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    Creed Spice and Wood Falcon for swap

    I have a partially full Creed Spice and Wood Falcon (This is the spray atomizer falcon, not the open top) and includes the presentation box. I am only looking to swap this falcon to a Creed Sublime...
  2. Brand New In Box Le Labo City Exclusive for sale

    Poivre 23, made 11/13/2014. City exclusives are hard to get and come by. These 1.7 bottles are $290 + tax per bottle and are never offered at a sale price. I am offering this one for $250, shipping...
  3. [USA] Re: D.S. Durga Mississippi Medicine, 1 Million, L'Occitan, St Barts, Terre d'Hermes

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    Re: Montale Black Aoud decants

    Updated and removed

    - - - Updated - - -

    Open to all offers, Thanks!
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    [CONUS] Re: CONUS Niche and Designer, Bottles and Decants!

    Pm sent
  6. Re: Getting around to the's a challenge for me

    Here is my experience. I have around 90 bottles. I myself have multiple (2 and up to 3) bottles of the scents I truly love. Why?....because I was never wearing my favorites due to some crazy...
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    Montale decants

    20ml or 30ml Montle Black Aoud in spray decant. All offers welcome.

    Guerlain is now sold...
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    Re: Multiple bottles for swap

    LOOKs you you have a very nice list of wants and trades here Snaggy! PMed!
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    Re: Vintage Egoiste Chanel

    We know its way different than Cologne Concentree, but is it considerably different than the reform? I've read it's not, but wonder if opinions have changed.
  10. Re: Chergui lovers in CONUS! Its time to buy it now! $64 bucks

    Creed has be giving it up to discounters for some time, looks like a few other houses may be realizing its a way to stay viable and competitive in a flood of brands. For us customers, its good if...
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    Re: Why do some scents make us react so?

    I had to scrub Leather Oud and Windsor. Had enough nerve to try them at least 3 times each....same result. Others love them though and I certainly wear a few others scrub. For some reason, it's part...
  12. Re: How do you shop? (Harrods fragrance hall - overwhelming & next time take a map)

    Hendic, you could probably move in besided Harrods and give them a run for their money, man would love to see some photos of your collection!
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    Re: Dior Leather Oud - is it just me?

    This is one of the only scents I truly had to scrub off, and it took a couple washings. I just kept giving me this image of a grandmother bathing a horse in a urinal. Just being honest, don't mean...
  14. Thread: Next Chanel

    by paradigm

    Re: Next Chanel

    Coromandel for sure.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense or Chergui

    What he said ^
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    Re: Oud Ispahan - characteristics

    OI is one of my newest favorites. It's spillage, projection, longevity, are almost above reproach. It lasts forever. I find it smooth throughout the entire wear, with only the initial burst having a...
  17. Re: Not great longevity from YSL la nuit de l'homme

    I initially found my EDT to be a bit weak. As time went along and I occasionally wore it, I found it was quite a bit more long lasting, and stronger, than I thought. Case in point, I sprayed this on...
  18. Re: Patchouli that is green or citrus and NOT sweet/gourmand or incense/spice

    Borneo 1834
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    Re: Nothing lasts on me!

    Spraying on clothing is perfectly fine! :) It's a great way to increase a scents longevity and projection IMO. as you noticed, the top notes may stay around a little longer, and guess what, so will...
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    Re: The Star Anise Note: I can't Stand It

    Yep, anise is one note that ruins frags for me as well. I even noticed it rearing its ugly head in Aqua Fahrenheit. I can't find that it's listed, but I certainly don't have to read it to know its...
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I don't see why people complain on and on about Creed prices. It's as if they don't want to acknowledge they are available at discounters for prices closer to their worth; which isnt much more than...
  22. Re: Any high quality coconut scents similar to Creed Virgin Island Water from Amouage, Bond No. 9, e

    I get a nice big coconut out of Lutens Un bois Vanille. It does fade out to the brown sugar vanilla though.
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    Re: April fragrance haul - what did you buy ?

    Some nice bottles of Tonka imperial, SDV, and Bois D'Armenie from the Exclusives line,
    Chergui, and Eau Duelle,
    Did a swap for Un Bois Vanille
    Got a couple 10 ml decants of Dior Oud Ispahan, and...
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    Re: Musc Ravageur: Whats the hype about?

    Panty dropper, or dropped panties? Eh, like the super late dry down after most of the cloves have subsided. Like others, it's the heavy clove that kills it for me. It's certainly quality by every...
  25. Re: l'Air du Desert Marocain Improves With Age!

    ^ Yes. I believe this exactly. It's more about our environment and perception by far, than fragrances changing. Although I do feel a frag can change over large spans of time, I feel most often, it's...
  26. Re: Which scents gets you the most negative comments?


