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  1. Re: Cartier Declaration L'eau. Someone tried it?

    Just got a sample from Sephora - really like it. As others have echoed, it trades the spicy cumin for grapefruit freshness. I think this is quite a successful flanker - changing the genre while...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Slumberhouse Norne

    Bought a bottle of this off classifieds some months ago and just pulled it out as the weather got cold - amazing! Truly pine forest at its absolute.

    Those who think GPH or other wood fragrances...
  3. She basically hosts a fashion and beauty-based TV...

    She basically hosts a fashion and beauty-based TV show... it just happens to be on YouTube. She's been incredibly successful and self-made. Better her than another One Direction fragrance; I don't...
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    Re: Creed Fragrance Authenticity

    Purple slightly-see-through bottle is absolutely standard, at least a couple of years old:...
  5. Re: What designer fragrance would you wear to a rodeo?

    Something incredibly woody. Something from CdG - perhaps 2Man. Or Gucci Pour Homme I.
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    Bond definitely has a snobby attitude but I don't see why this is any different from Chanel tightly controlling their supply (notice you'll never see their bottles from discounters) or others who...
  7. Re: Any of you tried Commodity fragrances yet?

    I got my fitting kit in May but after spraying a few a single time on my wrist I wasn't impressed and put them away for later. I've since gone back and tried some in detail.

    First, not a fan of...
  8. Re: up for swap malle geranium pour monsieur 50ml frapin 1697 100ml norne 30ml pure concontree

    I know this is swap but if you ever wanted to sell Norne let me know. Thanks, and I hope you find your swap too.
  9. Re: La Via del Profumo/AbdesSalaam Attar, Slumberhouse, more, more, more

    Please let me know if you ever do Norne again!
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    Re: Gucci Oud - New 2014 Fragrance

    Yup. As a HUGE admirer of GPH I (you should see how many backup bottles I have... lol) I hope they come back. It's just funny to see this after Made to Measure, probably their most blatantly generic,...
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    Gucci Oud - New 2014 Fragrance

    Anyone gotten a chance to try it?

    Notes: Pear, Raspberry, Saffron, Bulgarian Rose, Orange Flower, Patchouli, Amber Musk, Oud.

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    Re: What is the best TOM FORD fragrance?

    Oud Wood, with the underappreciated Italian Cypress as a close second. I've never smelled such a smokey scent that still manages to be perfet for summer with its delicious lemon and cypress.

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    Re: O'driu: Where to find samples?

    It should also be mentioned O'Driu suspended their own sample service - dang, it was a great deal!
  14. Re: Fragrance references in fiction books or films

    I love how Jim Cutler has a nose for perfume in that show too. He at one point asks Ted's Secretary if she's wearing Shalimar, and correctly IDs Peggy as wearing Chanel No. 5 before she leaves for a...
  15. Re: Article: IFF's Ropion and Dong create Issey's latest men's fragrance : Nuit d'Issey

    Somewhat unoriginal notes but seems like a good combination. I'd love to try it. Seems more of a brand new scent than yet another useless flanker.
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    Re: Atomiser vs dropper/dabber

    To go even further with your conclusion, the surface area wouldn't matter if the air above the liquid was already saturated with evaporated air - which is likely the case.
  17. Re: "Unisex" - SA's having serious gender issues

    A lot of people have hit the nail on the head about SAs being lower-paid workers and not particularly skilled (they're not perfumers) and that 99% of their customers would also never buy a fragrance...
  18. Re: Just sent Jean Paul Gaultier a very firm email. Do you think it will work/is justified?

    Very good point.
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    Poll: Re: Pick my Wedding Scent!

    Yeah, I have two large samples of this one so I'd likely keep them both in my pocket and keep spraying all night to stay fresh and citrusy, lol. Thank you all for the suggestions and warm wishes,...
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    Re: "shower gel"

    Agree - I rarely find a gel that actually holds its scent for long, either fragrance-themed (say, D&G) or scented regular deodorants or shampoos.

    Aftershaves are a light fragrance so they do make...
  21. Re: Just sent Jean Paul Gaultier a very firm email. Do you think it will work/is justified?

    Exactly. Reformulations aren't done because the nose who created the scent suddenly went back for no reason and thought they'd improve it. Le Male sells millions of bottles every year and is (or was)...
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    Poll: Pick my Wedding Scent!

    Hey y'all, wedding coming up! It should be a humid spring day, afternoon wedding, probably 70 degrees coming down to 60 at night. I narrowed it down to 20 fragrances. There are a few wintery ones in...
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    Re: Today I bought: February 2014

    Small 6mL decant of TF Italian Cypress, really nice. Should be great for cold rainy days and summer equally.
  24. Re: What scent would you wear if you had to deliver bad news?

