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  1. Re: Why People Say Fierce A&F Smells Like Chanel Platinum Egoiste??

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    Re: More compliments from men than women?

    More men than women for Aventus. Yup.
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    For me too. Not as strong as my 14F, but that has some age to it.
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    Re: Club de Nuit Intense Man vs. Creed Aventus

    Okay. Thanks for the heads up. :)
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    Re: Club de Nuit Intense Man vs. Creed Aventus

    Finally bought a bottle of this... Twenty-four bux. I just put it on this afternoon. It took one hour and forty-five minutes before it smelled like Aventus. But, at that point, it is Aventus for...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    Just received 50 ml 17N01 from CleverUserName. Thanks man. I've had it on for about an hour on the back of my hand. A couple of years ago I bought 30ml of 14F01 and am down to about 5ml left of...
  7. Re: Vintage Drakkar Noir - what's it worth paying for?

    I didn't read through this whole thread, but I recently got a 1oz bottle from and the longevity was great at over 10 hours. I was led to believe prior that the recent releases had short...
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    Re: Spicebomb reformulated or not?

    Spicebomb Extreme smells very different. I prefer Spicebomb Extreme myself by a wide margin, but you are not just getting a stronger fragrance with it...
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    Re: Does Aventus really mature in the bottle

    Regardless of the reason, in the 2014 batch I have a decant of,...when I got it, it was short-lived and after maybe 6 or 9 months, it had amazing longevity and projection. Take that as you will...
  10. Re: $600 Gift Card to Bloomingdales? What 2 Fragrances to Buy for a Noob?

    If you are looking at non niche as well, check out Spicebomb Extreme if they have it. They may not though. I am not sure if it is still a Nordstrom exclusive...
  11. Re: Cedrat Boise = Strongest performing aventus clone?

    I agree with all that you said about the smell compared to Aventus.
  12. Re: how many sprays are needed for ck one shock for men

    lol! :)
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    Re: Dior homme intense vs Dior homme parfum

    Same here.
  14. Re: Jean paul gaultier le male vintage version help searching

    Click on all the Le Males on ebay and eventually you will find a seller who is clearly a collector sellimg backup bottles. Ask for the batch code. Or it may he visible in his pics. Look carefully...
  15. Re: Looking for a long lasting odp that can handle extreme physical exertion in an office environmen

    +1 Spicebomb Extreme, but spray some on your clothes too and it will last all day for sure...
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    Re: Dior Sauvage VS Acqua di Gio

    Then buy the one you can get a better price on now, and later on in the future, buy the other when it drops in price.
  17. Re: Could reformulations be a 'good' thing for some people?

    Previous reformulation of Boss Bottled for me = smells great but causes nausea.
    Current reformulation of Boss Bottled for me = smells great but does not cause nausea.

    Not sure why I react...
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    Re: NEW fragrance: Spicebomb Extreme

    I am planning on buying this when it hits online discounters. It has been exclusive at Nordstrom (in the US), but I see overseas it is available at Sephora (not sure if exclusive there). I'm hoping...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I've bought many computer parts through Newegg. Not sure about fragrances, but they are trustworthy regarding computer parts.
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    Re: Spicebomb EDT VS Spicebomb Extreme EDP

    I just received a sampler of Extreme the other day. It projects and lasts wonderfully and smells much better in the air than if you put your nose right up to your skin. I've got to try it a couple...
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    Re: Dior Sauvage - the most generic scent ever made?

    I have a 10 ml mini of Sauvage I got from Sephora this holiday from points. I find it shares some commonalities with Dial Ultimate Clean Hair and Body Wash. The two work well together. I think...
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    Re: Dior Sauvage - the most generic scent ever made?

    My Eau Sauvage Parfum goes sour in the spray tube after awhile. If I clear it, with a bunch of sprays, its fine again. Maybe it is a flaw in their sprayers they get occassionally. As an aside, if...
  23. Re: Prada Luna Rossa EAU Sport - a better crafted CK One / Azzaro Chrome

    Okay, so Theshadow is legit as a splitter. Nice communication, packaging, etc, :) The regular Luna Rossa Sport is my favorite frag. This "Eau Sport" is just okay. I get a definite "Off Bug Spray"...
  24. Re: Pineapple fragrances, Gingerbread Fragrances, Cherry leather where are you?

    Yes. 100% canned pineapple juice smell. Although it is intensely sweet and quite cloying...
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    Re: Dior Homme Parfum!?!?

