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    Re: Recommend me an INCENSE scent

    Incense Rose is my favorite. I know its technically classified as a ladies fragrance but it wears so well on men imo. I own it and love it.
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    Re: Dealing with the expired perfume

    Sephora is the only retailer I know of that allows a return once the product has been opened and used. I know they allow an equal exchange of product.
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel

    Yeah. The dry down smells a little bit like a bottle of vitamins to me. I know that is odd but that is how I describe it lol
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    Bleu de Chanel

    Why cant the entire life of the fragrance smell like the opening? lol The first 15 minutes of BDC is simply beautiful but as it ages on the skin it starts to smell ho hum. Anyone else feel that way...
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    Re: Choose 5 designer scents

    Hmm tough one.
    Right now...maybe something like this

    Versace PH
    Vintage by Varvato's
    L'homme intense by YSL
    Energy C Grapefruit by CDG
    Pure Malt by Mugler
  6. Re: Anything better than Versace Pour Homme?

    I really want to like Dior sport and I have tried so many times but something odd about the dry down. I love the opening...its fresh and full of citrus, which I love but after about an hour it turns...
  7. Re: Anything better than Versace Pour Homme?

    There are plenty of better fragrances but imo not for the price point. VPH is my go to summer fragrance because its cheap, it last, and it gets compliments left and right from the ladies. But...
  8. Re: Paco Rabanne 1 million vs Versace Pour Homme

    I am wearing Gentleman Only right now lol. I have always had a good experience while wearing it and think its a great fresh scent for warm weather. As for the Polo I have never owned or fully sampled...
  9. Re: Tried Acqua di Gio for the very first time today

    Im not really a fan either. I believe marketing played a huge role in its early success and as we know, people are creatures of habit. Its a very middle of the road fragrance for me. Probably fine...
  10. Re: Paco Rabanne 1 million vs Versace Pour Homme

    Im amazed at some people saying VPH is not a summer fragrance. Its a beast of a summer fragrance and gets tons of compliments. Every single time I have ever worn it at least one female has told me...
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    Longevity and projection

    What about a fragrances make up determines these things? Certain houses seem to have great longevity and projection across the board ( Thierry Mugler) while others cant seem to get things figured...
  12. Re: Help me to choose a clear winner from my finalists..

    The Creed has better longevity and projection but the Dia Man smells much better imo. I would choose the Creed for those reasons though. Diam Man seems to be weak on everyone I know so I dont assume...
  13. Re: If you have to choose between these two....

    Have not sampled Straight to Heaven but I love Dia Man.
  14. If you could choose only 2 fragrances for each season

    for the rest of your life, what would they be?
    If you are like me this question is nearly impossible to answer honestly and is a bit of a nightmare come true lol But here is an attempt

  15. Re: Summer collection - First time in this fragrance game...

    Well, as far as I know the Versace I suggested only comes in EDT. But in general I usually try to go for an EDP if its available.
  16. Re: Summer collection - First time in this fragrance game...

    Get yourself some Versace Pour homme and you have something going.
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    Re: Opinions on Creed Original Santal

    Love it. I get tons of compliments from men and women on this one. I dont get the candy that a lot of people describe. I get a cinnamon lavender scent. It last forever and projects well above...
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    Re: What should I wear to prom?

    I think Aventus and Original Santal would both be perfect for this occasion.
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    Re: Top 3 all-time as per your S.O.

    #1. Incense Rose. Tauer
    #2. Amber Oud- Roja Dove
    #3. L'homme Intense- YSL

    Looks about right
  20. Re: Best niche fragrance for a high schooler?

    G. 303, would you really consider Wall Street a scent that teenage girls would appreciate? It has a dirty quality to it that I ant imagine teens would enjoy. When I smell it on some people it smells...
  21. Re: What should I look for in a Summer fragrance?

    A simple yet effective summer fragrance you can blind buy is Versace Pour Homme. Very clean...non offensive...just a pleasant scent with great summer performance.
  22. Re: Best niche fragrance for a high schooler?

