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    Re: TF Patchouli Absolu - What's your take?

    I totally agree with the Bois 1920 Real Patchouly.... also like Patchouli Nobile (very luxurious scent)
  2. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur- Eau de Parfum.... HUGE disappointment!

    I can't speak to what is available in Europe.... But here in the U.S., Pour Monsieur Concentree has been replaced with Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum.... it is SO confusing to the consumer... in some...
  3. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur- Eau de Parfum.... HUGE disappointment!

    If you like Concentree/ EDP... so be it...ENJOY! The problem I have really started with concentree which would indicate that is it is a "concentrated" version of the original fragrance which if you...
  4. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur- Eau de Parfum.... HUGE disappointment!

    You're gonna LOVE it!
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    Re: Is Knize Ten still great?

    I have tried both the original and the Golden Edition, and for me I prefer the Gold Edition it is certainly smoother to my nose. It is the version I will purchase when I can score a deal....
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    Re: Any Bond No. 9 experts out there?

    Out of your list, I own two.... Riverside Drive which I love! ( I tend to like anything with a pineapple note) and Andy Warhol Success is a job.... My wife wears Chinatown which is an amazing womens...
  7. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur- Eau de Parfum.... HUGE disappointment!

    I can't speak to the newer EDT version of PM, I only buy Chanel for Men in the cologne version as that is what I know and love. Of course the fragrance does have IMO one downfall, and that is its...
  8. Chanel Pour Monsieur- Eau de Parfum.... HUGE disappointment!

    After I reading several posts that Chanel PM had been reformulated into a Eau de Parfum, I set out to find a tester somewhere to see if it had been transformed into a closer version of my "desert...
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    Re: Carven Homme - first impressions

    If you like Carven Homme, you should investigate Monsieur Carven. It was recommended to me by another member here and it is AMAZING! I would liken it to Equipage or Patou Pour Homme as the Carven...
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    Harry's Shaving products

    Anyone tried this line of shaving products? I read an article in U.S.A. Today which outlined how the two owners/friends got into the shave business. The product appears to be well-crafted at a...
  11. Re: Terre d' Hermes vs. Yardley Citrus and Wood vs. Cereus #6 (previously #5)

    I think they are still around.... I see their fragrances are still listed @ Lucky Scent and they still have a website up and running..... I am curious to try 7,...
  12. Terre d' Hermes vs. Yardley Citrus and Wood vs. Cereus #6 (previously #5)

    I finally own all of these variations on a theme and just recently added the Cereus fragrance to my collection. After comparing them side by side, I am leaning more towards favoring the Cereus scent...
  13. West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    I found this U.S. made fragrance line @ a few local clothing boutiques.... The fragrances would seem to be natural based and I have found the longevity to be quite good considering the reasonable...
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    Le Dandy by D' Orsay.....need some help........

    This fragrance would seem on paper to be something that I would love as Michael Kors is in my top 10 go to fragrances....However the comparisons with Le Male have me hesitant to pull the trigger on a...
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    Re: What are the Best Celebrity Scents?

    Only own and like 3......

    1. Luciano Pavarotti

    2. David Beckham Instinct

    3. Power 50 cents

    I just recently acquired the Pavarotti which is wonderful.... The other two I wear on a fairly...
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    Re: Niche rec needed...more details within.

    If you are looking @ Creed... I agree that Virgin Island Water would be a good choice.... I am not a Aventus fan, the only other Creed fragrance I like is Bois du Portugal but that is a little more...
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    Cereus No. 12 spotted @ Marshalls.....

    Saw this @ Marshalls the other day.... I think this is the first time I have spotted niche fragrances there.... $39.99 is a great deal especially when it retails for $125.00! VERY unique scent... My...
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    Re: If you had to choose only one fragrance...

    For me it has to be the one that started it all and that I still LOVE to this day.... vintage Chanel for Men. But Patou Pour Homme and Versailles Pour Homme would run a very close 2nd and 3rd......
  19. I have NEVER understood the hype surrounding Creed and their fragrances until I tried....

    Virgin Island Water yesterday!!!! Wow!!! Now THAT is different to anything else I have ever tried before!!!! This citrus/spice/coconut concoction is if they would just make in a Eau...
  20. Is there any originality left in the fragrance world?

