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  1. Re: Why doesn't anyone suggest Kiehls's Original Musk EdT?

    Judging by most recommendations on here, I'm going to guess that it's not suggested more often because it's NOT: niche, vintage, brand new, ridiculously hard to find, or over $300 a bottle.

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    Re: Having a Devil of a time with Angel

    I have a love/hate relationship with the Precious Beast that is Angel.

    When I want to tame it, I spray it on after my shower then apply my regular lotion over it without spraying anything again...
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    Re: scent doesn't stay on skin?

    You're quite welcome Diva! :)

    Can I get an "Amen" to the bolded?! lol

    I'm thinking dry skin needs more exfoliating and harsher soaps than "normal" or oily skin. My reasoning is that dry skin...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 12th April 2008

    I'm wearing a healthy dose of Calyx - Prescriptives.

    It's like 100 degrees in my apartment! The managers still have the heat on even though it's 70 degrees outside. :( But every time I get...
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    Re: scent doesn't stay on skin?

    Ya'll might think Diva's crazy, but I'm telling you, her way WORKS!

    I have dry skin that eats up fragrance.
    When I say "eats up" I mean Angel is a light skin scent on me that only lasts an hour...
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    Re: What fragrance would Count Dracula wear?

    How about Secretions Magnifiques?

    It could be his version of a gourmand with it's metallic blood scent.

    It would certainly get the lady vamps' attention. ;)
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    Re: Is a key to liking a frag its naturalnes ?

    I'm with Lucius. While I don't care too much if my fragrances are made with synthetic ingredients, most that smell too synthetic give me a headache.

    Case in point - Coco Mademoiselle.

    While I...
  8. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    Azsmells - you be careful with that. Don't hurt anyone. ;) I haven't smelled the EdT yet, but I do love the dirtiness of the oil. But it's a wearable dirtiness.

    DrOfTheSoul - lol @ Flavor of...
  9. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    macwarlock - MKK should come with a warning label and a safety latch. You should also have to show I.D. and take a test to prove that you can wear it responsibly. Be careful with it around the...
  10. Thread: Nice Aquatic

    by virgo75

    Re: Let's talk about the best Aquatic...

    Of the men's aquatic scents I've found Acqua di Gio to remind me of a man fresh out of the shower and L'eau d'Issey reminds me of a man fresh out of the ocean.

    I don't get how "soapy" or "aquatic"...
  11. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    Thanks for the great stories Schachman and T. Rex! :)

    I love Dolce Vita but my skin amplifies vanilla until it's VANILLA!!!!!!!! and it makes me dizzy. lol But I can only imagine how intoxicating...
  12. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    lookingglass - I'm going to have to go pick up the EdT now! When I went there before they didn't have it, only the oil. Now I have to get the EdT! "Exposed" is a great way to describe wearing MKK....
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    Re: Too young for certain perfumes?

    I don't think what fragrance you wear should be relative to your age, but more relative to your personality.

    I know a sweet, happy great-grandmother who only wears Clinique Happy and it suits her...
  14. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    Quixotiq - yeah, that movie is hilarious! I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about. :grin:

    wajenius - The musk isn't the only fragrance they carry. They have a few other essences -...
  15. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    Stereotomy - I'm quite sure that it was the Kiehl's as I've smelled other musks, as well as MKK, and this was it. I also have the oil and as soon as I got home I put some on just to check. Sure...
  16. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    Quixotiq - I can imagine a guy wearing that to a club and being followed around by a throng of women!

    Have you ever seen the movie, "Love Potion No. 9"? It stars Sandra Bullock and Donovan Tate...
  17. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    Mostapha - I own the oil myself, and it really doesn't have that same effect on me when I wear it myself. It would be kind of weird if it did. But on this guy - it was pure magic and made me want...
  18. Re: Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    lookingglass & SlimPickins- thanks for the responses. Glad to see I'm not the only one so affected by it. :embarassed: I like other fragrances on men. But just in an, "Oh, that smells nice" type...
  19. Kiehl's Musk almost turned me into one of those women on the Axe commercials...

    I had a fragrance "experience" recently.

    A well, but casually dressed gentleman boarded the train and took the seat in front of me. He had pale skin and ginger hair which was complimented by a...
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    Re: Perfume vs. Pheromones

    I had a recent similar experience(that I'm gonna post about on the guys' board ;) ).

    Long story a short, a guy who was only "ok" looking sat in front of me on the train and once he settled into...
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    Re: Any scents you enjoy but won't buy again?