    I do not usually tend to associate niche brands with teenagers but if I had to say a house might fit this need it would be Bond no9. Scent of Peace for him is a very age friendly scent that younger...
  23. Re: How do you acquire most of your samples?

    Yeah, I echo what remik said about Sephora. I am usually forced to take samples lol. Last time I was there the lady asked if I wanted a sample of everything I picked up....I left with 8 samples and...
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    Re: Any fragrances I should get samples of?

    Xerjoff Nio
    Creed Virgin Island Water
    Bond NO9 Scent of Peace for him
    Tom Ford Lime Azure

    All must have summer fragrances imo
  25. Re: What cheap fragrance generated more compliments when you wore during all day

    Without an idea of what you consider cheap I will just give some examples of stuff you can get for $60 and under that gets me tons of compliments.

    Gentleman Only by givenchy
    Pour Homme by Versace...
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    Re: Which Bond no 9 for summer?

    Coney Island, Scent of Peace, or montauk
  27. Re: buying a new fragrance tomorrow any suggestions?

    No idea why Gentleman Only gets a bad rap here. I get tons of compliments on it when I wear it. Low price+compliments= winner in my book.
  28. Re: xerjoff nio smells just like cartier declaration

    Not at all. Nio smells of quality while the Cartier smells the opposite of quality imo
    I own Nio and simply love it.
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    Re: Two Sprays of Kouros Before Bedtime

    lol I do the same thing. I often find myself getting off on a tangent with strangers about the notes in their fragrance. My girlfriend rolls her eyes at me all of the time when I start talking about...
  30. Re: Could you BNers ever limit your collection to your 5 fave colognes?

    Well, the top 3 would be fairly easy. But the next two hmmm

    Diaghilev by Roja Dove
    Incense Rose by Tauer
    Original Santal by Creed

    The next two would probably be
    Modoc by Xerjoff
    Azure Lime...
  31. Re: Which items in your collection do you cherish?

    Ahhh...ok...I took it as those that we would be heartbroken if for some reason we could no longer wear.
  32. Re: Which items in your collection do you cherish?

    The ones I love and couldnt do without are

    Original Santal by Creed
    Incense Rose by tauer
    Diaghilev by Roja Dove

    I simply love those three fragrances.
  33. Re: Fragrance you love that most fanatics bash?

    I really enjoy 1 million myself but its such a common scent now that no one even ask what you are wearing when you have it on. They already know. lol
    Personally if I am feeling like putting on 1...
  34. Re: I need help finding these 3 Summer frags

    Woody coconut that I like is a unisex by Heeley called Coccobello but there are very few out there that I know of that match this description lol
    off hand I dont know any peach fragrances ...
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    Re: Summer fragrance

    Best? I have no idea but the 3 I will be wearing the most this summer are probably
    Azure Lime by Tom Ford
    Modoc by Xerjoff
    Energy C grapefruit by CdG
  36. Re: Fragrance you love that most fanatics bash?

    I personally do not enjoy this one because of the over powering powder scent.
  37. Re: Fragrance you love that most fanatics bash?

    OH, I dont worry one bit what others think. I was just wondering if anyone else loved a red headed step child as much as I do lol
    I do agree that Santal is a dressy fragrance. It is best used when...
  38. Re: Fragrance you love that most fanatics bash?

    True enough I suppose. But I for one am happy that the lavender really owns it...its why I enjoy it so much maybe :)
  39. Fragrance you love that most fanatics bash?

    For me its Original Santal from creed. I seriously dont get all the hate for this scent. I think its one of the better ones from Creed. It gets tons of compliments and really gets noticed. I would...
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    Poll: Re: How many bottles do you own?

    Not completely sure. Over 300...less than 350. I also have about 40 full decants of random stuff I wanted to try.
  41. Re: Versace pour hoome VS L'eau d'issey pour homme?

