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    Recommendations needed for this Spring/Summer

    I am hoping to get some recommendations for a frag or 2 for the warmer months. I have a few that I rotate and really enjoy but feel like I need to add a few more. I currently rotate Chanel Bleu, YSL...
  2. Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    Thank you to SaNielsen for my wonderful samples... I am enjoying both alot especially the Tam Dao...
  3. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    And your LIDGE is gone.... Thanks Pieman...
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    Tobacco Vanille....

    Where can I get smaller decants of like 20 or 30ml of this wonderful juice?
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    Re: Need cheap long lasting cologne

    Azzaro Chrome, Cool Water, Rochas Man, Hanae Mori HM and Lolita Lempika Au Masculin are a few choices you should look at...
  6. 2 Months in... Hows my Wardrobe and What am I Missing?

    I'm loving this game and I am looking to keep it going but I feel like I've reached a plateau. I don't know which direction to take next so maybe you guys can recognize the weaknesses of my rotation...
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    Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme...

    I keep seeing this pop up as a great everyday wear and really want to try it. Should I buy a sample or just buy blind?
  8. Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    Ahhh PM full guess I have no chance... That would make a awesome start to my collection...
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    Re: Today I Bought: February 2013

    Pretty new to this but last night after work when everyone was asleep I did a bad thing. I purchased a 4oz bottle of GIT from Beauty Encounter and from Ebay a 30ml decant of Aventus, 30ml of MI, a...
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    Recommendation for my Wife?

    Looking to get a new frag for my wife. I am looking for something that she can wear year round and that is around a $50 budget. Her current rotation is Light Blue, Issey Miake and Chanel #5. Thanks,...
  11. Im loving Rive Gauche and Azzaro PH... What next for me?

    I've had RGPH and Azzaro PH for a week or so and am really digging what I smell. I'm ready to make a jump for another frag so I'm hoping for a few good suggestions. I'd like to keep my budget under...
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