    Uh, that should be considered a compliment....considering :huh:
  27. Re: My new Budgetting system for buying Fragrances (not revolutionary :-) )

    Yep, a bit too late I'd say Hednic! You may be the poster child for this one bubba. :beer:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, I'll own up. I've bought 13 since Christmas. I need an intervention I...
  28. Re: sick with fever, any perfume to soothe my senses?

    ^ My scentiments Exactly! Don't take the chance of ruining a favorite scent. Smelling a perfume while feeling bad might turn you aginst it. I'd stick with peppermint as recommended, or my favorite...
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    Re: Best Amber Fragrance for Men

    Amber Absolute. Big hunk o wood with incense and vanilla. Big bold Amber.
  30. Re: Tonka Imperial and Pure Havane similarities???

    I love the sample I had for sure. Thanks so much for your impressions guys. I think your indications of marzipan is what I perceive as the cherry. It probably combined with the bitter almond. I've...
  31. Re: Tonka Imperial and Pure Havane similarities???

    On first spray of TI I felt like I landed in a cherry pie:laugh: a bright cherry.
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    Re: No love for YSL Libre?

    I'm in with the changing tide camp on this one. One of my new favorites, can't believe I dodged it for so long. I do feel this flanker is quite different than LaNuit even though there is a slight...
  33. Tonka Imperial and Pure Havane similarities???

    My sample of Tonka was small, so I can't retest. At the end of my sample wearing, just before drifting to sleep, the boozy cherry hit me as if I had smelled it before. Was it Pure Havane? If anyone...
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    Re: Montale watered down??

    GREAT! Just as I was getting interested in them :angry: Oh well, I'll look at the bright side as I've only experienced one Montal so far and won't know what I'm missing.
  35. Re: Need another Montal and a Guerlain as I only have one each

    Thanks for the heads up about the pinesol, not a big pine lover anyway. Sounds like I need to try all these, Red Aoud included. Thanks. Any thoughts about a Guerlain? Anyone :)
  36. Re: Need another Montal and a Guerlain as I only have one each

    I've certainly got to try Red Aoud, thanks! As I get a lot of chocolate in Patchouli Leaves, does Red Aoud share the same chocolate? I am looking to add something distinctively different from PL.
  37. Re: Need another Montal and a Guerlain as I only have one each

    Just checked out Fumehood's review on this scent and this looks very interesting. Plus, I really like Cardamom. I also like Declaration, in doses, from time to time. That bottle is also crazy swank.
  38. Re: Need another Montal and a Guerlain as I only have one each

    As i am cluesless to this scent i see it shares notes with the dior i mentioned above. Is this a bit like Dior Ispahan or totally different? Diversity would be good for me, as I hate getting scent...
  39. Need another Montal and a Guerlain as I only have one each

    I so love Montal Patchouli Leaves and would like some recommendations for another Montal.

    I love how PL starts only a tad bit astringent, then moves to chocolate, then the patch so luscious and...
  40. Thread: The $100 Rule

    by paradigm

    Re: The $100 Rule

    I like La Nuit, so what's that Facebook group called? Got a link?
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    Re: Best chanel for men

    That's what mtnbkr was alluding to I believe
  42. Poll: Re: Poll: do you REALLY smell differences between YSL M7 early versions?

    I have the vintage and 1st reformulation. Subtle difference if any, which could possible even be related to age, or brain playin' tricks. That's me I'm talkin about, not the bottles :laugh:
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    Re: Best Vanilla/smooth, creamy scent?

    Tomorrow, tomorrow my wait will be over! Cuir Beluga should arrive to my door. Been longing for this vanilla since a super kind basenoter included a sample of it with a swap last year.
  44. Re: Any perfume containing real "Musk" (animalic, deer musk) ?

    Walmart, hunting and fishing section...hehe :)
  45. Thread: Happy Easter

    by paradigm

    Re: Happy Easter

    And may The Lord and Savior Bless you you as well! Everyone!
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    Re: By Kilian's Back To Black smells like...?

    + 1. Too much honey, hay, for me as well.
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    Re: Fragrance similar to M7 by YSL

    Either pony up for the original, or enjoy the first reformulation as noting is going to come close from any other house. I do have both orig. and reform and they as so so so very similar. Reform may...
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    Re: L'instant extreme vs Chergui

    I have Chergui and LIDGE. I bought Chergui blind and loved it instantly. LIDGE is a great scent, but Its no Chergui IMO. Don't see how anyone could find Chergui challenging to wear. It's so well...
  49. Re: Beware of these fragrances: Do never buy them blind

    I recommend seeking medical attention if Rive Gauche makes anyone feel sick :) what an awesome scent! Dior Leather Oud on the other.... Guess we can't help that some trigger the gag reflex.
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    Poll: Re: La Nuit De L'Homme, TdH, DH, DHI or LIDGE

    How could anyone go wrong with a list like this? picking TDH over the others which continue to actually smell great past the first couple wears.
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    Re: Looking for a scent like Black Walnut

    Giorgio Beverly Hills smells just like walnut to me. Funny thing, my mother came by one afternoon while I was wearing it. Her comment "you smell just like walnuts".
  52. Well he's not trying to launch bottles into...

