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    Re: Tested new Jack Black's "JB" at Nordstrom

    I agree it is a better version of T d'Hermes. I will def buy this, Plus it is a Parfum.
  2. Re: Chanel Allure vs Platinum Egoiste vs Antaeus vs Pour Monsieur

    I think EGOISTE and POUR MONSIEUR smell alike. The sillage is much better on EGOISTE. POUR MONSIEUR seems like a better version of BOUCHERON JAIPUR. I am confused about ANTAEUS.

    Get EGOISTE. It...
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    Re: Cartier Santos vs. Santos Concentree

    I don't if you have already made your purchase or not. I am going through the same cologne crisis here. I bought SC and believe me I almost got multiple restraining orders. SC is so bad. If you have...
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