    It seems to me that EVERYTHING is a variation on a theme....I FINALLY got to test the much touted vintage Capucci Pour Homme and while I do like the fragrance, Numero Uno by Carthusia is almost a...
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    Re: By Kilian - Wow i think Im in love

    "Rigaud".....are they even still in business? I NEVER see their product line anywhere!...... Rigaud's Cythere fragrance is one of my all time favorite home scents!!!! As far as By Kilian goes, IMO...
  22. Thread: Your first cologne

    by TWB

    Re: Your first cologne

    I bought it in the late 60's, and I STILL own it and love it to this day!..... Chanel Pour Monsieur....but I prefer to buy Chanel for Men vintage on Ebay the old formula has more spice and...
  23. Thread: Rank The Chanels

    by TWB

    Re: Rank The Chanels

    1. Chanel for Men (vintage)
    2. Antaeus (vintage)
    3. Bois Noir (morphed into the watered down Egoiste)
    4. Bleu (the ONLY aquatic fragrance I wear/own)

    Anything else in masculine fragrances from...
  24. Need a suggestion of a Plumeria/Frangipani based scent....

    that is a somewhat sheer floral with decent projection and longevity... My wife likes plumeria and am looking for suggestions as her birthday is rapidly approaching.. She recently tried Jewel by...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Vince Camuto

    Looks like it could be interesting....agree that the bottle is beautiful and elegant. I am a fan of Harry Fremont since I own and love Michael, Power and Black Walnut....
  26. Re: How to tell the difference between different Perry Ellis (1985) versions.

    I wore the original fragrance by Sterns back in the day....and to my memory the AE edition has less vanilla in the base...It still lasts as long and the overall impression of the fragrance is intact....
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    Re: Avon, Jafra, Jeanne Arthes: The New NICHE???

    I could not agree with you more.....I recently bought a bottle of Patrick Dempsey II on ebay and I love it! I get compliments almost every time I wear it! Consequently, I have been curious about...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum - Frighteningly Beautiful !!!!!

    I too tried this the other day @ Sephora, and I really liked it! I do agree too that it has very little in common with the original Eau Savage. But for me it is just a little too sweet.... I will...
  29. Re: Choose a Signature/Favorite fragrance launched in your year of birth

    So simple....the one that started it all for me....and the one that I will ALWAYS wear to the day I die....Chanel For Men aka Pour Monsieur (not concentree) really does not get much better! I...
  30. New bargain fragrances finds.....Power and Citrus and Wood......

    I bought both of these recently from an off-priced retailer for around 15.00 and 8.00 respectively and must say IMO there are great finds! I am rapidly becoming a big fan of Harry Fremont's work as I...
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    Re: Bogart (2004), It just doesn't last.

    Basenotes has this listed incorrectly....the 2004 Bogart Pour Homme is NOT what is pictured on that page....I suspect THAT is the 1975 has the 2004 Bogart Pour Homme pictured on the...
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    Re: What is your favorite Annick Goutal ?

    I LOVE Sables....probably in my top 10.....for women I like Eau de Ciel and Heure Exquise
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    Re: rose

    A few come to wife wears Persian Rose by Pacifica it is lovely and lush and VERY inexpensive, also Red Roses by Jo Malone which is probably the most realistic Rose scent I have ever...
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    Re: looking for a great lavendar fragrance

    Totally agree....This is what Caron Pour Homme wished it could be when it grew up!.... ATOH is a nuanced classic lavender based fragrance with quality ingredients and a beautiful bottle and packaging...
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    Re: Top 5 British Fragrances

    In no particular order... Spanish Leather/ Truefitt and Hill, Elite/ Floris, Re-Charge Black Pepper/ Molton Brown, Citrus and Wood, Yardley, 154/ Jo Malone and 1872/ Clive Christian.....
  36. Re: What is the most stunning fragerance you have ever experienced ?

    If pressed I would have to narrow the field to (in no particular order) Patou Pour Homme, Vintage Chanel for Men, Versailles Pour Homme, Michael by Michael Kors, New York by Parfums de Nicolai and A...
  37. Havana, Devin and Donald Trump's new fragrance "Success"......

    I went on a crusade to Macy's today in the hopes of getting a sniff of Madonna's new fragrance "Truth Or Dare" (it is not in yet)...So I perused the Men's fragrance bar to see if there was anything...
  38. Re: UNBREAKABLE: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's New Unisex Fragrance

    I saw it yesterday @ Marshalls for under $20.00...... I think that about says it all!!!
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    If my wife's favorite fragrances are.....

    Fiori Di Capri by Carthusia, French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone, Persian Rose by Pacifica and Chinatown by Bond No. 9.....then surely she would like?!?!?!?!.... Suggestions are appreciated.....She is...
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    Re: Immortelle Flower in male fragrance

    Well...I guess it is appropriate that I too love there is not nearly a day go by that someone does not say to me..."Did anyone ever tell you, that you look like Harrison Ford"
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    Re: What Jo Malone's do I need to sample??