    Well he's not trying to launch bottles into space, just getting a fairly realistic idea about projection in a more real world environment. I think it's great! Kinda sour grapes for all the Aventus...
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    Re: Fragrances you don't wear in public

    Wise and considerate :smiley:
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    Re: La Nuit de L'homme - signature scent

    That is if you like anise in your scents. I found Le Parfum quite a bit different than the original. It had only about 10% of what I like in the original La Nuit. I was hoping the Parfum would be...
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    Re: Tom Ford Private Blend Layering

    Lately, I've grown so very fond of Amber Absolute. There is no way I will probably layer AA with anything again, it's just too incredible to have anything else come in. OW, TL, TV, I'll play with.
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    Re: Issues with my collection

    I would say try a few Creed scents. MI would be nice. Or how about Frapin 1270?
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    Re: This site is the devil!!!!

    Spoken like a true fellow addict!
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    Re: Took a chance on ebay Aventus

    New bottles have black logo. Saw this also posted in another thread. Enjoy that scent, as well as that swank bottle.
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    Re: La Nuit de L'homme - signature scent

    First time I tried this scent I knew I hated it. Second time confirmed it, third time three monts later from and old sample in the bottom of a drawer; I decided to wear it to work...I loved it. Pure...
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    Re: Creed - Quality or Con

    ^ Fully agree with all the above. I'm a lucky guy with the sprayers I guess, all mine spray just fine. Had an Aventus lable peel on the back corner, I'm so glad it didn't turn into a panic attack,...
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    Re: Coromandel or overkill?

    I'm also interested in this question. I have LIDGE but Coromandel sound way different to me. Would love to here other comments.
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    Re: what is the smell of aldehydes?

    I always felt Royal Oud had a sparkling quality, would this be an example or no?
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    Re: How different is the new Rive Gauche?

    I have the newer tin and I think it's fantastic. I've never tried the older tin, but do you think a fragrance will/can change as it ages? If yes, in what ways?
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    Re: Question about Creed SMW

    I pay no attention to batch code mumbo jumbo. I have 10 creeds and they all preform extremely well. I've had 2 Aventus batches, one sample and tried one at NM....all the same. Think I will do some...
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    Re: Blind Buy Experiences

    My blind buys/swaps winners > Pure Havane, Pure Malt, Egoiste, Amber Absolute, DH/and DHI, LIDGE, MI, VIW, OS, MI, SMW, M7, Rive Gauche, LeMale, Patchouli Leaves, Royal Oud...yes I've been a brave...
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    Re: Good Scents with Good Longevity

    I say get one of the Mugler flankers. My favorite is Pure Havane followed by Pure Malt. These last a very long time, and unique/ sweet. Have to say Le Male would be a good option as well.
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    Re: My First Blind Buy Was A Strike Out!

    I've made the mistake of giving up on quite a few great scents on first impression as well. For some reason, it takes me a little while to "get it". Luckely, I finally started to understand this...
  68. Thread: Pure Coffee

    by paradigm

    Re: Pure Coffee

    I'm betting your right, I expect it will be rereleased like the others.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Really, Pure Leather? Anyone else get this? I like all the flankers but Pure Leather. So does...
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    Re: How different is the new Rive Gauche?

    I had never smelled Rive Gauche before this past Saturday. I got the one in the Tin. Well, it's freakin' great! I absolutely loved it at first spray, and all through the evening. Its so easy to...
  70. Re: Very often, the more you know, the more complicated it gets.

    I really enjoy Taberome, great choice! Give Silver Mountain Water at try as well.
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    Re: just received samples. how to use them?

    Fully agree with this. A spray seems more prominent, fresh, and representative of the actual scent. I don't rub after spraying either, just let the frag do its own work and move naturally.
  72. Re: education series: part 2. how to learn your scents.

    If I had my preference, I would like to smell a scent without any outside factors or prior knowledge to influence my impression. But that is simply not possible living in such a rural area with...
  73. Re: Very often, the more you know, the more complicated it gets.

    In a simple sentence, don't sweat the Creed batch talk. I have 10 bottles, nothing what so ever wrong with any of them. Purchase a couple you really like and enjoy them. Certainly don't let the mumbo...
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    Re: What is it about Azzaro PH that I hate?

    Anise is killing a lot of frags for me. It started with L'instant (not as bad in LIDGE though), then Pure Leather, then Aqua Fahrenheit (yes, it's in there), and La Nuit Parfum version. There is...
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    Re: AMen Pure Leather??