    Mine is from beautyspin too and definitely legit.
  26. Re: Prada Luna Rossa EAU Sport - a better crafted CK One / Azzaro Chrome

    My prtion of the split is in the mail (Thanks Shadow!). Hope it is as nice as Sport is... Regular sport is one of my favorites.
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    Re: Can't get anything to last!!!

    Serious advice. Drink 2 gallons of water (not coffee, not soda, etc) each day for a couple of weeks. Fill up containers before the day starts to be sure you accomplish it. After that check how...
  28. Re: Prada Luna Rossa EAU Sport - a better crafted CK One / Azzaro Chrome

    I'd go in on a split for 10ml.
  29. Re: Do you ever get an urge to buy backup(s) of a newly released fragrance?

    I have bought backups of Versace Eau Fraiche, Prada Luna Rossa Sport (3 backups), and Prada Luna Rossa Extreme. However, I've decided to sell the backup of Extreme at some point, since I never...
  30. Re: Am I justified in returning this bottle to Fragrancenet? Should I bother?

    Perhaps if it was not a straight return, but an exchange for another Encre Noire Sport they'd do something? Not sure...
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    Re: why all the hate for gucci guilty intense...?

    I like it, but it smells of ingredients used in cheap items like deodorants or body sprays. But, I do like it nonetheless.
  32. Re: Recently "blind swapped" for Mancera Cedrat Boise: My thoughts.

    I have a dacant of this that I've only tried once so far, so take this with a grain of salt.. It isn't anything like Aventus to my nose. Too sweet and candied. None of the birch. I feel like a...
  33. Re: Do you get good distribution with the Creed leather atomizer?

    Wish I knew. I would like one eventually. Not to hijack your thread, but can these atomizers be found at a discount, like Aventus?
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    Re: Sub $60 scents?

    Givenchy Play Intense
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    Re: The New Armani Code PROFUMO

    I hope to try this tomorrow.
  36. Re: A comment a friend made, about a friend she has.... WARNING (possible "bad taste" thread)

    Secretions d'ballsac Magnifique!
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    Re: Are all CREEDS potent and long lasting?

    I got in on an Aventus split about 18 months ago and when it arrived, it would last 3-6 hours. Now, the same decant lasts 18 or more. I'm not sure about other Creeds or batches, but my limited...
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    Re: Habit Rouge Dress Code Longterm Availability?

    I feel nowadays that if you really love a new release and find yourself wearing it a ton, buy a backup bottle or two and and store it. Reformulations are frequent these days and tend to ruin...
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    As long as you buy "sold and shipped by Amazon",... as third party sellers on there are a crapshoot.
    (to clarify, I haven't bought Creed off of Amazon, but many perfumes "shipped and sold by Amazon"...
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    Re: Need some help on Vintage Le Male search ?

    The first hour of the vintage juice is a little harsh but after that it smells pretty decent and lasts and lasts. It is pretty nuclear. I posted this elsewhere, but I'll repost here and add more...
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    Re: New Michael Kors for Men "Extreme Blue"

    I have a sample. I tried it awhile once and need to again for specifics, but I remember it being long lasting and it projected well. It also lasts days on clothes. But, the smell wasn't enough...
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    Re: How many sprays of 1 Million on a party.

    I would do 2 only. It is nuclear stuff...
  43. Thread: most worn 2015

    by Anosmic

    Re: most worn 2015

    I don't keep track, but by far Prada Luna Rossa Sport and Versace Man Eau Fraiche.
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    Re: La Nuit vs Ultra Male

    I own La Nuit, but the one time I smelled Ultra Male I liked it quite a bit. I would say you can't go wrong with either.
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    Re: Pure Malt, Pure Havane, or Chanel Egoiste?

    Pure Malt or Egoiste. Of the two I like Pure Malt a bit more, and it is one of my favorites.
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    Re: Seeking a vanilla scented EDT

    +1 Luna Rossa Sport
  47. Re: La Nuit de L'Homme L'Intense - Longevity and Projection issues???

    thanks bigbz
  48. Re: La Nuit de L'Homme L'Intense - Longevity and Projection issues???

    Does this smell like the original?
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    Re: Gentlemen Only OR Hugo Boss Bottled???

    Both smell great in my opinion, but Boss Bottled has better longevity for most people.
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    Re: Paco Rabanne Invictus

    Performs great. Smells like Axe. Cloying. Yuk.
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    Re: 15 year old cologne suggestions HELP!!

    Curve is great, but I heard the latest formulation has poor longevity. I think Curve would work great for you smell-wise, but you might need to reapply during the day.
  52. Re: Prada Luna Rossa extreme vs Prada Luna Rossa sport?

