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  1. Re: What scent would this obscure Star Wars character wear?

    Hugo Boss designed the original Stormtrooper outfits, so it makes sense that he would design the fragrance.

    However, we should probably takes this opportunity to preempt the inevitable thread:...
  2. Re: Power of suggestion vs the sense of smell.

    It happens a lot in reviews, I think, although I may have an especially poor nose. Also, the name of the fragrance suggests the frame of reference that people begin with. I suspect the descriptions...
  3. Re: " L'Artisan Parfumeur "scents , which 5 would you think are worth

    I picked: Dzing, Dzongha, Tea for Two, Mechant Loup and Timbuktu. With the exception of Mechant Loup , I picked them because I remembered them being discussed a lot (though not always with favor). ...
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    Re: Summer/Hot scent

    WAIT!! L'air is not a citrus, the person likes it <em>more</em> than citrus; left unsaid (I am being very presumptuous) is that this is surprising because L'air is Cedar and Amber (so far as I can...
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    Re: Substitute for Musc Ravageur?

    I think on Tania Sanchez's old blog she recommended the Musc Ravageur lotion as a more reasonably priced alternative to the actual perfume. I can't remember the URL, so I may be wrong about both the...
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    Re: Los Angeles County

    Perfumes West
    2099 Westwood Blvd.
    Los Angeles , CA 90025

    Just a few blocks from Nordstrom. It has been there forever, so they must be doing something right. Prices looked OK. ...
  7. Re: Summer Scent / Casual & partly professional

    I asked a similar question in a thread recently, and of the recommendations I tried, I liked Balle de Mach by PdNicolai and Agrumi di Sicilia (growing on my, though I was initially turned by the...
  8. Re: "slowly connecting fragrance lovers from around the world"?

    It depends on the time of day
  9. Re: 3 S's: Scent, Society and Psychology

    A brief aside because there have been two comments about the 'day laborer. ' It is indeed a loaded term that I should have given more thought. They are unglamorous outsiders. No one wants to trade...
  10. Re: 3 S's: Scent, Society and Psychology

    Thanks goodrider. Until I become more sophisticated I am bound by my preconceptions. Almost everything smells like something. I like Loewe 70's accord, but I don't want to smell like it.

  11. Re: 3 S's: Scent, Society and Psychology

    Hoos & Goodlife thanks for the suggestions, I've hardly heard of any of them so the snob in me is satisfied. You both mention Acqua di Parma. I had heard that Loewe para Hombre was similar and...
  12. Re: 3 S's: Scent, Society and Psychology

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I'm glad no one has taken it as an attack on their hobby, rather than the mere discomfort of an unrepentant philistine.

    I don't have a huge problem in buying a...
  13. 3 S's: Scent, Society and Psychology

    This is an absurdly long and occasionally ponderous post and I wouldn't inflict it on the basenotes server if I just wanted some directions to point my nose. I'm more interested in learning how...
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