    I get amen vibe with anise galore. Really not in to it at all.
  76. Re: A mix of Frapin 1270, Dior Homme and L'instant de Guerlain ! AMAZING ! (Arabian version)

    I just received this today and thought I would chime in. I think some here should revist this scent. I initially get a sweet(not too sweet) vanilla which quickly intertwines with an ever so slightly...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Malt or Pure Havane?

    Havane, just more original and more substance than malt. I own both and wear Havane 9/10 times that I reach for a Mugler.
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    Re: Tom Fords Amber Absolute where to buy?

    Check with itaos here on basenotes. He is an honest guy and I was able to pick up 60ml from him. Great looking atomizer and scent is perfect.
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    Re: a must-have for every man's collection

    Green Irish Tweed, from a discounter to assist with that affordable requirement. Cool water if the discount GIT price is still a bit of a stretch.
  80. Re: What are you top 3 picks for greatest macho stinkers?

    Hats off to all who can handle Leather Oud. The tiniest spritz nearly killed me. Stinky as I can get is Cartier Declaration, which is not really a stinker at all...or do I just perceive it as...
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    Re: No such thing as "Christian Dior"

    I think it had to be an older frag. He said vintage PLUS he also said Christian along with Dior. So could it be a frag from the line before Christian was dropped from the house name? I don't remember...
  82. Re: Fragrance recommendation for a serious person?

    ^Excellent recommendation above. And Also as Bigsteve mentioned, I feel the vintage is certainly a little better, but if you can't find vintage, Modern Reserve may be an option. Polo would cut...
  83. Re: Got scammed on Aventus...Sent Fresco (Not by anyone here) - Need advice

    ^ a useless terrible comment that added nothing to this post...
  84. Re: What are your most regrettable fragrance purchases thus far ???

    Leather Oud. Still can't erase the pain.
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    Re: Cuir Beluga vs. Spiritueuse Double Vanille

    I would love impressions on these as well, along with Tonka Imperial, if there is an individual who is blessed enough to own all three that would like to share their experience :)
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    Re: Need a fresh, pleasant, spicy scent

    Royal Oud would be nice.
  87. Re: Ok guys, help me figure out this note....

    I really like patch scents and patch has a number of faces for sure. However, I just don't feel patchouli is the culprit, but then again..
  88. Re: Ok guys, help me figure out this note....

    I find the note most specifically between L'instant and Pure Leather. When I received Aqua Fahrenheit yesterday, BAM, there it was. I'm beginning to think mint as well!

    Update: Just now found...
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    Re: Question about Creed SMW

    Hope you enjoy, hope to hear you impressions after a coupe wears of it :)
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    Re: Creed Aventus Question

    Nice looking bottle
  91. Ok guys, help me figure out this note....

    I'm no note guru so here goes. I first noticed the note in LIDGE and also in L'instant. I later noticed it in Mugler Pure Leather. Today, I'm getting it in Aqua Fahrenheit. My initial suspicion was...
  92. Re: michael jordan legend similar to New harlem?!?

    Upon trying NH, Legend, and Rochas, I find Legend more like NH. Rochas has the bit of green/lavender I don't find as much in NH. Neither Legend or Rochas possess the maple syrup note in NH, which is...
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    Re: Mugler 2013 Releases

    Earlier today, here on the forum, someone posted Havane was going to be added to the line permanently. If so, they picked the right flanker for sure. I bet they at some point will do a limited Pure...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Coffee x Pure Malt x Pure Havane

    Havane has the most depth and character to me. Malt is good, I just love the nice cherry bonus and body that Havane delivers.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sounds like they picked the best one, how...
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    Re: Aventus way too overrated?

    1. Thousands honestly love it.
    2. Thousands love it because others love it.
    3. Thousands hate it because of the first two.
    4. Thousands honestly don't like it.

    Now, someone can make a poll, we...
  96. Re: Have you dared to calculate how much you have spent on your collection?

    I told myself at Christmas ABSOLUTELY NO MORE PURCHASES OF FRAGS TILL SUMMER....Well, it's February and I've only managed to pick up 6...hmm, glad it's going so well....
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    Re: Dior Homme, Boss Night, and Fahrenheit

    I also have Aqua Fahrenheit on the way. Tried it in Atlanta months ago and loved it, had to finally order it since fragrancenet was running 21% coupon. I dont know why the Aqua version isn't getting...
  98. Re: Can the way fragrance interacts with your skin change day to day?

    Coming from a medical background also, I agree with this, especially concerning hormones, diet, stress etc. If you pay attention to your own prespiration, like when working out, running, it can be...
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    Re: Question about Creed SMW

    Yes, even days on clothing. Great scent.
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    Re: A cologne that will make her think of sex

    Ah come on guys, don't take the OP too seriously, did you take a close look at his sign in name? Haha it's pretty funny considering the question he asked
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