    I really like both. Two of my favorites. Extreme is great in the cold, but in heat the pepper dominates and it can project too much. I love it in the winter. Sport has good longevity, but...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste 2015.

    Personally, nothing lasts very long on my hands or wrists. Do you normally apply there and get better performance or is that just where you test in stores? I have a sample of Egoiste from the...
  54. Re: Spicebomb fans: I'm on the verge of buying. Is it worth it?

    It is nice buy it is fairly cloying. Don't spray it anywhere near your chest, neck or head unless you want to get tired of it really quickly...
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    Re: chanel allure sport?

    In my opinion Sport smells better but Sport Extreme lasts and projects better. I own Sport and haven't spent the money on Sport Extreme. They smell similar but not identical and side by side Sport...
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    Re: aquatic with BRUTAL PROJECTIVITY?

    Invictus, but it does not smell very good...
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    Re: Literally smells like wet dirt

    I haven't smelled it, but I feel Encre Noire smells like wet dirt mixed with pine needles under a pine tree. At least at first. I had heard that some find Coromandel similar to Encre Noire though...
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    Re: Pure Malt and Pure Havane performance

    With three sprays to my shirt collar, PM lasts and projects well for at least 12 hours, if not more. On skin it is not as good of a performer, but I do not feel it needs body heat like many...
  59. Re: designer fragrance better than 1 million on longevity and projection?

    Dior homme Parfum

    And these about the same as 1 Million:
    Spicebomb. (Not sure if reformulated, but used to be a beast.)
    Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum

    Plus those already mentioned.
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    Re: CH Men Smells Exactly Like...

    I find they have a strong similarity as well. one could be a flanker to the other... ...that kind of similarity...

    Edit: thought you meant la nuit de l'homme... I find it similar to la...
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    Re: La Nuit De L'homme price differences

    Amazon sells legit fragrances. I've bought about 10 through them no problems. However, makes sure the one you buy says "Ships from and sold by" Any other third party vendor through...
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    Re: Spicebomb or egoiste

    Both become cloying easily to me, but I prefer Egoiste. I plan to buy a bottle at some point, as I have only had samples of both thus far.
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    Poll: Re: Fragrances evaluation series I (Egoiste)

    Voted "very good." Near the top of my want list, but to me can get cloying, which keeps it from being a masterpiece. Although, I must admit that many scents with cinnemon become cloying to me. I...
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    Re: issey miyake l homme summer edition

    I smelled it on paper the other day but didn't get a sample. I thought it was nice. I should have had a sample made.
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    Re: NEW! Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne

    I was given a sample of this at Macy's. Much better than the original 1 Million. I tried it once so far on the back of my hand one evening. It projects really well for a couple of hours, then is...
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    Poll: Re: Boss Bottled or Boss Bottled Instense?

    I have not tried the intense version, but Boss Bottled is really nice in my opinion. Also, I just switched to Iphone after three Androids. I really miss the widgets. However, the new phone is...
  67. Re: Accidentally bought TerreDHermes eau tres fraiche instead of normal TDH

    I prefer both the regular TdH EDT and the EDP to Eau Fraiche. The perfume version is almost as good as the regular version, but I like the regular version the best, myself.
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    Re: Manipulation of Fragrantica Ratings???

    I've seen this happen on Fragrantica with Milton Lloyd fragrances in particular. I think someone manipulates it for them occasionally.
  69. Poll: Re: spicebomb vs boss bottled vs one million vs la nuit de l'homme

    The lone Boss Bottled voter here...
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    Poll: Re: Fahrenheit Le Parfum vs Original Fahrenheit

    Prefer the original. The parfum has too much vanilla. I love vanilla, but that is almost all I smell in the parfum.
  71. Re: Thinking about watering down my Aventus with Ab spirit silver

    Layering does not necessarily mean spraying on top of each other. Many people layer by spraying one fragrance in one spot and another in a different spot.
  72. Re: Thinking about watering down my Aventus with Ab spirit silver

    Why not just spray one shot of Aventus on you and then a couple of AB? Is there really a reason to actually mix them in an atomizer?
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    Re: Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male (2015)

    Hmm, hope this is good. I last had Le Male back in about 1997/1998. I wouldn't mind a flanker that lives up to the original.
  74. Re: Bleu de Chanel - Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum

    EDT if you can get a bottle from a year ago or further back.
    EDP if you cannot. - However, if you can only get the EDP, I'd say get something else. Dior Homme Parfum is amazing, so perhaps that...
  75. Re: Got my blind buy order, thoughts on Encre Noire and AB silver

    Happy Bday! Enjoy! Encre Noire is not my cup of tea either, and I'm not sure where you'd wear it, but it smells better to me after awhile, so perhaps spray it on a shirt the day before you plan to...
  76. Re: Is it true "Curve Appeal" is the best male watermelon cologne within 15 to 30 dollars range

    Reaction had no longevity when I tried it.
  77. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    Irrespective of price, if you don't love it, how often will you really choose to wear it? A bottle will likely sit and may not get used at all in such a situation.
  78. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    Any scent you don't love is not worth it. However, I'm not sure that all $300 scents are better than all designer scents.
  79. Re: Is there a classier version of Curve out there? Niche options, even?

