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    Re: R.I.P. Jean Laporte

    all these years hence, and I still feel as if the world has lost a giant, a legend, those few hearts which truly make the world a better place to live in...
  2. The idea that an Estee Lauder company is inspired...

    The idea that an Estee Lauder company is inspired "by poems" is somewhat bizarre, and practically absurd.

    What this pear fragrance is "inspired" by, is Annick Goutal's "Petite Cherie". Except for...
  3. Re: Eau des Îles and Legno Amaro similarities....any suggestions?

    Eau des Iles and Eau du Navigateur is most definitely similar, because it comes from the same man - Jean LaPorte.

    I'll have to try Sycomore! Thanks for the good advice!
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    Re: Eau des Iles and L'Eau de Navigateur

    Glad to see this fab convo on perhaps the most wonderful fragrance ever created - next to Route du Vetiver, of course

    I was recently in Paris (august 2009), and found Eau du Navigateur with no...
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