    Coco Mademoiselle - like it but don't love it.
    J'Adore - same as above.
    Black Cashmere - the blouses I wore it with(and washed multiple times) still smell like it. As much as I like it, I don't...
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    Re: Recomendations for a 14 year old girl

    My 13 year old daughter's favorites-

    Ralph - Ralph Lauren
    Happy - Clinique
    Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton (similar to Ralph but longer lasting)
    Love Spell - Victoria's Secret

    And her current...
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    Re: Hi! I had my baby and I'm back!


    Such a beautiful baby girl! :)
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    Re: YSL's Y EDT - what took you so long????

    Ooooh seattlelight, that sounds wonderful!!!

    I love everything you just wrote - chypre, green, natural, subtle, clean...

    Now I have something else I have to sniff!

    Congrats on finding a new...
  25. Re: Class and scent: Nouveaux riches, old money and plebeian???...

    I don't pretend to know which houses would be usually worn by which class since I've known a bus driver who smelled SL Chergui on me and went out and bought it for herself and a business owner who...
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    Re: Burberry...."The Beat"


    Thanks for the warning.

    And we all know a Diva can't walk around smelling like feminine hygiene products, now can she? ;)
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    Re: Fragrance for 55yr old

    My mom is 55 and her favorites are:
    Elizabeth Arden Green Tea & Lancome Miracle
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    Re: Aromatics Elixer

    seattlelight - I'm glad my post was helpful. :)

    A good way to do a miniature version of the "spray & walk through" with a strong fragrance at a perfume counter is to roll your sleeve up very...
  29. Re: Seeking suggestions: spicy, with a touch of sweetness

    If she prefers dry spiciness I would recommend Donna Karan Black Cashmere which is pretty dry but spicy & incense-y.
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    Re: Aromatics Elixer

    stella - it sounds like your bottle is a bit old.

    I bought a "new" bottle and it went bad before I finished it.
    When I first sprayed it I smelled nothing but roses!
    Then a few months on, it...
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    Re: Perfume trouble

    lievje - I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. :(

    Everyone has given excellent advice so I won't repeat it, but I hope all gets better for you and your son.
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    Re: Aromatics Elixer

    I was born in 1975 and I'm not sure if I had ever smelled this on anyone before I bought it last year.

    I LOVE it!

    Like you, I tried it after wearing Mitsouko and wanted to try other chypres. ...
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    Re: Help in identifying a fragrance...

    I love soapy fragrances! :)

    If it's very common there are 5 options that I would think it could be:

    For sharp, "pungent," Dial like soap with some musk - J. Lo Glow
    For sharp, more floral...
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    Re: Perfume(commitment) Anxiety?

    Great responses and ideas!

    I especially like the idea of only having one(or 2, right? ;) ) fragrances per olfactive family or "mood." Now if only could categorize my scents and stop sniffing...
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    Re: Time to confess.... how many?

    I have about 30 bottles of fragrance not counting samples or minis.

    It's taken me about 3 years to accumulate them as that is about how long I've been searching for a new fragrance to love since...
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    Re: Perfume(commitment) Anxiety?

    Thanks for the response lally. :)

    I wouldn't mind finding that I like a new fragrance purchase more than older ones.
    That might be nice actually. :p

    Selling some of your older ones that you...
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    Perfume(commitment) Anxiety?

    Anyone else get this?

    I realized after responding to another thread that I spend about 15 minutes or more every morning & evening staring at my perfume bottles and sniffing some at random trying...
  38. Re: Which frags have you purchased more than twice...

    Before my addiction began:

    Eternity (when they made parfum) - 2x
    L'eau d'Issey Miyake edp - no idea how many. Wore it for 7 years straight.

    Now - I have so many bottles(30 full, no idea how...
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    Re: Sotd monday 21 January

    It's freezing outside but I'm warm and toasty inside wearing Donna Karan Black Cashmere.

    Spicy incense.
  40. Re: What kind of women have..."chemistry that eats fragrance"?

    I too have skin that eats up fragrances. :(

    Maybe it's my low body temp combined with dry skin due to iron deficient anemia, or maybe it's just me...

    I've found 2 products that help me in that...
  41. Re: Fresh & Funky - Anyone Else Drawn To Contradictory Fragrances?

    Thank you for the responses. :)

    With the fresh & funky fragrances, I feel like I get to enjoy more than one fragrance at a time.
    I tend to have a hard time deciding what fragrance to wear in the...
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    Re: The Floral with Oriental staying powers...