    As previously mentioned Pomegranate Noir, Amber and Lavender and 154....the Pomegranate Noir layered with the Amber and Lavender is fabulous!.....For a woman, French Lime Blossom and Red Roses are...
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    The Boss Collection.....

    I have tried a couple of these exclusive fragrances at my local Nordstroms and they are really quite nice...So far I've tested Velvet Amber which is a very classic warm amber has a very...
  43. My first time wearing Bleu de Chanel.....and it was a bit of a surprise!

    I got Bleu as a gift from a friend that knows that I regularly wear vintage Chanel for Men...and thought I might like to try another Chanel masculine....I had tested it shortly after it debuted, and...
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    Re: Spicebomb.....really?!?!?!? Smells more like Flowerbomb with spice added.....

    I think a woman certainly could wear Spicebomb.....I was referring to the Molton Brown scent which I believe to be more masculine than feminine, but is marketed as unisex....
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    Spicebomb.....really?!?!?!? Smells more like Flowerbomb with spice added.....

    I tried this today @ Nordstroms....Way TOO feminine in the drydown for my taste.....Is there no company out there that is creating true masculine scents? It would seem NOT!!! I did try Molton Brown's...
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    Re: How Would You Rate Caron Pour Un Homme

    I agree... While I appreciate the history behind the Caron fragrance.....the By Kilian reworking is in a class by itself.....for what it's worth.... a sales associate @ Nordstroms told me that Caron...
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    Re: Never Smelled Drakkar Noir Until Yesterday...

    It's still a great scent...I've probably received the most compliments on a fragrance while wearing Drakkar than any really appeals to women. If you find Drakkar TOO overpowering try...
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    Re: Jo Malone 154 or Amber & Lavender

    Personally I prefer 154....having said that, the Amber & Lavender scent on me lasts longer....I also sometimes layer the Amber & Lavender with Pomegranate Noir which is also nice....
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    Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper......

    My wife got me a bottle of the shower gel as a gift, the scent is great!. So.... I thought I would investigate the EDT as well. I tried it at the local Molton Brown boutique but unfortunately the...
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    Re: my thoughts of Clive Christian

    I have owned both No. 1 and 1872 and while I do find the fragrances to be rich and luxe, if I had bought them my expectation would be higher....but as they were free I thought them to be very...
  51. Are there some fragrances, that when you wear them you feel they have a luxurious/rich feel to them?

    For me I always get a "Trump" kind of feeling when I wear A Taste Of Heaven, New York, Patou Pour Homme, Sables, 1872 by Clive Christian and Bandit....Not sure if this is because the product itself...
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    Re: Maurice Roucel is #1 in my book

    He trained under Henri Robert who created my beloved Chanel for Men..... Roucel created a few in my arsenal and I always take note when I know that he was the nose behind a fragrance...I own...
  53. Re: Anyone have a suggestion for a citrus/spice scent that has projection lasting longer than an hou

    Thanks for the link....unfortunately THAT Chanel PM is a different animal to the vintage that I is weaker, and has more Vetiver in it while the version I like has more Oakmoss....
  54. Anyone have a suggestion for a citrus/spice scent that has projection lasting longer than an hour...

    My vintage Chanel for Men reservoir will dry up eventually and although I like New York it is not as well-rounded as CfM....what I mean by that is that New York is a little more formal to me...where...
  55. Re: Name your up to 3 favourite Spicy (Epice) niche scents, those you think are worth a bottle

    A couple come to mind immediately....New York by Parfums de Nicolai and L' Homme Sage by Divine.....both exude class and distinction in a bottle...The Divine frag. will be my next niche purchase.......
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    Re: Any good cheap colognes for under $30?

    I recently bought a bottle of Carrera Black @ Marshalls for $7.99.....If you like lavender powdery scents you might give it a has a little Drakkar Noir or a little Ho Hang (vintage...
  57. Re: The new fragrance by Ben Sherman was a bit of a surprise.....

    They both ARE different... there is however a similar vibe.....and as I said the Ben Sherman is ALOT less money....Personally I have recently been turned off by the Bond line....the bottles in the...
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    Re: Knize Ten and Knize Ten Golden Edition

    I like both, but prefer GE as has been noted it is a smoother, fuller luxurious version of the original...But for me I find neither to be bottle worthy....I have other scents (Bandit) that fill my...
  59. The new fragrance by Ben Sherman was a bit of a surprise.....