    Perhaps Mont Blanc Legend? Although, I don't find it to have more class it shares a bit with curve. Or,...Perhaps vintage Curve. Also, Curve has a lot of flankers that share aspects with the...
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    Re: Which fragrance smells similar to CH Men?

    It is similar to La nuit de l'homme in my opinion but ch men is a bit more feminine.
  81. Re: Chanel allure homme sport eau extreme - Underrated?

    Try Mandarina Duck Black. It is also Tonka heavy, and very well done. Similar to AHSEE, I find it smells better when not the putting my nose right to it but instead smelling the sillage.

    Edit :...
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    Re: Back up Bottles.

    I have back up bottles of Prada Luna Rossa Extreme and Versace Man Eau Fraiche.
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    Re: La Nuit vs Body Kouros ?

    La Nuit. Body Kouros just smells rank to me, like body odor. But, that is just to my nose. Many people like Body Kouros.
  84. Poll: Re: Spice bomb vs Invictus vs boss bottled intense

    I voted for Boss Intense, but I should not have since I have not smelled it. Spicebomb lasts a very long time, but easily gets cloying. Invictus smells like an Axe body spray.
  85. Re: Am stumped. Cant seem to find my next signature scent:

    I have not tried it bc it is brand new to market, but perhaps Boss Bottled Intense. I read it was less sweet than Boss Bottled, and Boss Bottled to me is somewhat similar to L'homme, albeit sweeter,...
  86. Re: Should be more love for the Basenotes wardrobe!

    I have not kept it up to date, but I do on another site.
  87. Re: Chanel Allure Sport Eau Extreme kinda smells like semen, right?

    I think semen smells like bleach also, but AHSE does all...
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    Re: I need help verifying a fake?

    Fierce is not a good one to buy off of Ebay. They (edit: A&F) only sell their product themselves, so if you got it less than what it is in the stores, it is likely fake. However, I hear some of the...
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    Re: Dior homme parfum overrated

    I far prefer DHP to DHI. Great stuff. And the performance is insane.
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    Re: Macy's fragrance counter sales associates.

    I agree Sephora is the best. However, the Sephora in the mall near me has zero ventilation. It is so hard to smell anything because the whole store stinks of product. I basically have to go in...
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    Re: Purchased Dior Homme Parfum!!!

    Oh, and while DHI underwhelms me, DHP wows me. Gratz on the purchase.
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    Re: Purchased Dior Homme Parfum!!!

    Yes, it is fantastic, but transfers to clothes and doesn't like to wash out easily. I almost bought it, but am still debating for that reason. If i didn't rotate frags so much it wouldn't be a...
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    Re: bleu de chanel or versace pour homme?

    I've read the current formulation of Bleu is weak. I have an older bottle and it performs better than the Versace. I own both and prefer Bleu. But the Versace is nice for its price online.
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    Re: polo red intense

    The sweetness and berry notes are super amped up to my nose, almost to the point of a female celebrity perfume. It does smell nice though.
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    Re: Perry Ellis 360 Red or Nautica Voyage?

    Red. Voyage is nice but smells like a shower gel to me. If you want to smell really clean, go for Voyage.
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    Re: Why does Fahrenheit smell like gasoline?

    I think this is true with some frags for sure. example: I think Mandarina Black sniffed up close is just okay, but when I apply it so that it is on my rear collar and I get whiffs of it only...
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    Re: Why does Fahrenheit smell like gasoline?

    My father owns a business which sells and repairs large trucks and town trucks. There is a distinct odor from all of the gas/oil/grease/byproducts from working on the engines at his business in the...
  98. Re: Now that the hype may have died down... Spicebomb?

    The sample I had from Macy's lasted forever and projected nicely on me. The scent is okay, but any more than a single spray and it is incredibly cloying. I'm hoping the new flanker is better.
  99. Re: Does one of your fragrances make you feel more *you*?

    So far, Prada Luna Rossa Extreme fits this bill the best for me, although I only own designer fragrances.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Good buy. That really smells outstanding for the first hour or so.
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