    No scent. Scents are decorative. You want to be austere. Think politically. I LOVE scents but asking this is like saying "which bowtie should I wear to fire someone?" Don't be the guy who wears a...
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    Re: What are you not feeling anymore??

    For me, Gucci Pour Homme I. Before I found forums like Basenotes or considered ebay I was scouring Sephoras left and right for it, as I have had a bottle since high school that is slowly dying. Now...
  26. Re: Most Entertaining, Outlandish, Inexplicable Notes in a Perfume

    Same with "tea" accords. Teas range from smoky to fresh green to cabbage-vegetal to sweet to bitter to woody to flowery to fruity to chocolatey, depending on the varietal. And I'm giving them the...
  27. Re: Tuscan Leather vs. Tobacco Vanille. Which one is more pleasant?

    I think it's a legit approach. Very many people, especially in the US, are sensitive to fragrances. Many workplaces also prohibit fragrances for this reason. Is it weird? Certainly. But many perfumes...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Anyone got a recommendation as to whether Norne would be a good fragrance for summer? With spring approaching, I'm trying to prepare. I love my winter fragrances and really don't look forward to hot...
  29. Re: Most Entertaining, Outlandish, Inexplicable Notes in a Perfume

    Tiziana Terenzi has "oxygen" listed in one of their new perfumes. Way to go - a perfume smelling like air! I understand many accords are more literary reflections that literal constructions, but this...
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    Re: New line launched: Tiziana Terenzi

    Where do they distribute? I'm in NYC so I'd love to stop by their counters or stores; Ecstasy and their oud in particular seem nice.

    I actually like the stories they seem to assign to their...
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    Re: The best thing I heard an SA say...

    99% of the time you'd be dealing with a customer base who doesn't care what most of your stuff smells like and just wants an alternative to Acqua Di Gio. Wow, this Green Irish Tweed is really nice,...
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    Re: ANYONE EVERY TRIED Molecule 01

    Also a big fan. I've tried both the original and homemade varieties and have gotten great responses. You may indeed become anosmic to it but trust me, it's there. Also projects

    And to the dummies...
  33. Re: Tuscan Leather vs. Tobacco Vanille. Which one is more pleasant?

    Agreed. I don't like vanilla/gourmand/sweet scents and much prefer Tuscan Leather but TV is certainly less offensive. Tuscan Leather is like Gucci Pour Homme - a reworking of the strong powerhouse...
  34. Re: Does air enter a properly working spray bottle?

    There is definitely air entering your bottles. No biggie.
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    Re: The "I don't get it" thread

    I think it's because it's a well-done citrus summer scent. I myself prefer winter scents and for summer gravitate toward green scents, but if you want citrus, IMO, this is one of the best ones. Also...
  36. Re: Article: The End Of The Line For Etat Libre D’Orange - An Interview With Etienne De Swardt

    You're arguing against IFRA? Of course, since you know for a fact that the chemicals you spray on your skin are not carcinogenic or harmful.

    He has a point - we discover harmful chemicals that go...
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    Poll: Re: Best from Tom Ford

    I need to try Noir de Noir and Arabian Wood - they sound right up my alley. Right now it's a tie between Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood, and Italian Cypress.
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    Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Some casual boots (Clarks Wallabees or Clarks Desert Boots) or brown leather wingtips would look nice with anything that's not a t-shirt.
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    Re: Where to find suit deals?

    Unless your brother is tall and big-boned, I'd avoid Mens Wearhouse and Joseph A Banks. They make low-quality suits, have bad tailors, and try to sell you multiple suits at once (introducing fake...
  40. Re: Article: Unilever's latest Axe/Lynx offering to promote 'Peace One Day'

    I wonder if Bond will sue them over trademark infringement as wlel.
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    Re: El Paso, TX

    Who sells Creed in EP? I might be going in a few months and find that pretty interesting.
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    Re: Oud in the summer.

    I tried this in the store as the only Jo Malone I was interested in (as a man - they appear to cater to women wanting traditional eau de cologne) and could not get much oud out of it, nor did it seem...
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    Re: Montale Aoud Lime

    Funny that you saw its lasting power on your desk, OP. I finished my samples months ago and kept the vial simply because it smells so strongly when I remove the cap, even while empty!

    Love the use...
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    Re: The "I don't get it" thread

    I agree with DHI being feminine, as well as many of the YSL "Homme" flankers. Powdery, sweet florals that smell better on a woman in her 30s than on men. Especially la Nuit.