    I tried this today at Nordstrom's and was amazed at how much I liked it!.....It has a nice aromatic citrus woody sensiblity to it with citrus in the top and spice in the middle and patchouli/musk and...
  60. Thread: Bond No 9 scents

    by TWB

    Re: Bond No 9 scents

    I own a few of these fragrances....Riverside Dr. is by far (according to the SA's at my wife's store) the most popular mens fragrance in the Bond line...I own it and like it as to me it is different...
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    Re: Favorite Eau de Cologne / classic citrus

    You probably already know what I am going to say...but....

    Vintage Chanel for Men / Cologne.... without a doubt smells the best and projects the best on me....a close runner-up would be Roger &...
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    Re: Best italian fragrance for men

    a few of my favorites would be Numero Uno by Carthusia, Arso & Patchouly by Profumum and 1920 Extreme and Real Patchouly by Bois 1920. For vintage I like the original Versace... L'homme and Romeo...
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    Re: Best Jo Malone frag?

    154, Pomegranate Noir and Amber and Lavender ( I layer the last two together sometimes)...for men.....On the womens side I like Red Roses, French Lime Blossom and Vintage Gardenia
  64. Thread: "Chanel for Men"

    by TWB

    Re: "Chanel for Men"

    I have been on this quest for years...but without much luck....Probably the closest thing you will find is either Tiffany for Men or New York from Parfums de Nicolai both have some similarities to...
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    Re: Ok, sampled Kilian line...which do buy

    I own A Taste of Heaven and of course the similarity to Caron Pour Homme is unmistakeable. ATOH though is a more nuanced fragrance than CPH, and the drydown is totally different. I do like Back to...
  66. Thread: "Chanel for Men"

    by TWB

    Re: "Chanel for Men"

    Grottola- I have worn the original Chanel for Men since the 70's and it is quite different from the current version which has a prominent vetiver note which is downplayed in the original...
  67. Lilabelle by Kate Moss....Has anyone had a sniff of this?

    My wife likes alot of the notes listed for this scent.....and Valentines Day is right around the corner.....
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    Re: Today I Bought: January 2012

    How do you like the Ambre Nue? I am ready to purchase Vanille Insensee....have tried a couple of samples and it projects very nicely on me...Saw the Ambre Nue listed on the Luckyscent site and was...
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    Re: Sweetest floral fruity frag for ladies

    Try Caline Blooming Moments it can be had for around $10.00 at Marshalls/ T J Maxx and is classified as a fruity/floral...I just recently purchased this for my Mother for her birthday and she loves...
  70. Re: While I appreciate Bond No. 9 and some of it's fragrances......

    I have seen on their website that they charge for samples...but I must say that the SA's that have waited on me in the stores that carry their line have always been generous with their samples and I...
  71. While I appreciate Bond No. 9 and some of it's fragrances......

    Sometimes it seems as if the line is more about "marketing" a concept than the end result.....the fragrance. While I appreciate and think the line has some really unique offerings, ie. Nuits de Noho,...
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    Re: What are your Top 5 Bond no. 9....

    I own Riverside Dr. and Success is a Job in New York....I like New Haarlem, Great Jones and Cooper Square as well....My wife wears Chinatown and my daughter wears Nuits de Noho.......I wish they made...
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    Re: Another top 3: The fragrances you can't stand.

    Le Male, Joop Homme or ANYTHING that has a pronounced musk note....the smell of musk makes me sick to my stomach!
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    Recent surprise purchases and finds.....

    Recently I sampled Keith Urban's new fragrance "Phoenix" a couple of times and liked it well enough to pick up a set featuring a small spray, body wash and after shave balm for a steal of a deal....
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    Re: Most wearable immortelle?

    Of the three mentioned, I own and love Sables....but to be fair I have only sampled the Dior and have not sampled the other mentioned fragrance....
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    Re: New Fragrance: Andy Warhol by Bond No 9

    I agree with many here that Bond probably has more misses than hits....but there are a few exceptions IMO....Riverside Dr. is an incredible fragrance as well as Chinatown and Success in the Warhol...
  77. Thread: Chanel?

    by TWB

    Re: Chanel?

