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  1. Re: [INTL] Maksi's Splits - CREED - Millesime Imperial !! SALE !! 10ml for $18

    It's a veeeeeery long shot but pm sent ;)
  2. Re: [intl] creed / amouage / rasasi / al haramain / tom ford / xerjoff


    Just wanted to let you know that the Naxos arrived yesterday! Beautiful presentation, quick service and good communication!

    Thanks and I won't hesitate to do business with you in the...
  3. Re: [intl] creed / amouage / rasasi / al haramain / tom ford / xerjoff


    Interested in Naxos. Pm sent!
  4. Re: [$SPECIAL$]Aventus 19P11, Creed (retail bottles), Kilian,tom ford,chanel,mfk,frederic malle,byre

    Pm sent
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    Re: [U.S/WW]Aventus $44/30ml, Frederic Malle, Roja, Le Labo, And Many New Bottles Added!

    :dankk2::dankk2::dankk2:Just came home and found my New Haarlem decant waiting for me! As usual the presentation is top notch. Thanks for the sample too. I can recommend Clever's services to anyone...
  6. Re: Any Tom Ford Private Blend available in the Netherlands?

    Even though it's an old thread:

    Bijenkorf indeed, the Douglas on the Kalverstraat (Amsterdam) has them and also Parfumerie Marjo (Damstraat, Amsterdam)
  7. Re: [INTL] Postumo's Splits - Creeds, new Malle's, Amouage, Tom Ford...

    Jubilation arrived yesterday. Quick delivery, great quality and Postumo kept in contact throughout the process. Looking forward to doing business again.
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