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    Re: Lime scented frags?

    Bond No9 - CONEY ISLAND hands down
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    Re: Post your Top 5 Winter Fragrances

    -top five winter fragrances-

    1) tobacco vanille

    2) bleecker street

    3) nuits de noho

    4) encre noir
  3. Re: Loaded up on Bond no. 9s and willing to experiment layering. Any recommendations?

    AH HA! Try Bleecker with New Harlem...will be good. One of the SA's or "Blend Master" at the flagship Bond No 9 store mixed these 2 and I remember it being quite nice.

    I have West Side,...
  4. You can't smell it but EVERYONE ELSE CAN! Irritating much?

    So I've noticed when wearing Lexington Avenue, West Side, and Virgin Island Water that they smell frickin amazing but maybe they don't have the best longevity TO ME, BUT while passing other people,...
  5. Ok guys help me out...Tobacco Vanille or Chergui??? I can't make up my mind!

    Alright fellas, ladies, I have Tobacco Vanille and find it a wonderful scent BUT I have been noticing lately that it seems a bit too sweet too wear at times. Just for the first couple hours. ...
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    Re: What are you wearing for Thanksgiving?

    I will wear CHERGUI for a full wear for the first time...hope I like it :)
  7. Re: Cologne that smells like moonlight/starlight?

    Nuits de Noho by Bond No 9!
  8. Thread: Bond No 9

    by TheRomantic

    Re: Bond No 9

    I suggest you try their Eau de New York fragrance. Its the white bottle with the multicolored bond logos on it. It's very interesting, kind of like Goutals Hadrien but much "richer" I suppose. You...
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    Re: which the most stylish

    Stylish? Well I have tried 3 of the mentioned frags but Rose 31 comes to mind when stylish is mentioned. Followed by No.88. Though I do feel Rose 31 does have sexy/animalic qualities that might...
  10. Re: Original Santal! from ebay...a fake! Lesson: Dont Mess with TheRomantic!

    Woooo. Lots of questions. Ok let me address what a "Fragrance Expert" is. The Fragrance Expert title is given by Sephora but to achieve that you have to go through a lot of training. My company...
  11. Re: Original Santal! from ebay...a fake! Lesson: Dont Mess with TheRomantic!

    I didn't get copies but it would be really cool to show. When I go out on the date with the chemist I'll ask for a copy. It really is interesting to see.
  12. Re: Original Santal! from ebay...a fake! Lesson: Dont Mess with TheRomantic!

    Haha...I thought the exact same thing. I was like Oh come least do the JOOP!

    Absolutely your right scentsitivity. Though I have not once till now encountered a fake on ebay. I'm a...
  13. Re: Original Santal! from ebay...a fake! Lesson: Dont Mess with TheRomantic!

    I can't give out the name due to my position but I will tell you this...if you look at the picture of the Creed your buying and the Bottle is on a window sill looking into a backyard...stay away.
  14. Re: Original Santal! from ebay...a fake! Lesson: Dont Mess with TheRomantic!

    Indeed she was a extremely cute girl...haha.
  15. Original Santal! from ebay...a fake! Lesson: Dont Mess with TheRomantic!

    I just got my Original Santal from ebay and man is this stuff sketchy. Being a Fragrance expert for Sephora I get to smell fragrances all the time+ I have an insane keen nose (hence why givaudan has...
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    Re: Bond no 9---Wall St.

    Oh man do I love this stuff! BUT when I actually spraeyd on me it went sour like and the girls at work gave it a no. Just didn't mesh with my chemistry.

    Its good stuff all year round. The...
  17. Re: Borderline weird scents you have recently tried

    Dzing! but its weird in the most fantastic way. I love this stuff!
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    Re: Saffron Perfume Recomendations

    If you like Saffron check out Saffron Troublant by L'Artisan OR Brigitte by Tocca. Though I don't think basenotes has Brigitte under its directory.
  19. Re: Have you ever (accidentally) applied fragrance to your foot?

    Haven't applied it to my foor but I'll tell you where I did apply it just the other night.

