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  1. Scent closest to Virgin Island Water?

    I love the coconut in this one, anything similar that isnt 150 dollars?
  2. Re: Where to sample Yves Rocher scents?

    Sorry, I live in California
  3. Where to sample Yves Rocher scents?

    Thanks :wink:
  4. Re: If You Love ________ ....than You will Love_________

    If I love Prada Amber, Rochas Man, La Nuit, Play Intense...then I will love __________

    lol I know i mentioned 4 but its better than making 4 posts
  5. Poll: Re: Guys my summers at ur choice :) Plz Help

    Live jizz
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    Cheap Summer frags?

    Summer is coming, and it gets pretty toasty in Southern California, so im putting away the gourmands pretty soon. What do you recommend for the summer, thats not too expensive?

    I already own...
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    Carlos Santana for Men

    Just blind bought this for 10 bucks, 1.7oz. Heard great things for a celebrity fragrance, what do you think?

    Heard it smelled cherry sweet, and also heard it smelled like pumpkin spice.
  8. Re: Pure class, suit and tie gentlemen. what is he wearing.

    La Nuit for me, so classy
  9. Wearing Burberry London in the daytime?

    I have a feeling this scent goes perfectly at night, around a fireplace or something, thats just the vibe I get from the cinnamon/oakmoss/leather and wine.

    Would this work well in the day? Im 19,...
  10. Re: What was the last STUPID purchase you have made ?

    Burberry The Beat

    Pepper, leather....ew
  11. Re: College guys 18-23 years old. TOP 5 FRAGS

    lmao, epic reply
  12. I just learned Sephora gives out free samples

    I walked into Sephora to test out some frags (1 Million is a winner in my book) and the worker there asked me if id like some samples. You basically pick out 2-3 bottles and bring them over to a...
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    Thoughts on B*Men?

    Its so cheap, ~35-40 bucks

    Can you compare it to A*Men?

    Might pull the trigger since its got great longevity, its a bit sweet and its cheap
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    Re: How to get to dry down faster?

    Haha, ive always wanted to sample it, just not really a fan - glad you like it though
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    Re: How to get to dry down faster?

    Discard thread, going to return the bottle tomorrow lol
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    How to get to dry down faster?

    Basically, I got The Dreamer and as everyone already knows, the opening is harsh - any way to speed up to the mid notes or dry down?
  17. Re: What are some good similiarfragrances? Or knockoff/imitation of a better rated version?

    Cuba Gold and Perry Ellis 360 White = Le Male

    Also Ck One = Chrome
  18. Re: Scents that smell similar to Rochas Man/Pi/1 Million/La Nuit/Gourmands?

    Thanks for the help everyone, I think I'm going to go with body kouros at the moment, I'll definitely keep coming back to this thread for all the suggestions
  19. Re: Scents that smell similar to Rochas Man/Pi/1 Million/La Nuit/Gourmands?

    Thanks Daniel, ive heard ugly things about The Dreamers opening, is it really that bad?
  20. Scents that smell similar to Rochas Man/Pi/1 Million/La Nuit/Gourmands?

    I love that sweet and creamy dry down.

    What are some other fragrances that have that vanilla/mocha/chocolate smell?

    Thanks, im in the process of expanding my cologne collection, i currently...
  21. Re: Cologne never lasts more than a couple hours on me

    Lol, thanks for the help

    The scents last around 3-4 hours on me, I also spray on my wrists so I smell that area every once in a while and my cologne just fades away.

    I'll definitely try the...
  22. Cologne never lasts more than a couple hours on me

    I guess I should stop investing in fragrances...they never last long on me :/

    I own Le Male and Leau Dissey, two colognes known to last quite a while and my skin just eats it up, I guess oily skin...
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    Re: Ignition by Lomani

    Do you think ignition smells similar to Pi? I love vanilla/chocolate/amber scents a lot, mainly because in my opinion, they are very safe to wear. I cant wait to smell this stuff though
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    Ignition by Lomani

    Hey guys, this is a cheap fragrance (3.3 oz for 15 dollars shipped off of eBay)

    Ive heard great things about it so I went ahead and bought it blind, what are you thoughts on it?

    Also, what are...
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