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  1. Re: Dior Homme Intense Vs L'occitane Eau des Baux + Some Other Questions

    You should try ordering sample decants - see if any of the online stores ship to Europe. I'd recommend getting a slightly larger sample that comes with a sprayer, I think it gives you a better idea...
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    Re: Help me spend a gift card at Sephora

    When you go in again get a sample of the eau sauvage parfum to try. It's completely different from the edt.
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    Re: Mr. Blass - Great blind buy!

    Yup. Mine also has oakmoss.
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    Re: Day time cologne for summer / fall / spring

    Cerruti pour Homme might work for you. I think it's a very nice daytime office scent, and it lasts all day for me. Read the reviews here on it. It looks like it can be had for ~$25 now.
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    Re: 50ml or 100ml? How good is 100ml good?

    Amazon has a 25oz bottle for less than $3 an oz.:laugh:
    I didn't know fragrance came in bottles that big! You'll be able to pass it on to future generations.
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    Re: Best place to order samples?

    I recently ordered a bunch of samples from Decantshop, and they were great. They replied super quick to my emailed questions and shipped really fast.

    Not sure where you are located, but the...
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    Re: Looking for some dirt cheap blind buys

    Looks like you've been hitting up the best inexpensive fragrances threads, good job! I don't know if you have a perfumania near you, but if you do then it will be really worth your while to take a...
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    Re: Notes option in Wardrobe?

    I would love a feature like this where I could make notes about specific fragrances in my wardrobe.
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    Re: Mr Blass has floaties!

    I've been smelling this more and I'm really starting to come around to it. My opinion of the opening has changed to excellent, and the drydown is very nice, but a bit weak. It might need another...
  10. Re: Do you think I would like Farenheit Absolute?

    No other recommendations to try? :laugh:

    From the forum where someone will ask, "which of these three should I get" and people reply with 2 dozen other fragrances to get instead/in addition?...
  11. Re: Do you think I would like Farenheit Absolute?

    I had not seen the website for before. I found plenty of stuff to try in addition to the Absolute!

    Any other "must tries" that I should pick up samples of while I'm at it? I've...
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    Re: Mr Blass has floaties!

    New bottle came today, and it also has floaties. Nothing smells "off" about it (although I don't know how it's supposed to smell), so I figure that the batch that Amazon has for stock all has them. ...
  13. Re: Do you think I would like Farenheit Absolute?

    Wow you're replying really fast to everything! :grin: Thanks for the feedback and the welcome!

    Does anyone know where I can order a sample from? I'm putting an order together from the Perfumed...
  14. Do you think I would like Farenheit Absolute?

    I love Eau Sauvage Parfum. I've got samples here of the regular Eau Sauvage and Fahrenheit (all recent formulations) and don't really like the ES but so far like the Fahrenheit quite a bit. Do you...
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    Mr Blass has floaties!

    I ordered a bottle of Mr Blass from Amazon because of all the positive reviews here - $17 shipped was a great price. I sprayed it on tissue when I got it, and it was nice, but nothing amazing to my...
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