    I was going to the gym and I just got my Daim Blond and I badly wanted to wear it to try it out. So I...
  20. Re: your Creed colllection isnt complete unless you have Breed

    WOW. But you know what the uneducated consumer who recognizes the fragrance by the bottle will be the victim. It may not be a plageurized type of creed knock off you usually see but still....WOW.
  21. Vetiver 46 smells alot like Rose 31...Do all LeLabos smell alike??

    Ive been comparing the two and I love them both. Very amazing scents with strong sillage, quality is astounding, and evertime I wear it I (literally) get a compliment but do I like the Vetiver...
  22. Vetiver 46 smells alot like Rose 31...Do all LeLabos smell alike??

    Ive been comparing the two and I love them both. Very amazing scents with strong sillage, quality is astounding but do I like
  23. Re: Recommend a fragrance for marriage proposal

    THATS THE ONE! Thats the Burberry.

    I would second the amethyste BUT having smelled it I would say that it is quite unique but when I envision something for a marriage proposal Burberry stands...
  24. Re: Recommend a fragrance for marriage proposal

    Well you gotta go for DZING! maybe she'll catch on that this marriage is going to be the excpetion and chock full of SEX! DZING!

    In all seriousness go for Burberry Men. Out of what you have its...
  25. Is Muscs Koublai Khan only available in the bell jar?

    Does MKK come in the 50ml,ive been able to locate a bell jar of MKK for $210 flat(is that good?)

    Oh does the bell jar come with a spray or is it a splash only?
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    Re: Pleasant Sephora Experience

    Good to hear things like this about my company. I myself am a "Fragrance Expert" in Sephora. At Sephora the employees don't work on commission so they don't have people breathing down your neck. I...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Rose Based scents to look out for

    Rose 31 pummels faces in, stops women in their tracks and emits PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!
  28. Re: Name a fragrance I NEED to grab thats different than what I have:)

    Thanks guys for the replies. I'm definatley going to check out Hammam Bouquet. Sometimes though I seem to have trouble with the deep rose fragrances assuming thats what Hammam is. SL Chene I'll...
  29. Name a fragrance I NEED to grab thats different than what I have:)

    I'm looking for fragrances outside of my usual boundry. My wardrobe is consistent of Woodsy Orientals with a here and there of Citrus and AromaticFougere. Something Different maybe a floral or...
  30. Re: What's the maximum # of scents you sniffed Continuously?

    I'm a C.F.S.S., being in the perfume industry means your going to be smelling alot....A WHOLE LOT! I work for Sephora and I've gone through so many as I'm the go to guy for fragrance. I'd say 50+...
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    Re: Onde Mystere.

    I tried this up in NYC. It is intended for woemn if that bothers you BUT IMO it is definatley unisex. I vaguely remember it but the quality of the frag in terms of longevity is quite good lasted a...
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    Re: Fragrances that have sentimental value

    Dunhill Man...the brownish tinted curvy bottle one. I wore that 4 years ago in highschool. It was for my first date with a girl named Rachael who I dated for 2 yrs. It has become my signature...
  33. Re: The most heavy and long lasting fragrance by Dunhill

    Go with desire then. Long Lasting and whole lot of sillage.
  34. Re: can anyone justify owning wall street and erolfa?

    Keep the WALL STREET! The composition is far superior IMO. I had some compliments from people while weraing this but it morphed into something weird as time went on...a bitter cucumber, sweaty, sea...
  35. Re: Burberry Touch vs Kenzo Power: Help me to choose ! PLEASE !

    TOUCH for a more casual wearing experiance...ladies dig it:)

    POWER for a change in your wardrobe. Smells very clean but with a hint of "I'm better than you."
  36. Re: the most heavy and long lasting Dunhill

    well...stalker I'd have to go with Dunhill Desire. It lasts a hell of a long time. My fav is Dunhill Man the one in the silver bottle with a slightly brown tint to it but Dunhill Desire would be...
  37. Re: Name a Perfume House which you like (nearly) ALL their offerings?

    Creed , Bond No 9, and Dunhill!
  38. Are you going to wear your Virgin Island Water during fall and winter?

    I haven't decided yet. I love this scent but sometimes I think its a bit of novelty. I'll probably stick with it but what are your plans?
  39. By Kilian- Taste of Heaven. What smells like this? I can't put my finger on it!

