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  1. Re: Any Women Tired of the Choice Between Fruity-Floral and Cupcake?

    I wish this wave of fruity, sweet florals would come to an end. But then I hoped for the powerhouse, the oriental and the aquatic wave to come to an end too. Fortunately some light and non-sweet...
  2. Thread: Eau Sauvage

    by pebe

    Re: Eau Sauvage

    The vintage EDT is indeed devine. It was the first cologne I have purchased myself and I wore it for ages while wondering why every other scent I tried was just nice at best. Vintage Eau Fraiche is...
  3. Re: Recommendations: non-floral, non-sweet, feminine

    You can go different ways:

    The darker ones could be
    - Bulgari Black
    - Chanel Antaeus (recent version)
    - Chanel Egoiste or Platinum Egoiste
    - Annick Goutal Duel

    The vetivers/woods like
  4. Re: Tried Chanel Cristalle, went well at first....

    I know this may be a weird suggestion but if you want to be sure that it is indeed Cristalle that caused the issue, give it another try if you can find a tester in a shop. If this causes the same...
  5. Re: Best Cologne For A Teenager + General Cologne Starter Advice?

    Try some of the above mentioned colognes like AgG or Bleu de Chanel and wear what you like.

    When I was your age, heavy, sweet oriental fragrances had been popular. I felt very uncomfortable...
  6. Thread: Job Interview

    by pebe

    Re: Job Interview

    +1 but less than usual
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    Re: Safe designer fragrance for mom?

    Would you mind giving some information about the scents she likes to use? This would make it easier to offer suggestions because there is no scent that works for everyone.

    I can suggest some...
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    Re: Top 3 unisex fragrances

    Dior Eau Savage
    Bulgari Black
    Chanel Antaeus (recent version)
  9. Re: Need recs for next fragrance -- between green and white floral, "unusual" is good!

    I would like to second Dior Eau Savage. It is one of my summer favourites for nearly thirty years now. Or vintage Eau Fraiche if you can find it.

    Chanel Christalle is nice too but stay away from...
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    Re: Help finding winter, office-type scent

    Unfortunately I don't know Prada Amber PH.

    I have the recent version of Rive Gauche and soapy in this case is a little bit like the smell after washing your hands with an unscented bar of soap....
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    Re: Help finding winter, office-type scent

    I would second Rive Gauche - very clean and for me a little bit too soapy but easy to wear - and Antaeus. The modern version of Antaeus is toned down considerably. I still have a bottle from the...
  12. Re: What scents do you trust in extreme circumstances?

    a) Chanel No. 19
    b) colder months: Bulgari Black, Lalique Encre Noir ph or Balmain Jolie Madame
    b) warmer months: Dior Eau Savage, Chanel pour Monsieur, AG Hadrien or Sud or any other citrusy...
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    Re: A little help please

    This is another one for Chanel Cristalle - both, the original or verte - or Annick Goutal Eau de Hadrien.

    If it is hot and humid I would pick a scent that follows the classic Eau de Cologne...
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    Re: Dress shoes vs dress boots

    If it is a rather formal office environment (e.g. suit), dress shoes are the proper footwear.
    If it is a casual dress code (e.g. jeans or chinos), you can wear both.
    If it is more formal than...
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    Re: Recommend Me Some Better Fragrances!

    No way! This stuff is really horrible.
    Many young people do earn some money and even if not, there are occasions like birthday or xmas .....
  16. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    My taste is unchanged (chypres, preferably green chypres and eau de colognes for summer) but my knowledge has broadened and thus the number of fragrances I own and happily wear.

    When I started...
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    Re: What makes a fragrance "difficult"?

    For me difficult translates into non mainstream, unique and/or complex and sometimes also unbalanced - at least not everybodys cup of tea.
    And this usually get's me interested because I don't want...
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    Re: Fragrances For Her, Worn By Him

    Most of the older chypre fragrances that had been marketed to women back then would be considered at least unisex by now.

    I would add Scherrer by Scherrer, Y by YSL and Balmain de Balmain to the...
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    Re: What to put in your pocket? I will tell you

    The real good pens are from companies that started their business as a pen maker. The most renown companies are from Japan (e.g. Sailor, Pilot, Namiki), Italy (Visconti, Montegrappa, Omas), Germany...
  20. Re: Casual Shoes - what do you wear, and also please give advice

    Well, women tend to notice good footwear when they look at a guy.

    A guy wearing an old pair of jeans with an old shirt and high quality leather shoes for grocery shopping will be seen as someone...
  21. Re: What stylish shoes to wear and, at the same time, look fantastic for dating?

    Black and white is a very formal colour combination.

    If you like the white shirt with the jeans - which usually looks great IMO - you may go for a charcoal, grey or brown jacket.
    Or you could...
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    Poll: Re: How Many Pairs of Shoes or Boots Do You Own?

    Could be about 50.

    I have shoes for three seasons: winter (cold, snow and ice), summer (hot, no socks) and in between.
    And I have shoes for the office (classic, formal and no nonsense in...
  23. Re: Alcohol-free skincare for reactive, truly sensitive skin!

    Cetyl alcohol is an emulsifier and thus not to be mistaken with alcohol that is usually used to preserve cosmetics. Cetyl alcohol is solid and keeps water and oil together (heat is part of this...
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    Re: My mom needs a hands cream, help please....?

    I don't know about the avilability in the US but I can give you some general advice regarding the ingredients. I have issues with my skin as long as I can remember and used homemade cream for many...
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    Re: Best fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Dior Eau Savage.

    Edmond Roudnitska was right: women are wearing it too. It is my favourite hot weather frag since more than 25 years.
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    Re: Fragrance for a Job Interview

    Well, this won't work with anyone I know including myself ....

    My advise is with the majority: no fragrance or one spray maximum.

    If the interviewer is female, she will check for appropriate,...
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    Re: Your precious, unopened, Back Up collection!!

    Got a bit nervous when I realized that Y by YSL will be replaced with a reformulation and hoarded some backups.
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    Re: Looking for a new signature fragrance or 3!

    Had a similar experience with Bulgari Black several weeks ago when visiting a friend abroad:

    Went to the airport wearing Bulgari Black, my favourite non office scent for the colder seasons. On my...
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