    My skin eats up everything - musks, orientals, florals, edp, parfum, oils...

    The main floral that came to mind on long lasting floral is Christian Dior J'Adore.
    That one will last on me from 6am...
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    Re: What's your fave fresh/fruity/floral fragrance?

    Is Christian Dior J'Adore a fruity floral?

    If I were to wear fruity florals, it would be J'Adore because it's one of very few florals that lasts on my skin, has good sillage, is easy to wear(can...
  44. Re: Ladies, your take on smelling Angel pour Femme on a man?

    I agree with lupa on testing it out before buying it.

    On some people the sweet notes are emphasized, some bring out the patchouli, and still on others it's a lovely balance. I think if you're a...
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    Re: Sensual Summer Fragrance - suggestions?

    A fragrance that I've found to be sensual for Summer as it carries both a fresh, clean aspect as well as a woody/musky aspect is Guerlain AA Pamplelune. It's light, fresh, true grapefruit in the...
  46. Fresh & Funky - Anyone Else Drawn To Contradictory Fragrances?

    Lately I've been drawn more to the musky/funky end of the fragrance spectrum and have been especially enjoying a few that are both fresh and musky/funky at the same times.

    A few examples:

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    Re: Looking for ladies' citrus

    The most natural and real citrus I've ever sniffed was in Guerlain's AA Pamplelune.

    It isn't "juice box" citrus, it's natural, true grapefruit with some wood undertones. It's also surprisingly...
  48. Re: What do you reach for when it's freezing cold outside?

    Cashmere Mist, Tabu, and Dolce Vita are 3 I particularly enjoy in the brisk cold. Any temp above 40 F. and the Cashmere Mist and Dolce Vita make me feel like I'm choking. But below that?
  49. Thread: Old Lady?

    by virgo75

    Re: Old Lady?


    There are times when I've used this term but I never meant it in a derogatory way. For me it has one of two meanings:
    1)A fragrance that I've actually smelled on an older woman(or...
  50. Re: wildly unsuitable, but exciting, frags - top 3


    My first perfume love came by way of my 6th grade teacher who smelled wonderful to my little girl nose. Every time she wafted by she smelled sweet,...
  51. Re: Are you put off by some women's fragrances because of their packaging?

    I've learned to ignore the bottle and the marketing because the perfume may be something I really enjoy - which is why I would pay for it in the first place - the scent. If I don't like the bottle I...
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    Re: Good soap/body wash to use?

    I tend to use soap bars because I feel less clean using body washes even though my skin is dry. For soap I use Dove, Camay(too girly for you probably), and Caress. The Dove has a light neutral...
  53. Re: Any of you have a signature fragrance? If so, what is it? Do you get compliments?

    My 1st Signature was CK Eternity Parfum when I was a teenager.
    I thought I was the ish with that on, but no one ever said a word. :(

    My 2nd was L'eau d'Issey for about 7 years.
    I got TONS of ...
  54. Re: Romance by Ralph Lauren class project Help wanted plz!!

    There are 14 reviews for Romance here on Basenotes & nearly 400 reviews on That might help you find what you're looking for. :)

    I've only tried Romance, once.
    It turned to...
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    Re: I'm In Love With My Rose Musk Incense!

    Thank you for the recs moondeva!
    I can always count on you to give me many to choose from! :)

    Off to order more samples.....
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    Re: Asking too much? Autumn wake up notes

    2nd the Mitsouko.
    I find the somewhat bitter orange smelling openings in some chypres(Mitsouko, Clinique AE) are wonderful for helping me to wake up in the morning. Especially with Mitsouko where...
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    Re: I'm In Love With My Rose Musk Incense!

    Thank you Indiscreet!

    Now I have some samples to order & sniff - can't wait!!! :D
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    I'm In Love With My Rose Musk Incense!

    Are there any fragrances that smell like this???

    The rose is a full, deep, red rose. Not a tea rose by a mile. It's warm and rich.
    Along with the musk there seems to be some amber & sandalwood...
  59. Re: What embarrassing frags are you hiding from your BN wardrobe?

    2nd this.

    That being said, I have scents from 3 people I can't stand :
    J. Lo
    Britney Spears
    Paris Hilton

    It took me until this year to put aside my dislike for J. Lo to try Glow even...
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    Re: The revenge of chypres

    Second Clemmie's thought:
    "Oh! It's the oakmoss that does the 'old lady' thing? "

    Hmmmm, is that what smells like day old urine soiled diaper?
    I love LOVE LOVE Mitsouko except for the occasional...
  61. Re: >>Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, Oct. 6>>AMBER--Celebrating Sudsy

    It's supposed to be nearly 90 degrees and humid today :huh: so I'm wearing the teeniest, tiniest dab of Prada. So far I haven't knocked anyone over. :p
  62. Re: What embarrassing frags are you hiding from your BN wardrobe?

