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    Re: The ultimate incense war

    I am still a relative newbie but my favorite incense has become Amouage Opus VI.
  2. Re: Need Advice on Pure Distance M . . . how do YOU wear this?

    Thats funny cause I work in a similar environment and this has become my go to fragrance for the office. As deadidol said, I put on about half a spray. After about an hour or so, it sits closer to...
  3. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought after joing basenotes?

    Mine was L`Occitane's Eau des Baux not too long ago, and Creed Aventus shortly after that :happy:

    The disease has taken a strong hold since then :cheesy:
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    Re: Your comfort scent

    Eau des Baux for me too.
  5. Re: Huge Collection of Everything OR Small Collection of Gems?

    This thread is very informative for the newbies like me. dougczar, thank you so much for your post. I feel like I am at step 1 of where you started. I wanted to try something new and found Basenotes...
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