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    Re: Chanel No. 5

    Chanel No 5 is my signature scent. I use it daily. Prefer the EDT as it is light and long-lasting. It also has a soothing effect on me and it is so appropriate for work. I use the Parfum as well....
  2. How much does a Guerlain bee bottle (500 ml) or (1000 ml) of L'Heure Bleue EDT cost? Thanks.

    I'm interested in asking my friend to purchase on my behalf a bee bottle of 500 ml or 1000 ml L'Heure Bleue EDT from the Guerlain Boutique in Dubai. Anyone knows the price? Please state the currency....
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    Re: terre de hermes

    I like Terre de Hermes. It reminds me of pencil shavings. I used pencils all the time in school until I was 9 when I have to switch to ball-point pens. Not sure if the kids nowadays start off with...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 15 August-09

    It is almost midnight here in Singapore. Scent of the day 'was' Soir de Paris in EDC form. I love it although it tends to make me sneeze. The only other fragrance that made me sneeze is Acqua di...
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    Re: Acqua di Portofino

    I am a woman and I like Acqua di Portofino. It's so much cheaper than Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta. I guess to most women, such a scent would be seen as masculine. I have used other masculine...
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