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    Re: Cuir Mandarine and Cuir Tabac by David Jourquin

    Dunno about Cuir Tabac, but Cuir Mandarine is just another patchouli scent, at least on my skin.
    Starts nice with some tart citrus, tobacco, leather and patchouli but develops into sweet patchouli...
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    Re: Shantara Perfumes: Has anyone tried them?

    Shaman is pretty good. Nothing new under the sun, but well worth the money.
    It's basically a spicy/fresh green with a kind of a punchy angular zesty-sporty feel to it in the beginning that makes it...
  3. Bourbon French / Niro / Frank Bush / Desertscents Anyone tried these?


    In my never-ending quest for something new, I've ended up with a huge list of little-known US brands. Here are some that I haven't been able to find much about. Any information would be...
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    Any tips on vintage frag shopping in Paris?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for leads on shops in Paris that sell vintage scents, ideally both regular-size bottles and minis.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Discontinued Frags worth hunting down

    Has anyone mentioned Balafre (the old formulation)?
    Iquitos, Tenere and Gucci Nobile are definitely worth the effort.
    Ho Hang and Ho Hang Club are not that bad.
    The venerable Jules by Dior...
  6. Re: Seeking advice on different versions of Balafre, Jules and Signoricci

    Thanks for the tips, folks

    Sandy -
    Far as I know, the new version should be available at Dior in Paris
    You can also find it on eBay
    Good luck
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    Re: Recommendations for classic citrus?

    If you are fine with Sauvage, then maybe you should try Homme de Gres.
    It's pretty much in the same category.
    Funny no one mentioned Signoricci or Armani PH, although they both have a problem with...
  8. Seeking advice on different versions of Balafre, Jules and Signoricci

    Hi everyone,

    I'm seeking advice on the old and new versions of Dior Jules, Lancome Balafre and Signoricci.
    My (not so professional) impressions are:

    1. Signoricci - I don't detect much of a...
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