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    L`eau Dissey pour Homme question ......

    I had a few Bottles of this when it came out in the 90s and had good memories of the smell so decided recently to purchase a bottle.
    I bought one from a reputable store and was looking forward to...
  2. Re: Mont Blanc Individuelle .... Big Disappointment

    I appreciate what you are saying about Blind Buying and there is no way i would ever Blind Buy anything more expensive.
    This cost less than Twenty of the queens English so i knew there was no danger...
  3. Re: Mont Blanc Individuelle .... Big Disappointment

    Sorry for the confusion. Its my spelling that was wrong.
    Its defininitely the Male version , Individuel.
    I got it off the UK website so its all legit
  4. Re: Mont Blanc Individuelle .... Big Disappointment

    I suppose it could be the reformulation that is the problem.

    To be honest i get strange results on fragrances. One of the longest lasting on me is Burberry weekend which doesent have the...
  5. Mont Blanc Individuelle .... Big Disappointment

    After reading all the great comments on here and other forums and watching the You Tube reviewers have nothing but praise for Individuelle i decided to purchase a bottle.

    I actually like Joop...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I have worn fragrances for over thirty years and had never recieved comments no matter what i wore.
    However i have just started wearing " La Perla Essence " by Grigioperla and everytime i get people...
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    Re: Knockoff fever!!

    Amongst the knock off , copies or whatever you like to call them is quite a decent Barbershop fragrance.
    In a Green Box Called " EAD BRIGHT " its very potent and a couple of sprays to the chest in...
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    Re: Less Nuclear Joop! Alternative

    Try Cadillac , Costs absolutely nothing and is a better smelling scent than Joop but very similar.
    You wont be disappointed.
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    Re: Wearing More than One Fragrance ...

    Thanks for your replies , i will have to do some experimenting.
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    Wearing More than One Fragrance ...

    I have been trying to find a fragrance that has great Sillage and Longevity. I bought Bogart Pour Homme and Silver Scent after reading such positive reviews about their performance in these areas and...
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