    For me, it's Cool...
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    Re: Most Un-Sexy Fragrances You Like

    So far Encens Flamboyant by Annick Goutal. It's heavy on the pine resin and frankincense, so it reminds most people of church. I am in love with it, but most women, my fiancee included, have said I...
  46. Re: Gucci Pour Homme I is similar to CDG Avignon

    I also get a bit of tobacco in GPH, but I get no smoke from it. I did before, but I really think that's the dry bourbony cedar, rather than any actual smoke. I really need to try Avignon, I've heard...
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    Re: What smells expensive?

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread as this gives me some good Christmas present ideas :thumbsup:

    My thoughts:

    Creed Royal Oud
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    Gucci Pour Homme 1
    Bond New York Oud
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    Re: Is my Creed Royal Oud real or fake?

    It would also be helpful if people explained themselves versus just saying "grey market" or "yes it's real." Without actually telling us WHY it's real/fake/etc., no one gets educated on the subject....
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    Re: Tom Ford Private Blend Layering

    Yup, a number of reps have also told me this. The names and simple, somewhat linear compositions of the scents are also a clue to this.

    I personally go with Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather (less of...
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    Re: Sandalwood and Oud?

    I have a sample of Micallef's Homme, and the rose is certainly there. Enough to make it unisex, but more masculine than feminine. I'd rank the rose a bit more prominent than the sandalwood, but...
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    Re: Montale ouds

    Aoud Lime has some nice rose in the drydown, though it's not quite prominent. The opening only has a bit of lime but it's the darker bitter tropicality of Mexican lime peels, rather than the sweet or...
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    Re: What I Should've Bought Instead

    What I bought: Cool Water
    Should have bought: Chez Bond/GIT
  53. Re: Anyone try the "repackaged" Oud Wood by Tom Ford?

    Longetivity was always somewhat of an issue so I wouldn't go based on that. Although as someone remarked up above I have gotten compliments from those standing near me when I think it's gone and...
  54. Re: Are reusable atomizers a thing of the past?

    On a separate note, do you all reuse smaller atomizer bottles from splits/decants, or travel atomizers, or should these be considered one-time use? I can see glass being harder to impregnate with oil...
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    Re: DHV clothing

    I'd personally avoid those cheap Asian-style ebay clothes. Quality, fit, and construction are very poor. They are clipped at the back to make them appear flattering. If you want to demonstrate high...
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    Re: Buy it for the Drydown?

    Good opening is a must for me. That's why I will always prefer GIT or Chez Bond over Cool Water - Cool Water is as beautiful as the other two, imo, but only after a half-hour of synthetic yellow...
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    Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    Neiman's and Nordstrom's aren't bad at all. Not what Barney's was but same location, essentially.
  58. Re: Is Wire Transfer of $2,000 to fragrancenet safe?

    Why do you insist on giving thousands of dollars to a company you admittedly have a terrible time dealing with? All you're doing is enabling them.

    Why don't you go with an alternative company?
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    Re: DHV clothing

    All depends on how it fits, looks, etc. Post some example pics. We can't really give you opinions on hypothetical outfits. For now, though, it doesn't sound too great.
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    Re: Wedding wear!?

    A black suit is appropriate only for certain occasions. However, a wedding or an evening event is absolutely one of them. In this case, a black suit is appropriate, but probably better if it were an...
  61. Re: Best fragance for men of Yves Saint Laurent

    I wouldn't say it's tops but the new Libre is 10x better than La Nuit, which smells like an awful woman's fragrance to me.
  62. Re: Surrati - Tom Oud - a gorgeous oud oil from KSA

    Interested in the Tom Tuskan Leather; anyone got any links to a 1 tola / 12ml source for the US? I'd love to try that one but I have no idea what I'd do with a huge jar of oil.
  63. Poll: Re: Better Going Out Fragrance: Midnight in Paris or La Nuit de L'Homme

    LaNuit, only because it smells kind of like a woman's scent - the powdery dry down is a turnoff, but Midnight in Paris smells 100% feminine to me.
  64. Re: Well projecting/lasting summer vetiver that is casual/younger?

    Vioyage d'Hermes USA fruity fresh take on some cardamom and cumin in the opening, but it's balanced by some fresh Vetiver an aquatic and fruity notes. A sweeter yet spicier take on TdH.