    Just wondering djron91....Where did you buy the Pour Monsieur EDT (not concentree)? Paris? I wonder if it is the same juice as the vintage formulation.....
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    Re: New Fragrance: Keith Urban Phoenix

    this is the description taken from Keith Urban's website.....
    "A profoundly rich, masculine scent, Phoenix is infused with blackberries, cognac and plum and can be described as having a "woody...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Keith Urban Phoenix

    I just tried this today..... It is quite nice it reminds me ever so slightly of Michael by Michael Kors but with a sweeter edge to it....The bottle is quite beautiful as well with the etched image of...
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    Re: Caron - Le 3 Homme.... I LOVE IT!

    this is what the new packaging and bottle looks like....
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    Re: Pour Un Homme De Caron

    It is (according to Nordstrom's) their top-selling men's fragrance...if you like lavender and vanilla based fragrances you will love Caron Pour Homme....also if you like that fragrance, you might...
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    Re: Caron - Le 3 Homme.... I LOVE IT!

    yes...that is exactly the bottle I saw and tested...with a different cap though
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    Caron - Le 3 Homme.... I LOVE IT!

    After searching and searching I finally found this in a small LA perfume shop....Does anyone know if this has been reformulated? The bottle I saw and tested was smoked glass with a raised detail 3/4...
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    Re: Pacifica Tibetan Mountain Temple

    I've sampled it several times @ Whole Foods....and have thought seriously about picking it up....I've used Pacifica's Persian Rose soap which also is a great product!
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    Re: When was Chanel Pour Monsieur reformulated?

    The time-frame for reformulation was the early 90's......however there was a period of time where the product was not quite the same as the vintage....and not quite the same formula as what it...
  86. Ho Hang and Salvador by Salvador Dali.....two wonderful finds.....

    I checked out this little local perfume shop today, and what do you know.... I found two fragrances that I had been looking to find and sample....well one sniff of each and I knew I was going to HAVE...
  87. Poll: Re: How much should a Niche fragrance cost in your opinion?

    My mistake...I forgot about Nicolai and I don't know why as I own a 30ml bottle of the fabulous New York......
  88. Poll: Re: How much should a Niche fragrance cost in your opinion?

    I would have to answer the question in a different way....while I believe that some of the prices for various niche houses (Profumum and Xerjoff for example) are ridiculous! I think many niche...
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    Re: Patou pour homme ......

    I have worn this scent since it's debut back in the day.......and I can say without a doubt that there is NO other substitute for is in a class of perfumery all by itself...the comparison to...
  90. Re: Name a fragrance you own, but no other Basenoter does...

    I have a few that I feel I may be the only one in possession of....

    1. Clinique/ Tailoring for Men- long disc. 80's scent
    2. Hoja- a fragrance I picked up @ a Earth Day festival that is...
  91. Thread: Patchouli 24

    by TWB

    Re: Patchouli 24

    I had the EXACT same reaction to the fragrance when I sampled it recently....I was so sorry I had sprayed it on until about 15 minutes into wearing it...and then I could NOT stop smelling my wrist!...
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    Monsieur Carven or Lalique Pour Homme (Lion)....

    Any thoughts on either of these? I had the opportunity to test the Lalique fragrance the other day and quite liked it...found out that it was created by Maurice Roucel who also created one of my favs...
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    Re: By Kilian travel Spray Atomizers

    As others have said the quality and weight are unsurpassed....I don't know of another company that has the same panache and elegance in their packaging except for maybe Chanel.....
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    Robert Piguet and fragrances for men......

    I recently purchased Bandit for Men @ my local swap...for 15 bucks and it is a GREAT buy and find....which got me to wondering about other fragrances in the Piguet a trip to Neiman's was in...
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    Re: My bargains I saw @ the swap meet today.....

    Orange County swap meet @ the Orange County fairgrounds...also in the Long Beach downtown area there is a fragrance shop across the street from the Nordstrom rack that has tons of various small...
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    My bargains I saw @ the swap meet today.....

    Jacques Fath L' Homme....Salvador Dali Pour Homme....Vetiver Carven....anyone familar with any of these...all were sealed but boxes looked in good condition....and all were under twenty dollars! I...
  97. Re: How to tell the difference between different Perry Ellis (1985) versions.

    As I told you previously, I have a 5oz. EDT Perry Ellis for Men (Anniversary Edition). It is the SAME looking bottle as the 1985 debut. It does have a sticker on the bottom of the bottle which says...
  98. Thread: Rings (for men)

    by TWB

    Re: Rings (for men)

    If you are looking for affordable rings for men, and you have a T. J. Maxx store near you....check out their assortment. Most things that they have are in the $10.-$30. range....They also carry...
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    Re: The BEST Perry Ellis?

    It's funny how differently people perceive/smell me from what I remember of my original is the same fragrance...perhaps the original had a touch more vanilla in it...but very...
  100. Re: What do you think of the current formulation of Tiffany for Men?

    I've worn Chanel for Men for YEARS and Pour Monsieur Concentree is not the same as Tiffany for Men...Matter of fact I just tried both on either wrist the other day and I much prefer the Tiffany to...
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