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    Re: Opium formulations and packaging

    No, the 1977 bottle doesn't look like the one above. The original bottle was encased almost entirely in cinnabar-colored plastic with just a small circular "window" through which you could see the...
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    Re: Frag that you most liked unexpectedly:

    My biggest surprise lately has been Britney Spears' Believe. From what I read, Britney lovers seem to hate it, making it less surprising that I loved it enough to IMMEDIATELY purchase 2 more 100ml...
  3. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    The delivery confirmation number for the box I mailed to portzlitz on Feb 28, shows it was delivered yesterday evening, March 2. Since most of the fragrances seemed so "female" to me, I included a...
  4. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    Box is going out tomorrow (Feb 28) to portzblitz in Minnesota. Wicked allergies stole 2 weeks of sniffing from me & I really wanted to give these beauties a fair shake/sniff. I'm grateful to have...
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    Re: Screw Longevity - Spray Vials Rule!!!

    Those "short-lived on skin" fragrances can sometimes last twice as long on my hair so I'll often spray once on each palm and then run my hands up along my scalp starting at the "collar line" behind...
  6. Keep those flankers coming, I say! There's...

    Keep those flankers coming, I say! There's definitely something to be said for trusting a tried & true brand over picking up a stranger :laugh:

    Sure, there'll be many I won't care for but I don't...
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    Re: What's in your gym bag?

    Dzongkha for the gym! You can work out next to me any time at all because I'm certain the air around you is truly glorious!

    All 3 in the Caron Eaux series are perfect for the gym -- Pure, Fraiche...
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    Re: Nanette Lepore's new perfume, Nanette?

    Nanette has a note described elsewhere as "hot cedar" and this wood note comes across to my nose as nutty but creamy, the way sweet almond milk is or fresh almonds when ground up (but no almonds...
  9. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    I'm dazzled by the variety! After doing a "greedy little monkey" dab from at least 10 vials -- my cats avoided me for a couple of hours -- there's something that's puzzling me....

  10. Re: The perfume you wore the most during the year 2010 ???

    Ferre by Ferre -- aldehydes lift my spirits
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    Re: Cloves and Incense Fragrances

    How bold are you when you cross the aisle? Try some older Nuit de Noel in cologne or "lotion" concentration.
  12. Re: 24 members invited to sample Penhaligon's samples, USA only

    Oh, how fun! Please add me to either group 1 or 2
  13. This is intriguing! Tell me where to post please....

    This is intriguing! Tell me where to post please. (Surely a pm here is sufficient contact info... you wouldn't want us to post our email here, would you?)
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    Re: S o t D - Friday, February 19

    SOTD Lanvin's My Sin (gold foil label)
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