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  1. Re: Article: Xtreme Scents : Stages on Scent's Way

    Excellent article, Chris. Based on the stages you discuss, I seem to follow into the second stage. When I pick what to wear a particular day I try to match it to the environment I'll be in, the...
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    Re: Creed Sub-Forum

    LOL let's swap - mine doesn't last long. This is a half-serious offer, so PM me and I'll solve your problem.
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    Re: Creed boutique prices going up

    I won't be buying Creed directly then. Instead I'll go to the discounters and get it from there. I'm sure I'm not the only one, so Creed may feel the pain. Not that I want them to, it's just what a...
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    Re: Creed & Tom Ford SA = clueless

    I feel your pain. A couple of weeks ago I had to educate the Dior SA at a department store about the reformulations of Dior Homme. Her tester was the 2005 edition and the boxed bottles she was...
  5. Re: How often (on the average) do you buy a new scent?

    The more experienced I get with fragrances, the harder I find it to buy something new. Before I used to buy everything and anything but now I'm happy with decants, which saves me money. After all,...
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    Re: Smelling individual fragrance notes!

    Redneck Perfumisto is right, start sniffing your spice rack. Most of the common ingredients are things you can smell everyday if you just look around a little. Lime, lemon, ginger, bergamot, pine,...
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    Re: Reformulation!!!

    Well, when you reformulate, you try to reproduce the same scent as much as possible by using allowed and/or cheaper ingredients. If the original fragrance didn't have sandalwood you wouldn't put...
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    Re: Reformulation!!!

    I think they have. Givaudan came up with Javanol, which is a pretty good synthetic sandalwood. Making a really good sandalwood synthetic is very hard because the molecule is very complex. The real...
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    Re: Reformulation!!!

    In most cases reformulations are for the worse fore a reason: they are usually not made to improve on a fragrance. The goal is usually to use cheaper materials (to cut) cost and/or meet industry...
  10. Re: Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    Very interesting. How do you think Chinese view perfume? How is it different than the Japanese?
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    Re: Are Guerlain a niche brand or not?

    LVMH owns Guerlain, that's why you can buy them at Shoppers Drugmart in Canada. I think the cosmetics line came from LVMH's efforts to cash out as much out of the brand's cache as possible I don't...
  12. Re: Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    I agree it is a big market but like you said the brands need to appeal to a very narrow demographic. Even though China is growing only a small percentage of the whole country can afford luxury goods...
  13. Re: Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    I agree with the comment about approaching the Chinese and Japanese market in a different way. In terms of consumerism and luxury culture (after all fragrance is luxury) the Chinese as a society are...
  14. Re: For Swap: CdG, Guerlain, Bois 1920, Frederic Malle

    Updated status of fragrances and added one.

  15. Re: Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    I think these trends are partially driven by the discovery of good synthetics that smell very close to expensive raw materials. When Givaudan discovered Javanol, sandal wood fragrances went through a...
  16. Re: Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    I love the complexity, uniqueness and quality of the Middle Eastern fragrances. I think mainstream consumers will embrace them by introducing the unfamiliar fragrance materials (oud, incense, myrh,...
  17. Re: Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    I love the complexity, uniqueness and quality of the Middle Eastern fragrances. I think mainstream consumers will embrace them by introducing the unfamiliar fragrance materials (oud, incense, myrh,...
  18. Perfume Trends: Oud/Incense & Middle Eastern Style

    Do you think there is trend in modern perfumery towards oud & incense fragrances done in a traditional Middle Easter style? What do you think about it?

    I've noticed that in the last couple of...
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    Re: lavender out of time?

    Tobbe, you are right, many of the new releases are not lavender heavy. Many fragrances have it but it's not a predominant note. The trend I see is toward oud, incense middle eastern style fragrances....
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    Re: The Mystery of Aventus.... Exposed?