    I haven't listed my wardrobe yet, but included in there :

    J. Lo glow
    Britney Spears Fantasy
    Paris Hilton Original(smells like Ralph but lasts 2x as long at 1/2 the price)
    Skin Musk Oil & Body...
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    Re: Have you ever gone.......

    I have to have a craving for a certain scent or type of scent when I wake up in the morning, then I know what to wear. If I crave something that I don't have I might even try to improvise, but there...
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    Re: The revenge of chypres

    I've found this link to be very helpful in explaining many perfume terms, differences, examples, etc.

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    Re: The revenge of chypres

    I've read it's pronounced "SHEEP - RA" but I've never actually heard anyone say it and I've never tried to say it in front of anyone else to know if I've pronounced it wrong. lol
  66. Re: Suggestion for a new Guerlain women's scent for me?

    I'm not one of the experts on here, but the thought of smelling a beautiful, deep rose scent on a man gave me the tingles! :evil:

    I can imagine being wrapped in his strong loving arms, burying my...
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    Re: The revenge of chypres

    Whether these scents are chypres or fougeres - I'm LOVING the non-sweet scents! I have my preference in the sugary stuff - my fave being Angel, mainly because it isn't too sweet on me.

  68. Re: So what Amber are u gonna wear for Oct 6 Sniff 'n' Speak?

    Haven't participated in the SnS before :) but I'm thinking about wearing my Madini Oud. I don't know if it has amber or not, but it smells very ambery to me.

    Does anyone know for sure?...
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    Re: Generational Gap

    I fall right in the middle of that age bracket and tend to shy away from most Gourmand fragrances as well - except for Angel.

    For me, it's just a matter of taste and having to sniff a lot of...
  70. Re: do we have any info about queen elizabeth choice?

    Queen Elizabeth II - Fleurissimo, Blue Grass, L'Heure Bleue, Joy
    Queen Mother(of Elizabeth II) - L'Heure Bleue

    Taken from: http://perfumeshrine/
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    Re: When Was The Last Time......

    Funny enough, for all my love of perfume most of the closed eyes, deep inhalation, trying to breathe me in came from lovers when I didn't have on any perfume!

    For some reason, they all love/loved...
  72. Re: Madini Oils - An Unusual, Delightful Departure from Western Perfumery

    Resurrecting this thread because last week I wandered into a little bookstore and they had wicker basket with a few Madinin oils in them. I sniffed and dabbed a few until they gave me a headache,...
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    Re: Did you like your mom's favorite scent?

    My mom is a Leo who used to dye her hair fire engine red and her most used scent was Cinnabar. I'd say it suited her.
  74. Re: KERI Advanced Moisture Therapy Lotion for Extra Dry Skin

    :taking notes:

    Gonna have to try the Vaseline Intensive Rescue, Jergens Ultra Healing, Eucerin, and Jergens Shea Butter Body Cream.

    I exfoliate every morning with exfoliating gloves. About...
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    Re: SotD Tuesday Sept 18, 2007

    Testing Gwen Stefani's 'L' Lamb.
    Light & fresh.
    It's growing on me.
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    Re: Great perfume porn

    It would be great if it were a "scratch-n-sniff" book! :thumbsup:
  77. Re: Diddy molests woman in hallway to sell perfume

    Ok. I gave in and finally sniffed it.
    It matches the horrible ad.

    It started off an unassuming, light(boring) semi-tropical fruity-floral.
    Then after about an hour it morphed into this ugly,...
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    Re: SotD Monday 17 September

    Wearing Chanel No. 5 AGAIN!
    I'm just so surprised that I can smell it!
    I put it on this morning after my shower around 6:30 am & can still smell it!!! :shocked:
    I keep sticking my face down my...
  79. Re: Diddy molests woman in hallway to sell perfume


    I got a sample of it a couple of weeks ago and I still haven't sniffed it simply because I don't like him or the ads I've seen.
  80. KERI Advanced Moisture Therapy Lotion for Extra Dry Skin

    For those of us with dry skin that devours perfume this stuff is a Godsend!!!