    Anyone!? What is the particular not in this. I'm not sure if I like it but I know it smells like something else. Its DRIVING ME INSANE! Help :o
  40. By Kilian- Are they all unisex? Which ones are more masculine?

    Reading the description from Luckyscent it kind of confused me. Are they all unisex or are they broken up into male female unisex? If so whats the hubub all about?
  41. What Niche fragrance house has the most potential to go mainstream?

    So what do you think? Which house out now would you like to be more readily available to you when you go to Sephora or a department store? More than anything what house would actually succeed in a...
  42. Re: what are your top 3 REFRESHING scents for the heat?

    Creed Original Vetiver

    Creed Virgin Island Water

    Gucci 2 Pour Homme
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    Re: Most beautiful bottle in your wardrobe

    Most Definitely

    BOND No 9



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    Re: A new Creed comparison

    Yea Cool Water is the synthetic smelling version of GIT. Cool Water fails though 2hours later when there is nothing to smell. The Dry downs are very differant as I recieve compliments from wearing...
  45. Your take on Bond No9's Coney Island? What do you think?

    What do you think about Bond No9's Coney Island? I'm not quite sure about it yet? At times I love it and at times I hate it but I just keep coming back to it? It is a comliment go getter for you...
  46. Poll: Re: The Best Bond No9 Fragrance for Men-POLL!

    Eau De New York smells like GIT? Really? I thought that was Chez Bond?
  47. Poll: Re: The Best Bond No9 Fragrance for Men-POLL!

    Ruggles, your thoughts on West Sides longevity? How does it fare?
  48. Poll: Re: The Best Bond No9 Fragrance for Men-POLL!

    New Harrlem and Rochas are similar but as time moves on they go in differant directions. For one the longevity of New Harrlem is superior to Rochas. Also New Harrlem is way more deep and rich. ...
  49. Poll: The Best Bond No9 Fragrance for Men-POLL!

    There have been plenty of "The Best Bond No9" threads out there but I have never seen a poll.

    So what do you think is the best they have for men? It does not mean it has to be masculine or...
  50. Re: Anyone know what's upcoming for Bond No. 9?

    Oh how I wish I knew. Why do fragrance houses wait so long to just announce whats up and coming?

    Oh and Bleecker Street is definatley the tits! Man is that stuff amazing. Though I can't say...
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    Re: Anyone know of a sweet green men's frag?

    Bleecker Street is a pretty green frag when first sprayed then blends nicely with cinnamon and vanilla in the end.
  52. Black Oud vs White Aoud? Your experience with them please:)

    There are no reviews of White Aoud so whats your experience with it and how does it fare on the "bar" Black Aoud set so high? I'm curios as to what you guys think of it as I'm looking into the...
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    Re: Rose frags for the gentleman

    EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^+Egoiste:)
  54. Re: Server too busy? Bah!


    note: my first attempt to post this failed lets try it again
    note: nope didnt work I'll wait 5 minutes and try again
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    Re: Light Blue Pour Femme - Fess up, dudes.

    Why would you wear Light Blue for Women when you have Versace Man Eau Fraiche. If you want to "upgrade" from that then check out Cereus No 4 as it smells exactly like LB except well a tad more...
  56. Re: Help me with my Wardrobe ...I need suggestions!

    Actually the classifications I put on the frags come from the Michael Edwards book. I think it gives a GENERAL idea of the frag when choosing other scents though sometimes I'm not a believer of the...
  57. Help me with my Wardrobe ...I need suggestions!

    Hey everybody! I was hoping you could help me with my wardrobe based on what I have right now.
    I want something differant from what I have but smells damn good.
    Are there any Gems that I'm...
  58. Ladies! What would you rather smell on a man? Muscs Koublai Khan or Musc Ravageur?

    Hey ladies! Came over from the guys side to ask your opinion. Of the choices MKK and Musc Ravageur what would you want to smell on a man.
  59. Poll: As a guy what would you rather wear? Musc Ravageur or Muscs Koublai Khan?

    As a man what would you rather wear. I think both frags are fantastic but I only have money for one. Tell me your experience with them.
  60. Re: As per request...Info on becoming a F.C.S.S. A Fragrance Expert!