  65. Re: Opinion: niche hardly seems applicable to most fragrance houses

    I have no problem calling the Exclusifs their "niche" line. As far as I can tell their quality is up there with what the picker people here will call "niche houses." They're composed by real and...
  66. Re: Opinion: niche hardly seems applicable to most fragrance houses

    My definition is not inline with Fragrance Foundation's, but I simply prefer to think of "niche" fragrances as those who mainly cater to people who are really into fragrance. If you're having trouble...
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    Re: ANYONE EVERY TRIED Molecule 01

    If you've got access to grain alcohol it should work just fine (a flask of Everclear should be $10 or less).

    I have a homemade version and it's absolutely awesome. Projects like a beast. Don't...
  68. Re: If you could only own 1 Bottle from BOND No.9 Which one would it be?

    Spring and Summer: Riverside Drive. Beautiful basil, a true alternative to citrus aquatics for a summer scent.

    Fall and Winter: New Haarlem, as everyone else knows.

    New York Musk is close to...
  69. Re: Fragrance closest to L'Occitane's vetiver wood soap

    I do need a new soap and use bar soap (lasts longer!), so I may just have to buy one!

    But as far as recommendations go, you seem to be looking for woody and leather fragrances as well. Try:
  70. Re: Pure Iso E Super® from The Perfumer's Apprentice

    I bought one of the Iso E Super compositions on ebay. Definitely more expensive vs. mixing my own 2 ingredients but I don't need a liter of aromachemicals on hand, plus I still saved $120 over the...
  71. Re: Who is your favourite current youtube reviewer.

    Puckrik hands down for me - My guess is she has television experience because her reviews come off as less of vlogs and more like a short TV show with setting, themes, knowledge, and planning. Short...
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    Re: Best fragrance for...

    You need a few more celebratory holidays in there - what about a 4th of July BBQ?
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    Re: Airplane Checked Baggage & Perfume???

    Also know that the less fluid there is in a container (e.g. a mostly empty bottle) the more air there is to expand and cause a leak. So a mostly full bottle is probably ok, while the air in a mostly...
  74. Re: Affordable (less than $50) fall/winter cologne for a male smoker.

    Givenchy Pi has a strong warm vanilla note that would go well with a secondhand source of smoke (lol). I agree with the Polo Green suggestion above if you want some smoky tobacco and dry wood in your...
  75. Re: Photographer Nigel Barker collaborates with Demeter on Signature Collection

    Sounds like someone's never head of Bond No. 9 before, hahaha. Still, I'd like to try - interested in their linear composition. The Wall Street one in particular sounds like a decent combination of...
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    Re: What to get at Sephora...?

    Not a fan of Voyage d'Hermes? They cary the more expensive EdP there. TF Grey Vetiver, too, though my guess is you own it already.

    But yeah, you can easily spend $200 on non-fragrance there. The...
  77. Re: Developing an effective strategy of fragrance purchasing

    My strategy is very frugal, being relatively poor at the moment - samples, samples, samples!

    Being in NYC helps, because I can visit a store offering some wonderful fragrances every week or two....
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    Re: Small But Perfectly Formed?

    I think this is the way to go. Have set categories like morning, office, date, night-out, celebration.. then divide further into seasons (S/S, F/W).

    I think this probably yields about 10...
  79. Re: Parfumo.Net (a tempting new alternative to Basenotes / Fragrantica ?)

    Exactly. While not very pretty I know I can visit fragrantica and check the notes, opinions, and quick-and-dirty summaries of any fragrance if I'm in a store and wanting to look something up. The...
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    Re: The Angry Birds fragrances

    Genius bottle design!
  81. Re: Al (Street Scents) vs Marc (Robes08) video

    I think people are viewing it as an either/or situation what it's not. While Fragrancenet and other discounters likely do not sell fakes 99% of the time it is possible one may sneak in once in a...
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    Re: Atelier Sample Collection

    FWIW their collection is much bigger now (13 scents including the high-end ones) and the sample set is $20 - still worth it.
  83. Re: Perfume industry: approaching the crack?


    This "research" is only a representation of BN's growth, not of the industry at all. The industry has grown, yes, but couldn't you have accessed the many freely available industry...
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    Re: Lemon Eau de Cologne

    No votes for Chanel Eau de Cologne? It's a beautiful example of a classic citrus cologne! Beautiful lemon and neroli in this that are incredibly bright and expensive-smelling. In true cologne...
  85. Re: Do you find it hard to appreciate your cheap aquatics once you have smelled Bleu de Chanel?

    Not an aquatic just because it's popular. Plenty of citrus in it but there's nutmeg and warm spice in the middle and vetiver in the drydown. How is this aquatic at all? It's a fresh but warm spicy...
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