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  1. Re: How do people who wear many different fragrances....

    A scoop of baking soda in the wash may help.
  2. Re: Is it safe to buy perfumes off of Amazon?

    I bought that very same Mitsouko, fulfilled by Amazon, with free Super Saver Shipping just this past May.

    Mine is definitely real, most likely gray market. The code on the bottle matched the...
  3. Re: Perfume + Body Chemistry (designed to change on everyone)

    This sounds vaguely familiar. I remember advertisements on TV for a scent called Me!, and this would have been in the 1980s, or maybe even earlier.
  4. Re: When Les Exclusifs and Pop-Psychology Collide

  5. Re: Real or Fake Escada Magnetism and Britney Spears Fantasy?

    I'm no expert at spotting fakes (I'm new here too). I have tried the checkcosmetic site before and it does work. Britney Spears scents are made by Elizabeth Arden and that company is listed on the...
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    Re: SotD Wednesday, 21 March 2012

    Escale à Pondichéry on this beautiful and unusually warm spring day in Boston!
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    Re: sick of fragrances!

    I agree with this. Some days I go "unscented" for these reasons, but not often. When I was pregnant, almost all of my scents smelled awful to me. : (

    After my second daugher was born I went...
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