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  1. Re: ENCRE NOIR... is there anything similar?

    this pisses me off...
    Yesterday i received a comment for the first time wearing EN! He said: What is that stuff you are always wearing?! It reeks of bug spray :( I cant believe it. I never really...
  2. Re: Which scent from wardrobe for clubbing?

    Wow thank you everyone

    I decided to take Rochas Man. It was a club in Heidelberg, Germany. Nothing famous.
    I met a really hot girl there and after i asked her if she liked my perfume, she loved...
  3. Which scent from wardrobe for clubbing?

    I'm grabbin my best scents and am asking which one to wear tomorrow.the crowd is 18-23:
    Rochas man
    Bleecker Street
    or Musc Ravageur
    I don't know what to wear can you help me out here please?
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    Does Basnotes influence you...

    ...on your taste?
    It seems that i keep way more fragrances without selling because i keep on reading on basenotes until i actually like the scent. I think to myself so many positive comments about a...
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    Re: Scents that only need 1 spray

    Black aoud is Even too Strong with one Spray
  6. Re: What is the best drydown on the planet?

    Himalaya Hands down. When you let ppl smell the top and basenotes noone will believe you that it is the same scent! It's so rich and addicting.
  7. Re: Side-by-side comparison: GIT vs. Cool Water vs. Chez Bond

    Own chez Bond and GIT. I think CB smells more beautiful if that makes sense. It smells more creamy. Longevity is the same 8-10h+ CB also smells a tat more modern.
  8. Re: Are Bond no. 9 fragrances ideal for layering?

    I do layer bleecker with SMW sometimes. It's incredible. I always receive compliments.
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    Re: L'instant de Guerlain Eau Extreme

    I don't get it. Are there 3 versions? Or is edp and eau extreme the same ??
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    Re: Banana Republic

    Black walnut is An underrated scen. It's georgeous and the woody notes are of a very good quality. Could easily be niche. Last 8 hours on me and My girlfriend.
  11. Re: Youthful scent for winter that isn't really sweet.

    Terre d'hermes. Or Nemo.
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    Re: Favorite Everyday Fragrance

    Red Vetyver,TdH mostly nowadays. Its not heavy like Most of my collection and they Never go boring! They smell incredible
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    Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I bought sample in the very beginning of fragrancin. Didn't like it. Was waaaay too cloying and sweet smelling. I thought this is no way unisex more like for girls only! I gave it to my gf. After...
  14. Re: Looking for a scent like Terre d'hermes without the sweetness

    Update: i Tried both you said. It was not it. I live in germany so it's hard to obtain rare stuff.
    other suggestions?
  15. Re: Looking for a scent like Terre d'hermes without the sweetness

    thnx for your help!

    Yes i thought maybe its TDH
    But the sillage is too strong on him.
    He wore it just now. But all of the sudden he got fired last month so i cant ask him anymore!

    I own Red...
  16. Looking for a scent like Terre d'hermes without the sweetness

    Hello al,

    The title says it all.
    My boss used to have a fragrance which reminded me of TDH at the dry down. When the sweetness is almost gone there is only this herbal and dark smell left.Thats...
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