    I wanna make 2 points:

    1. To me, how much complements a fragrance gets you, is no indication of how good it is. Some of the most original and interesting fragrances I have don't get me any...
  21. Re: Buying a new cologne: Double Black, Bulgari, Armani Code, or Farenheit

    I agree, it is none of the above. DB and Code are evening fragrances for me - they are sweeter and heavier. I've used to wear Code and I don't see it as a casual fragrance. DB is mango and coffee- I...
  22. Re: 4 niche fragrances, 2 houses: Creed VS Tom Ford for summer?

    I think Creed has better summer fragrances. I personally would go with MI but VIW and SMW and GIT are good for the summer. If you are really set on a Tom Ford fragrance, why don't you try Azure Lime...
  23. Re: Blind buy Creed GIT OR MI OR ORIGNINAL SANTAL

    I would say MI. It is original, versatile and on me it lasts all day.

    I don't know if I'm anosmic to GIT but on me it lasts no more than 3 hours and I can't get over the cool water note. I agree,...
  24. For Swap: CdG, Guerlain, Bois 1920, Frederic Malle

    Hi all,

    I have the following for swap:

    NEW: Profumi di Firenze - Gli Odori - 100% full; 100ml; original box & bottle, all paperwork included;

    Frederic Malle - En Passant; 70% full; 100ml; -...
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    Re: Fragrance Insurance

    What is the total value of your collection? Any personal asset you want to ensure (except house, car, etc.) has to be over a certain value for the insurance companies to even bother. To my knowledge...
  26. Re: What should the FiFi Awards mean me, the consumer ?

    Agreed. I've seen amazing and hideous fragrances getting awards by FiFi. The fact that a fragrance got an award is no guarantee for quality, originality or anything else.
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    Re: Laughable Clive Christian Pomp and Nonsense

    I genuinely feel sorry for this woman and the brand. When I first smelled the collection it didn't strike me as anything special. Actually they do have an "old geezer" type scent. Never mind though,...
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    Re: Sel de Vetiver or Sel Marin

    They are both very good. If you are not that much into vetiver, like myself, go with Sel Marin. Disregarding the vetiver note, I would still go with Sel Marin - it is more interesting and has more of...
  29. Re: Excluding Creed, Bond, and Tauer - Best all around, year around, niche under $150?

    Timbuktu is a very good all-year-round.

    Voyage D'Hermes isn't technically a nice fragrance but it can definitely be worn all-year-round. It is based around clean musk and maintains sort of an...
  30. Re: I'm Turning 30! Please Help me Pick a Signature Scent

    What longevity do you get out of Sycomore?

    Don't you find Santal Samoia sweet? I have to try, based on the notes I imagine it being sweet-woody. Of the Hermessence I really like Vetiver...
  31. Re: I'm Turning 30! Please Help me Pick a Signature Scent

    Wow guys, thank you so much for the great recommendations. I really appreciate your input.

    Below is a summary of all recommendations so far. The number beside each fragrance is how many times it...
  32. I'm Turning 30! Please Help me Pick a Signature Scent

    Hello Basenoters,

    This September I'm turning 30 and would like to pick a signature scent to mark my 30th birthday. My idea is to wear this fragrance most of the time in the coming year, so that...
  33. Re: Where to buy niche perfumes online or elsewhere in Canada

    Are you talking about Aedes from NY? Do they charge less for shipping and brokerage and customs? I was thinking of getting some stuff from LuckyScent and I knew they would charge me for brokerage and...
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    Re: question?

    If it is not too much trouble, just go to the closest Hold Renfrew and get it from there...or order it from Lucky Scent. There isn't much price difference.
  35. Re: Toronto 6 Geebeauty vs Le Labo boutique USA WHICH ONE ???

    I found the prices from the NYC boutique and LuckScent to be much lower even if you pay HST + shipping. I think 6 Gee sells 100ml bottles for $320, while you can get them online for $220. If they...
  36. Re: Bond No.9 - No longer sold at Holt Renfrew (for the Canadians!)

    The Holt stores in Toronto stopped restocking Bond No.9 last year. The reason I was given was that they are a very "chaotic" company to deal with. Most of the issues were around supply. Do not...
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    Re: Is Serge Lutens sold at Holt Renfew

    To my knowledge, HR does not carry SL, at least not in its locations in the GTA.
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