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    Re: Hanae Mori HiM

    Just purchased the EDP at a huge discount and I'm very impressed. Sweet fruit with woods and a nice caramelised dry down; a perfect autumnal scent at the price. If this was in the Tom Ford/Hermes...
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    Re: Today I Bought: July 2014

    One of the most versatile fragrances I know of! It exudes class.
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    Re: Your winter 2014 purchase list

    This reminds me to get another bottle of Burberry London. Such a great value scent for the colder months.
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    Re: Soaps, fragrances you like?

    I like the Eau Savage soap, though I'm sure you can get better at a lower price point.
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    Re: Aramis Calligraphy Rose

    I also own this. Very nice and of very high quality. Starts of a very feminine Turkish rose then turns into something more masculine in the base after a few hours. Very creamy/sweet and dense with no...
  6. Re: Shopping for Montale. Wise buying knowledge needed!

    Thanks Hednic. I'm just being very vigilant with 'too good to be true' prices that sometimes appear when browsing. I'm sure a few of us have pulled out of a potential bargain due to that lingering...
  7. Shopping for Montale. Wise buying knowledge needed!

    I have seen various brand new 100ml Montale bottles floating around at between the £70 - £80 (GBP) price on both Ebay (UK sellers) and UK based independent retailers

    Aoud Musk 100ml for £70 sounds...
  8. Re: Deeper fragrance with touch of aquatic feel

    Would Kenzo Pour Homme fit the bill?
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    Re: Bottega veneta pour homme

    As others have said, it's OK but nothing special, I like the direction it goes in but it seemed rather half-hearted I'm sure a more concentrated and focused version, which enhanced some of the...
  10. Re: What's a designer scent that could easily pass as niche?

    Guerlain l'instant Extreme has to be up there and i'll add Eau Savage EDP a close second. Rich, well blended with obviously good ingredients.

    If Azzaro Pour Homme was made with some less synthetic...
  11. Re: Fruity opening, woods in the drydown

    Costume National Homme. Fruit, woods and serious performance.
  12. Re: Fruity opening, woods in the drydown

    Costume National Homme. Fruit, woods and serious performance.
  13. Re: Which one? Hommage A L'homme or Midnight in Paris

    The Lalique is a great everyday fragrance. Works well in more humid/hot weather (for me) too.
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    Re: Choose 5 designer scents

    YES. Though its a toss up between Royal Black and L'Instant EDP for me.
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    Re: Help me with Moschino Uomo?

    It's a really good one for a cheap Italian style scent. Easy to wear and reasonable quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you go for this as it's discounted everywhere. I smashed though my 125ml...
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2014

    Closing the month with:

    Declaration l'Eau
    Boucheron Pour Homme Fraicheur edition
    Aramis Calligraphy Rose edition (in transit)
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    Re: good inexpensive Italian colognes

  18. Re: I want something that screams "BDSM" - sexy, bold, alluring. What is it?

    Another one for Antaeus. i'll add Costume National Pour Homme if you want a different, more fruity direction than the others above - Amazing projection and longevity too.

    If you want to be REALLY...
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    Re: Boucheron pour Homme Fraîcheur

    Thanks for your take Hednic. The Boucheron fragrance line seem to be of a better than average quality too, so at around half price it seems like a minimal risk!
  20. Re: Decisions decisions....Which Flanker for the Summer ? Or none at all ?

    I'd love to get my hands on a bottle of this
  21. Re: Decisions decisions....Which Flanker for the Summer ? Or none at all ?

    Hey, I own both and I'd absolutely go with the Hermes for a hot summer. I really enjoy The Cartier, it's a very well done masculine rose scent but I (personally) would find it a bit too sweet/strong...
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    Boucheron pour Homme Fraîcheur

    Does anyone own this? I would appreciate your take on it if so. Cheers!
  23. Re: Bvlgari or Cartier as a new summer scent?

    I own all of these and my pick would be the Cartier. It's a nice non synthetic grapefruit, perfect for summer. The Bvlgari fragrances are very well done salty authentic aquatic fragrances but...
  24. Re: Cartier Declaration L'eau. Someone tried it?