    Versace for sure. I wear it fairly often if I know I will be outside in the heat. It performs fantastically in the heat.
  42. Re: Fragrance I just bought for my girlfriend.

    Well, I have not given it to her yet so I am not sure if she likes it. She is not a fragrance freak like me so she rarely buys herself anything out of her normal rotation so I take it on myself to...
  43. Fragrance I just bought for my girlfriend.

    Dior' Pure Poison. Was this a good decision ladies?
    I personally loved it even though I think its a cool weather scent despite the notes saying it is a warm weather scent. lol
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    Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    I never buy samples that arent in a spray bottle and if I do I just transfer them from the vial into a new and unused spray bottle. It wasnt just the Aventus that did not seem legit. It was all 5 of...
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    Re: Longevity of Aventus

    Ive never had an issue with Aventus. I do tend to go heavy with it though so that could be why lol
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    Re: Creed Millesime Imperial

    OMG!! The sausage king of Chicago has graced my thread! I feel honored, Sir.
    I actually have the 2011 batch.
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2014

    I really enjoy this fragrance.
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    Re: Creed Millesime Imperial

    Im a huge fan of the Creed house. One of my favorite fragrances is Virgin Island Water but this particular juice just doesnt seem to have any character. Im not even sure what it is supposed to smell...
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    Creed Millesime Imperial

    Am I the only one that doesnt get it? It just doesnt smell like anything to me.
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    Re: What's the Weirdest Fragrance You Own?

    Pretty plain answer here but Wall Street by Bond no 9 smells like a dirty diaper in the mid and like mud on the dry down. I simply cant wear it.
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    Re: Bond no 9 scent of peace for him

    Late reply here but this site has factory made Bond samples...the same ones you get when you purchase from Saks or nordstroms .
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    Well, for under $100 I cant think of a single citrus that doesnt smell synthetic. Its the nature of the note.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    I assume you mean over all and not this season?

    In no specific order

    CdG Energy C grapefruit
    Roja Dove Diaghilev
    Xerjoff Modoc
    Creed Virgin Island Water
    Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima
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    This is somewhat true. The lime tends to last about 6 hours on my skin but it is not a linear scent. The grapefruit does tend to fade after only a few hours but it leaves a lasting sweetness for 6-8...
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    Re: Need two fragrances for the summer

    Another great and unappreciated citrus is Tom Ford's Azure Lime. One of the great citrus scents out there imo
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    Re: Need two fragrances for the summer

    Im pretty sure The Perfumed Court has the grapefruit and lemon from the series. I have not seen the lime at any of the decant dealers. I was given a small decant from a friend before I bought my own...
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    Re: Favourite Bond No' 9 Fragrance?

    Ehh...not a huge fan of the house but New Harlem and Scent of Peace for men are both pretty solid. I also somewhat enjoy Montauk
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    Ahh. No, I have never had the pleasure but I am not a huge fan of minty fragrances. I have tried about half of the CdG offerings and for one reason or another I really enjoy all of them. But most of...
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    Im not aware of a mint based fragrance by CdG. Whats is is called?
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent get's you the most female complime

    Probably Bleu de Chanel , Modoc by Xerjoff, and Diaghilev by Roja Dove. Although Original Santal by Creed is an attention grabber too. As is YSL L'homme intense....very under appreciated juice.
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    Re: Need two fragrances for the summer

    Also, you should check out COMME des GARCON and their Energy C series. If you like citrus you cant get a better citrus under $100. The lime and grapefruit versions are fantastic.
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    Re: Need two fragrances for the summer

    A really cheap and long forgotten gem. The original Hilfiger....TOMMY. This was my signature scent in HS and I still love it.
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    I absolutely cant get enough of this house. If you are a citrus fan I suggest you give their Energy C series a try. The lime and grapefruit are wonderful summer fragrances and for the price you cant...
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    Purchasing decants from TPC

    Anyone have issues with getting questionable product? The last 5 samples I have purchased from The Perfumed Court have been very weak. I even ordered a sample of Aventus to compare to my bottle when...
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