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    terre de hermes

    guys ive tried this on for the third time - and i need an opinion im just sick of getting new colognes and not liking them within a week
    as is always important - as a young guy (not too young) on...
  2. Re: new cologne, need female input

    i also want to say i am also considering wallstreet by bond no. 9 - any input on this?
  3. new cologne, need female input

    hi ladies - i figured for once id go straight to the source instead of getting guys opinions as far as what is a) a good cologne and b) one that renders very well with the ladies

    ive gone through...
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    terre de hermes

    hey folks - i need something new to replace my bulgari aqua - doesnt have to be similar, but something nice to add to my collection
    ive heard good things, but never tried terre de hermes - how is...
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    polo black or polo double black

    after checking some new fragrances recently, and finally deciding to wait until i find the right now without being disappointed - i decided on polo black, sweet and spicy fragrance that's different...
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    terre de hermes vs prada vs antidote vs dior

    hi all you cologne experts out there
    im an extensive collector desparetely seeking something new....
    ive been slow to smell and test the newer fragrances out there....but, i'm looking for something...
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