    Well the very kind sales assistant gave me FIVE spray sample vials of the new Hermes with my Cartier purchase, but unfortunately my nose is too tired to do a side-by-side! Both are VERY good though,...
  25. Re: Cartier Declaration L'eau. Someone tried it?

    Hey guys, Just picked up a 50ml of this and so far I'm impressed.

    On my skin it turns to a straight-up genuine pink grapefruit, quite natural and pleasant.

    It has a tropical fruit feel with a...
  26. Re: Cartier Declaration L'eau. Someone tried it?

    i'll make an effort to seek this one out on my lunch break tomorrow.
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    Re: Dirty Mediterranean Summer

    I'm gonna go for Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee as others above have. It's Brilliant.
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    Re: Your collection of colognes

    I only have about 40 bottles so nothing like the collection of some of the guys above, but I do tend to rotate them all. Some days I smell better than others I guess but at least I smell interesting...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Rive Gauche (original formulation)
    Azzaro Pour Homme
    Ambre Sultan
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    Re: WORST Fragrance you have smelt?

    Lagerfeld Photo was torture. Currently being weaponised for crowd control.
  31. Re: Eau Savage Parfum vs Eau Savage Extreme ( Current Formulations )

    One spray of the parfum will be ok. To me it makes a drastic change from a resinous/citric scent to a sweet toffee! It's a brilliant fragrance and one of the most complimented on me
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    Re: Some must have cheapies

    Nino Cerruti L'Essence de Cerruti is a BRILLIANT casual sweet leather for the price. The bottle classy too. Nothing about it is cheap apart from the actual price
  33. Re: Tom ford & Jay z, Drake.. thoughts?

    Blatant product placement by Mr. Ford. I wonder how much he paid them?
  34. Re: Anyone have opinions on prada amber intense?

    I own it and love it. Crowd pleaser for sure along with great lasting power. Best used in moderation though.....
  35. Re: Updating my signature scent...need advice

    I think Lutens' Chergui and perhaps Guerlain L'instant extreme fits what you're after. Also, try Eau Savage edp (wait for the dry down) and Prada Amber Intense. I love some Tom Ford stuff but side by...
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    Re: Today I bought: April 2014

    Quality scent!
  37. Re: Top 3 Verstile & Long Lasting Summer Fragrance (niesh or designer) for +35 Man

    Guerlain L'homme L'eau Boisee. It's near perfect.
  38. Re: Orange... orange... orange... oh oh oh...range!

    M7 fresh
  39. Re: What are your next purchases going to be?

    Dsquared2 Potion Royal Black just gets better every time I sample it, so goes tip top of my list. Others include Guerlain Homme intense and another Cartier perhaps.
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    Re: Similar to Burberry London?

    Although they are VERY different in construction, I get the same sweet yet masculine feeling from Bentley Intense and also Chergui.
  41. Re: Whats the most disappointing blind buy you have had.

    Same here. Its not bad as such, just not that good and absolutely not my 'style'
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    Re: Allure Edition Blanche

    HUGE amount of compliments on this one. One female colleague sprayed some on her wrist and another male colleague went out and bought 50ml the next day. Its very 'safe' but a huge crowd pleaser.
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    Re: Safest blind buys?

    As he said, Anything Chanel, especially edition blanche but maybe not Antaeus.
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    Re: New Year Purchases

    I noticed a store quite local to me sells the Zegna exclusive line, i'm curious to try them (despite there standard frags being of poor quality)
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    New Year Purchases

    We're at the end of March now and I've made a few purchases since January, including Egoiste, Lalique Hommage and Bentley Intense (all of which are fantastic) but I'd just like to throw it out there...
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    Re: Niche help! (London specific)

    Thanks guys. Thinking it may be a good idea to sample as much as I can, then take time to make a logical decision and buy online!
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    Niche help! (London specific)

    I'm looking for something rich, deep and powerful; something for the weekend, and i'm in London next week with a small window of time to seek and sample.

    I love the likes of Ambre Sultan and...
  48. Re: If you had to chose only 1 cologne to wear for the next 5 years what would it be?

