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  1. Yummy Thanksgiving Fragrance

    This morning in the male frag forum, "sLzR" posted: "Good things to wear for Thanksgiving? What do you guys think? I'm wearing Burberry London"

    Which gave me pause to ponder: what are good female...
  2. Re: Good things to wear for Thanksgiving?

    Baldessarini would be close to perfection- warm wood & fruit.
    Figuier is another good fit for Thanksgiving.
    Great thread! Hmmm, think I'll post this query in the female frag forum.
    Thanks, sLzR!
  3. Replies

    Re: Clean/fresh Musks

    Of the two you're considering, my vote is Tom Ford Musk Pure.
    For a great value price-wise, without sacrificing quality, go for the Body Shop White Musk.
    Should you decide to peruse it try the...
  4. Re: what is the WORST smelling fragrance

    On men: Kouros *

    On women: Agent Provocateur
  5. Re: What fragrance should I wear on a shirt to send my long distance girlfriend?


    You Sir, are adorably thoughtful & creative.

    You've supplied a refreshing dose of hope for hopeless romantics!

  6. Re: What fragrance should I wear on a shirt to send my long distance girlfriend?

    I think your idea is quite romantic!
    The fragrance I wear is for the enjoyment of my partner as well as myself.
    If we were separated by many miles, I'd LOVE to receive his personally scented shirt!...
  7. Re: First Date Fragrance Suggestions?

    Many thanks for your responses. You've all been most kind!

    I now realize that in posting on the masculine fragrance thread, I was assumed (by some members) to be a guy. My mistake entirely & I...
  8. First Date Fragrance Suggestions?

    I'd appreciate suggestions for a "first date" fragrance.

    Memorable & warm, but not overly suggestive or aggressive.

    Scents that have perhaps hit you comfortably or were "just right" on a first...
  9. Relaxing Bath Oils/Soap for Autumn

    As the evenings become darker & cooler in Autumn, I adore luxuriating in a warm, relaxing, candle lit bath.

    I'd appreciate recommendations for bath oils/soap with sensual, warm & relaxing...
  10. Winter Fragrance Wardrobe for Holiday in NYC?

    Hello, all! I'm new to this site & also to the finer points of the fragrance world. I'm female, my style is classic but youthful, with a slight edge.
    If you would be so kind, please suggest a...
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