    To Dimitri: Yes and No. I was sponsered by my company to take the test. They are apart of the fragrance industry BUT the rules have changed. Now they are offering it to anyone who wants to become...
  61. As per request...Info on becoming a F.C.S.S. A Fragrance Expert!

    Many of you have sent me P.M's about the whole process, about what it takes, and the type of knowledge required to become a Fragrance Certified Sales Specialist. I recieved the results yesterday...
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    Re: Love At First Smell - Dunhill Pursuit

    Hey BlueSoul. I PM'd you.
  63. I DID IT! I'm now a certified "F.C.S.S." A Fragrance Expert!

    I took the Fragrance Test from the Fragrance Foundation earlier today... and I passed! I'm now a Fragrance Certified Sales Specialist. Theres only about 6000 in the world. Woo Hoo! Has anyone...
  64. Re: When did you start wearing colognes and what was your first scent?

    I believe I was around 10 or 11 and I got Hugo by Hugo Boss then came Blue Jeans and I was hooked from there on out.
  65. Re: Video interview with Oliver Creed about the new upcoming mens Creed fragrance

    Crap! Foiled yet again by Rick. I got Rick Rolled and am now in a coma.
    You made me buy his song -_- Damn You!
  66. Re: we always talk about 70's and 80's powerhouse

    Actually the family of "Aquatics" wasn't introduced until the early 90's. To be classified under aquatics you had to have some sort of synthetic "note", ozeonic etc. So to say that there were some...
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    Re: scents that have no equal

    Virgin Island Water and Antidote :)
  68. Re: Another please make some recommendations thread

    Give some Creeds a try. IMHO they are one of the more "honest" frags around. I would say judging from your likes try Millesime Imperial, Original Vetiver, and Erolfa. Green Irish Tweed is similar...
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    Re: Your thoughtful consideration, please.

    Hmmm...I would definatley second the Gendarme 20 as per your description of what you like. If you order one sample from Gendarme's Home page they actually send you about 30 samples of all their...
  70. Would you dare wear Muscs Koublai Khan...IN THE SUMMER! AHHHHH!

    Would you...dare? On a hot steamy hell of earth day at 101 degrees and humidity of a sauna?
    Oh he also layerd it with Musc Ravager. AND he sprayed each at least two times.

    I dared my friend...
  71. Re: Is a legitamate Creed Retailer?

    I knew it! Just looking at their site it showed similarities to a website called I checked their contact info and its one in the same. 1stperfume is notorious around Basenotes as a...
  72. Where did you purchase your Muscs Koublai Khan? I can't find it!

    I've been looking all over for this. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Where in Gods name did you purchase you MKK. I'm dying to smell of pure unadulterated sex. Haha:)
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    Re: Michael by Michasel Kors

    As a guy...when my gals body heat rises with this on...its good. I mean REEEEAALL good.
    Like REEEAAALLLY DAAM....oh eh em.....must calm myself down. Its just good.
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    Re: Stealing Scents from the Guys

    I actually like it when my girlfriend steals my cologne. I find it odd and funny though sometimes.

    Me-"Hey babe you smell soooo damn good, what is that?"

    Her-"Its your Dunhill numbnuts!" ...
  75. Re: Your favorite women's fragrance, on her, on you.

    On MY woman I love Armani Code. Jasmine does it for me as for most men too.
    Oh and me? Dunhill Edition 2003
  76. Re: Most addictive, pull your wrist to your nose scents

    Green Irish Tweed, Rose 31, Virgin Island Water
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    Re: Out of shower Frags

    What somethinpositive said down to the tee.

    Original Vetiver

    Gendarme (now in EDP if u want)

    Mugler Cologne
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    Re: If you could only have one scent...

    Dunhill Man 2003
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    Re: Creed Erolfa on Titanic?

    Yea, not buying it, in both aspects. No salty feet smell for me and I do believe Erolfa was released in the early 90's. I highly doubt the waited 80 years to realease it.
  80. Original Vetiver whoops Muglers Behind! Erolfa smells like "Dried up Beach Towel" :(

    Over the last couple of weeks I've tried every single Creed on the Market for Men and the "mens unisex."
    I found 3 Creeds out of all that were worth buying and had one Hell of a dissapointment in...
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    Re: What fragrance would Count Dracula wear?