    A risky one but i'd go Antaeus (in moderation)
  49. Re: If you had to chose only 1 cologne to wear for the next 5 years what would it be?

    A risky one but i'd go Antaeus (in moderation)
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    Re: My current top three

    Current top 3
    Ambre Sultan
    eau Sauvage EDP
  51. Re: A scent to wear on a 1st date > Which one or buy one?

    All standard good fragrances on the list but i'd have to say that the original Egoiste would be a good bet followed by the original Allure; both would be better date scents from the Chanel line alone...
  52. Re: Kouros flanker, anybody seen this before?

    I own it and don't recommend it to be honest, its fresh/aquatic with about 5% of the original lurking in there somewhere.
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    Re: Fahrenheit Absolute , thoughts ?

    I adore it, the cumin note can be a bit of a shock at first (as it is in Cartier Declaration) but give it a chance and don't over apply. It's first class.
  54. Re: What's everyone going to wear for their special someone?

    Boucheron Jaipur PH edt. Classic and classy vanilla.
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    Re: Costume National Homme

    I took a gamble on this one, great scent in both smell and performance. I get a layer of fruit/fig and a layer of wood/shavings and it seems to work well with me. Less is more with this one for day...
  56. Re: Worst cologne you've ever smelled???????????

    Lagerfeld Photo is on another level of bad. My father was professional photographer and also worked in bio-science; some of the highly toxic chemicals/solvents he used in work smelled like a fresh...
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    Re: Most desired discontinued fragrance?

    Antaeus Sport and Rive Gauche Intense. I'm sure there are far better but these appeal to me. Also, I'd love a fresh bottle of M7 Fresh as I'm down to my last 10 ml!
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    Re: Habit Rouge parfum question

    I thought as much, I just wasn't 100%. Cheers!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I thought as much, I just wasn't 100%. Cheers!
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    Habit Rouge parfum question

    This may have been brought up before in a previous thread, though I couldn't find it unfortunately....

    I just wanted to ask if there is any difference in the formulations of the Habit Rouge edp in...
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    Re: 10 Masterpieces - Your List

    In no particular order in my novice opinion

    Azzaro Pour Homme
    Rive Gauche
    Narciso Rodriguez Musc/EDP
    Eau Savage EDP
    Ambre Sultan
  61. Re: Blown away completely by Van Cleef and Arpels pour homme...

    Im gonna give this one a try, I adore the likes of Azzaro PH, Antaeus and Rive Gauche so I'll hazard a guess I'd be into this too?
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    Re: Ferre Bergamotto Marino

    The best fragrance you can buy at the prices it can be found at. It won't blow you away but it'll serve anyone well in warmer weather. I have a 50ml to travel with and a 200ml back up. It would be...
  63. Re: Help a 33 year old with a signature scent

    All great suggestions above. I'd go for voyage in EDP concentration. As a smoker myself I've found that Costume National Homme does the trick too; fruity, woody and lasts for light years, women adore...
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    Re: Terre or Voyage d'Hermes?

    My vote. Love the parfum. Expensive though.
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    Re: A good fig

    Costume National Homme (EDP). Dominant juicy fig note with dry woods in the background. Huge staying power and sillage with obvious quality. It's my girlfriends favourite out all my fragrances.
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme Summer 2013

    Yeah well I wasn't expecting it to be quite as good as the original, sounds like they've made one of the most complex frags even more complex - which can't be a good thing!
  67. Re: Seeking masculine Fruity, but not too sweet

    Costume National Homme EDP is what you're looking for!
  68. Re: Modern Memories / What New " CURRENT" Fragrances Will Be Talked About In 10 Years From Now

    Chergui and Ambre Sultan, perhaps?
  69. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    I think thats the case for a lot of people, but i do find that some of the darker, richer frags can work all year round if used in moderation, though i'm sure a Kansas summer and a UK summer are very...
  70. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    Haha boxing frags according to season sounds like a good idea, you've sorta narrowed down the torture of having to choose what frag to wear every day, though i'm sure I'd be using the Neroli...
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    Azzaro Pour Homme Summer 2013

    Anyone tried this yet or know anything about the availablity in the UK?