    I've been using it the past few days and have been SHOCKED at how it's not only been moisturizing my skin, but it...
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    Re: Favorite Autumn Scents

    Clinique's Aromatics Elixir smells like sweet fall leaves mixed with soft roses on me.
    Perfect for fall.

    Yay! Now I know what I want to wear tomorrow! :happy:
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    Re: Chanel no 5 impressions

    Hmmm, maybe part of what I like about it are the aldehydes?
    For some crazy reason I enjoy feeling like I can "taste" my perfume(even if it only lasts for a few minutes on me. :undecided:

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    Re: Birth Announcement

    Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy! :D
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    Re: Most worn in August (+ July and June)

    Um, yeah. What Clemmie said. :undecided:

    That too. :o
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    Re: SotD Saturday 15 September

    Chanel No. 5

    I want to be wearing my new Lauren by Ralph Lauren but my mom is over and if she smells it on me, it'll be leaving with her. :p
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    Re: Today I bought ... (for September 2007)

    Yesterday I re-bought Ralph Lauren's Lauren.
    I think this is my favorite of his scents.
    So clean & fresh & wonderful!
    Ahhhhhhh! :happy:
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    Re: Chanel no 5 impressions

    I'm sure it's just a combination of my bizarre skin chemistry & the crappy new American reformulations but - Chanel No. 5 begins, dries down, and ends "cute little girl" on me. For the most part,...
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    Re: SotD Wednesday 5 September

    Aww, thanks Zibeline! I was expecting someone to spit on their computer screen and try to cleanse me of my demonic possession and blasphemy by anointing me with Mitsouko Parfum(vintage of course). ...
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    Re: SotD Wednesday 5 September

    I have on Victoria's Secret Love Spell lotion & Heavenly EDP.

    I got sick of smelling all the "special," niche, rare, exotic, expensive stuff. Meh.

    Today I just wanted to smell GOOD!!! :p
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    Re: SotD Thursday 30 August

    Aromatics Elixir today. I can't wait until tomorrow:

    PAYDAY!!!! :bounce: :D
  91. Re: Are You Looking For Your *HG* Scent or Looking To Enjoy All Of Them?

    I'm really enjoying reading all the varied answers.
    I'm crazy so I can relate to all of them.
    I've always loved all different kinds of fragrances and didn't really think about finding a HG until it...
  92. Are You Looking For Your *HG* Scent or Looking To Enjoy All Of Them?

    I tend to look for a variety of scents at one time - a woody one, a spicy one, a floral romantic one, etc. until I'm caught off guard by one and fall hopelessly in love with it and forsake all...
  93. Replies

    Re: SOTD - TUESDAY, August 28

    Happy Bday! Many more! :)

    Today I'm begrugingly wearing Kenzo - Flower just waiting until I can get my hands on my "prehshussssssss"........ :happy:
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    Re: SOTD - Monday 27th August

    I tried on Angel at Macy's today, but found it too strong(chocolate/honey & patchouli/musk) and it gave me a headache. I came home and washed it off and my headache passed.

    Now I'm FIENDING for...
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    Re: Celebrity fragrances..

    I own J. Lo - Glow - which is clean, soapy, with a bit of musk. I like it. It's easy to wear and light. Doesn't last too long, but actually lasts longer than some "name brand" fragrances (Burberry...
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    Re: Recommendations - Spicy, Exotic, Creamy Scent?

    castorpollux - thank you for another recommendation. I'm going to be going crazy when I finally get to go a-sniffing. I can't wait! Wanted to go this weekend, but the babysitter(grandmom ;) ) is a...
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    Re: SoTD, Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Happy Bday Riannon! :D

    Couldn't figure out what to wear as nothing I own was "deep" enough for me.
    I sprayed on some CK Obsession which almost hit the spot, but then veered way off course. It...
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    Re: What about brunettes...with VERY fair skin?

    I read somewhere that, as you said restlessoul, blondes usually(or should) wear lighter florals, brunettes with olive/darker skin tones - spicy orientals and gourmands, and for brunettes with pale...
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    Re: Birthday Pressie

    Aw, Divatologist. :hugs:

    Now that I think about it: At 18/19 I was wearing CK Eternity(the most), Samsara, Shalimar, and Opium. I didn't figure out about B&BW until maybe 20(a little late), and...
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    Re: Recommendations - Spicy, Exotic, Creamy Scent?

    Will definitely try out LBdD.

    I don't get any harshness with AE at all! Maybe I have "freak" skin that brings even the strongest perfumes to their knees? On me, it's soooooo smooth. Smooth as...
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