    I second the Black Aoud
  82. Re: Dolce Gabbana By - very suspicious on ebay

    Completely Agree with you! Heres the problem though. With Decants on Ebay you KNOW your getting a decant, its in writing. With a counterfeit perfume you don't know what your getting. Your...
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    Re: Another Summer, Another Aquatic

    Well actually to tell you the truth COOLWATER isn't an aquatic at all. It stands in the Aromatic Fougere family. So it has aquatic qualities of course but still is not a TRUE aquatic.
    These are...
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    Re: Floral fragrance for men?

    LE LABO ROSE 31! Love at first sniff for me!

    It has well Rose, Cumin, Oliban, Cedar, Oud, Blue Chamomile, I think Patchoulli, oh and I believe vetyver and frankincense?
  85. Re: Take a look at this cool LE LABO VIDEO!

    Yea I was thinking the same thing. Expiration Dates on Frags now? WTF. And what they charge is hell of a lot more than lets say....Creed. Oh but Creed ages well like
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    Re: SotD - Friday, 4 April 2008

    Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island Water!Virgin Island...
  87. Take a look at this cool LE LABO VIDEO!

    Stumbled upon a video of the creators talking about their line. They also mention "from they're perspective" fragrance does not age well and yadda yadda. But its fairly interesting and the video...
  88. Re: Do you ever smell other people wearing niche fragrances?

    Nada:( We "Fragrance Enthusiasts" are rare.
  89. Poll: Le Labo Rose 31 vs Montales Black Aoud vs Czech and Speakes No88!

    There was a forum about these rose scents earlier but never a poll. I'm on the fence about getting the Le Labo simply because it costs mucho dinero and if im going to spend that kind of money on...
  90. Re: Any good male fragrances with prominent ylang-ylang notes?

    I love the scent of Ylang Ylang. It is hard to find a good prominent ylang ylang that is actually masculine. I have not found yet a frag that mostly exudes ylang ylang to MY likeing. Though you...
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    Re: Let's talk about the best Aquatic...

    I'm interested to hear what others say about this. I've tried a good 30 some aquatic frags and have only found one to my likeing...Issey Miyake. Yes its flooded the market but I must say that it is...
  92. Poll: Re: My next purchase is in your hands! Vote Please!

    UPDATE!!!!! : Thanks for the input. Due to the Good Ol Tax Return I will be purchasing

    Erolfa AND Virgin Island Water AND Le Labo Rose 31

  93. Re: How do you feel about the new "Positive Reviews Only" rule here on Basenotes?

    Actually it twas an April Fools Joke by the Admin. Just wanted to see if i could scare ya anymore
  94. Re: How do you feel about the new "Positive Reviews Only" rule here on Basenotes?

    You can find the article on the Home Page of Basenotes, under the Erwin Creed article:)
  95. How do you feel about the new "Positive Reviews Only" rule here on Basenotes?

    Starting May 1st only positive reviews will be accepted here on Basenotes. Negatives are being thrown out the window. I for one am for this. So what do YOU think?
  96. Poll: Re: My next purchase is in your hands! Vote Please!

    Haha. ZZtop. I'm a generous man but not that generous:)
  97. Poll: My next purchase is in your hands! Vote Please!

    After finishing samples from the Perfumed Court I thought it would be clear what I would want but I ended up falling in love with 4 Frags. I only have money at the moment for one. There isn't one...
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    Re: New Azzaro "Chrome Legend"...not that bad

    I think the New Chrome Legend is a fantastic summer scent, but is pretty much the same ol chrome with added coconut, apple, a tad more masculine. If you want a better summer coconut scent I'd say go...
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    Re: Top 5 List: April 1st - April 30th 2008

    Hmmmm lets see...

    1- Dunhill 2003 Edition

    2- Green Irish Tweed

    3- Gendarme

    4- Antidote
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    Re: Fragrance of the day, Monday, March 31

    Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green Irish Tweed! Green...
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