    The original Pour Homme is remarkable for the price, so i'm curious about this one!
  72. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    [QUOTE=L'Homme Blanc Individuel;2897665]DAY: Lalique White
    NIGHT: Hanae Mori, HM

    I've never understood comments like that. Surely, you wouldn't wear a tux to a day at the beach, right? ...
  73. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    Well myself and as i'm sure that you are aware, many others on this forum obviously do (which is evident by the fact that you recently gave a recommendation to a person looking for a 'Balmain for...
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    Re: Any good tasty night out scents?

    If You want a tasty AND fresh combo, go for Guerlain L'Instant (not the extreme, although it is wonderful) you have a fresh citrus and a lovely smooth cocoa note hovering underneath. Also, Prada...
  75. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    I was thinking about Dior Homme Sport. Straight-up good fragrance with a bit of ginger and a hint of iris. Very nice. VIW is perfection for a hot day, though its perhaps too expensive with all of my...
  76. Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    I do realise that this is perhaps not the most original of threads, but I would like like to hear what you guys would reach for in the rather fortunate situation of A: The HOT sunny day on the beach,...
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    Re: Claude Montana - Graphite for Men

    I'm interested in the look of this too, there must be someone?!
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    Re: If you had to choose between.....

    Thanks for taking the time to give your opinions guys, much appreciated. Anyone else?
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    If you had to choose between.....

    Of course taste in fragrance is subjective but I thought it would be wise asking for some opinions and experiences from the basenotes pool of knowledge.

    My girlfriend is buying me a frag for my...
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    Re: Top five warm weather fragrances

    Kenzo Power / Mugler cologne / M7 Fresh / Prada infusion / Plantinum Egoiste
  81. Re: Recommend me a fragra similar to.....

    Thanks for taking the time to make some suggestions guys!
  82. Recommend me a fragrance similar to.....

    Just acquired Lutens' Chergui and Ambre Sultan and I absulutely love how dense, rich and sweet they are, even more so than LIDGE which was the king of my frag collection in terms of these qualities....
  83. Recommend me a fragra similar to.....

    Just acquired Lutens' Chergui and Ambre Sultan and I absulutely love how dense, rich and sweet they are, even more so than LIDGE which was the king of my frag collection in terms of these qualities....
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme thoughts

    It's a very complex frag so it reacts differently on different people, while some noses (mine included) will get too overwhelmed by the top notes to notice the subtle nuances underneath. I felt...
  85. Re: New Fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez For Him Eau de Parfum Intense

    Anyone tried it yet? I know its at the House Of Fraiser chain of stores in the UK. Think its gonna be a blind buy for me......
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    Re: What is your starting lineup?

    1. Signature scent- Rive Gauche
    2. Work scent- Davidoff Zino
    3. Night Out scent- L'Instant Extreme
    4. Close quarter scent- Body Kuros
    5. Sophisticated, important event scent- Narciso...
  87. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Rive Gauche/Zino in the day and L'instant extreme in the night seem to get me alot of compliments, though they are the frags that i'm wearing the most. The Dreamer and London never fail too. It may...
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    Re: help me find a fragrance for my mum!

    hey, she will be 65, still very youthful and modern though. Not your traditional 'older lady' if there is such a thing. Geurlain Jicky is one that has stood out to me when looking as all of the...
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    help me find a fragrance for my mum!

    Im looking to buy a fragrance for my mothers birthday but I have a few criteria to fill as opposed to just smelling 'nice' (it was never going to be easy!)

    I think she is looking for something...
  90. classic fragrances for a younger man

    Hey, Im in need of a bit of advice with regards to some of the older classic fragrances. Im looking for recommendations of some of the older fragrances that would still be appealing and wearable for...
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    Re: Kenzo Power alternative?

    thanks for your suggestion guys, appreciated.
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    Re: Kenzo Power alternative?

    I will be buying another bottle of power, the cologne as you suggested to see how I get on with that. I just wanted something else in rotation to save me and my colleagues that I work in close...
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    Kenzo Power alternative?

    Kenzo Power seems to suit my skin very well and I have found it to be a perfect summer day wear fragrance, yet I cant find anything (non niche) as an alternative. Is this due to it just being...
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