scent-Free America? A Very Interesting Article from the New Republic, 1995.

    Looks like it was written for the New Republic, not the New Yorker. Different magazines altogether.

    I didn't agree with a lot of the content, but it was a quick read and occasionally...
  84. Re: have you been assumed of being a smoker just by wearing a tobacco based fragrance?

  85. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - cheaper / better alternatives

    Wow, I never would have guessed somebody would say they're 85% close.

    I like Mugler, but love NP. My biggest two knocks against Mugler are (1) I can't smell it at all after about an hour...
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    Re: Good cheap cologne to apply after PE?

    Mugler. Live Jazz. Love & Luck. Tommy.

    Or just say "what the heck" and use Kouros.
  87. Replies

    Re: Will Creed make me come off as a snob?

    First, with cologne, the less said the better. Always just respond with a polite "thanks" if someone tells you how nice you smell. And you WILL smell fantastic wearing MI, GIT, VIW, or several...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Havane vs. Dior Homme Intense

    I don't even know how to vote in a contest like this. The two scents are so different. DHI is a smooth, silky scent that, to me, whispers elegance and sophistication. Pure Havane is an...
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    Re: Bonds NEW alternative to Aventus???

    Great. Another Bond for me to ignore. How on earth did they hit a home run with New Haarlem while striking out with nearly every other scent? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: a fellow named Maurice...
  90. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - cheaper / better alternatives

    I've never had a Neroli scent last all that long, but boy do I love them while they're there.

    I get about four or five hours out of Neroli Portofino, maybe seven or eight if I spray it on my...
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    Re: Creed Millesime Imperial

    MI is overrated. It smells like a million other aquatics. It wouldn't get the attention it gets if it was from any house but Creed. The batch variations are too bad to justify a bottle. It's...
  92. Re: Do you have frags from the same house as your clothes?

    That's bizarre. Aside from leather, there's not smell I associate with shoes (at least none I want to smell).

    But then again, we live in a world with Burger King fragrance.
  93. Re: Do you have frags from the same house as your clothes?


    For work, I wear Brooks Brothers shirts and primarily Oxxford, Armani, Hickey Freeman, or Hart Shaffner suits (not made of money -- bought 'em all on Ebay). Never owned a Brooks Brothers...
  94. Re: Ordered 5 colognes, dislike all of them, need advice please!

    The only mistake was buying blind.

    I don't much like any of the five you mentioned, either (okay, four of the five -- never tried MJ legend). Wouldn't buy a bottle of any of them.

  95. Re: What is the best male fragrance for men?

    It is an objective, verifiable, peer-reviewed fact that the best male fragrance for men is Aventus. The debate is really over the best female fragrance for men and the best male fragrance for women.
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    Re: Alternatives to Clive Christian No.1

    My favorite post of the week.
  97. Replies

    Re: Bond no. 9

    The only Bond I have ever liked is New Haarlem, which I like quite a bit. It's unique and great smelling. I wear it on dates all the time, and women also adore it.

    Aside from New Haarlem, I...
  98. Poll: Re: Best work fragrance out of the following?

    Bleu is the safe, inoffensive, surefire crowd pleaser among those you've listed.

    I used to wear TdH to work, but no longer do. I realize it's beloved here on basenotes, but I found a significant...
  99. Re: Plum Crazy! (the search for plum notes)

    Is Andy Warhol still being sold?
  100. Re: What is your favorite TV character wearing?

    My current favorite TV show is Game of Thrones, but I think there was a thread already about what those characters wore. Every time I see a rerun with Khal Drogo, I think "Musc Kublai Khan."
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