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    Re: Affordable masterpieces

    I bought Guerlain's Vetiver at one of those discount perfume stores - 125 ml for something around $70 or $80, including tax, which I think is a steal.

    Aramis Havana and Chanel Antaeus are both,...
  2. Re: Best signature cologne that would last 12hours or at last 10hours

    I've got a Givenchy Gentleman set, although I find that the secret is not to use all the products at the same time. (I personally love patchouli, but people do tend to react like you're attacking...
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    Re: Skin and longevity

    I have dry skin that eats fragrances. I also find that fragrances wear rather 'clean' on me - I wonder if there's a connection there, or if skin chemistry is more complex than that?
  4. Re: Is it just me or not many people wear fragrances?

    I think it's a workplace thing - there is always someone who wants to kick up a fuss that their feelings have been hurt.

    I still wear fragrances to work, but I have to compromise - one spray...
  5. Re: Funniest fragrance reviews you've read?

    Oh_Hedgehog's comparison of 1740 Marquis de Sade to eccles cakes: ". . .[A]nd a heart like a gargantuan Eccles cake, with the juiciness of stewed vine fruits and the richness of a sizzling slab of...
  6. Re: What else do you collect apart from perfumes?

    Tea (mostly puerh), vintage Seiko watches (mostly handwind, some vintage divers), fountain pens (Parker, Pilot), shaving equipment (Gillette open comb razors).
  7. Re: Van Cleef & Arpels ph (OR) YSL ph (OR) Mont Blanc Individuele

    I have VCH PH - but not the other two mentioned.

    There's a thread somewhere - which I can't find for now - that suggests the latest re-formation was something of a return to the former glory....
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: March 2012

    I bought Kouros - because it was the old one with the metal shoulders as opposed to the newer, supposedly watered down version.

    Next will be vintage Gentleman.
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    Re: Is Aramis Havana all that good?

    It is genius - it manages to be both spicy and dry. I love spicy, but find sweet-spicy too gourmet.

    As noted above, there is a lot of bay rum in it. Not a great deal of tobacco, but it's one of...
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    Re: I Beat It!

    I think this line nails it. Thank you to the OP for a wonderfully perceptive post.

    I'm new here, and don't have many scents compared to the average member - I have more than the average person,...
  11. Re: Not to be a hater, but One Million is the biggest turd in the fragrance world today.

    Funnily enough, Fahrenheit is technically a great fragrance. It's one of the few instantly recognizable frags that smells unlike anything else. In the way that Aramis smells of Aramis, etc.
  12. Re: A woody scent and no sweetness. any ideas?

    Another vote for Gucci PH 1.

    If I'd been cool I'd have written +1 PH 1.
  13. Re: Recommendations for Scents with 'no cologny feel'...explained in thread

    Muscs Koublaï Khän, once the funky musk has evaporated away - say after the first hour or so - and you are left with the scent of sunburned skin.

    I sometimes think that, lightly applied, Van Cleef...
  14. Re: Looking for a summer cologne, any recommendations?

    Personally, I like dry scents. In what passes for Vancouver's summer (and is probably closer to your winter) I tend to reach for Guerlain Vetiver and Aramis Havana.
  15. Re: What should I know about Montale before buying?

    Back to the OP's question. . .

    Scent quality seems rather subjective to me, so I'd rather not go there. (If I like it, I think it has quality, and vice versa.)

    As for a safe buy. . . I find a...
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    Re: THE fragrance for my personality

    My most mature, sophisticated scent is Knize Ten.

    Having said that, I think Chanel Égoïste is going to be easier to sample. I'm also a huge fan of Gucci Pour Homme, which I regard as a perfect...
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    Re: Suggestions for first niche?

    Ah, I've come to confuse things futher. I have two recommendations:

    Alt-Innsbruck Eau de Cologne at around $30 before shipping - can't get any more tobacco than that!

    Samples from Sonoma...
  18. Re: Not to be a hater, but One Million is the biggest turd in the fragrance world today.

    And the SA said "But it's our best selling fragrance!"

    Well of course it is, it's your answer to every question I ask.

    I will, however, praise it if it's stopped people wearing Fahrenheit to...
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    Re: My Fragrance PickUps!!!

    And my wife says I spend like a drunken sailor. . .

    (No insult implied - just mild envy. Enjoy it all, you earned it.)
  20. Re: Your most recent wonderous discovery?...

    So the SA - in a niche perfume sotre in Vancouver, BC - gets talking to me said that if you love vetiver, I've got one that you have to sample. I politely replied that I absolutely adored Guerlain's...
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    Re: What frag would Erwin Rommel wear?

    Possibly Knize Ten?

    (A scent that I absolutely adore - no implied criticism or anti-German thing going on.)
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    Re: Montale Aoud Musk

    Alfarom - thank you for your prompt and very thorough reply.

    I think I'll have to sample Aoud Musk and Black Musk side by side. I like the idea of oud, vetiver, amber and musk. I just hope it's...
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    Re: Montale Aoud Musk

    Alfarom - I hope I'm not hikacking the thread, but I think it's your review on Fragantia that suggests Black Musk is Aoud Musk minus the saffron or oud.

    Do you mind giving more information about...
  24. Re: What picture would best describe Muscs Koublai Khan?

    I'm thinking of the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" pics of Terry Wogan in moleskin. . .

    [Which you can view here, if you care:...
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    Re: Best Tobacco Scents Out There

    Alt Innsbruck Eau de Cologne - although I cannot claim to have as much experience as other posters.
    Alt Innsbruck Eau de Cologne

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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    VC&A PH.

    I love talking in capital letters - sort of the way teachers speak to each other. (Only because everything in education gets an unweildy title.)

    Anyway, I've been wearing Van Cleef &...
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    Re: Long Lasting Lime?

    How about Montale's Aoud Lime?

    It's interesting because there is apparently no lime in it - you only think there's lime in it, but hey, what's the difference.
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    Re: Big projection

    Absolutely. I really don't like it - headache juice as far as I'm concerned, but it you want a frag designed to be dominant over cigarette smoke, stale lager and cheap perfumes - ie all the health...
  29. Re: a watch like my fragrances: classy and high quality at reasonable price

    The pursuit continues. . .

    Beware - that's how I started. I can control my watch adiction, anytime I want. . .

    Although my passion is for hand-winding, I recently bought a quartz. I'd recommend...
  30. Re: Looking for a specific type of woody fragrance

    Have you thought of L'Occitane Cedar? (Their Vetyver is somewhat similar, but has more going on, and might not fit the bill.)
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    Re: Alternatives to Gucci Pour Homme I

    Ah, I overlooked Montale's Greyland - it's less peppery than PH1, but it goes into a slightly darker area. I find PH1 sexier, tho'.
  32. Poll: Re: Out of the 5 most reviewed men's fragrances on BN, which do you like best?


    I hope I'm not being contrary, but I'm going to disagree with one of the posters above and say it's an interesting question. To me, it's about the difference between the most popular...
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    Re: Alternatives to Gucci Pour Homme I

    From the outset, I absolutely love Gucci PH1 - it absolutely works on me, but then I've noticed most frags wear a lot less dark and mysterious on me.

    I'd have to say the CdG recommendations are...
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    Re: Most Offensive Fragrance

    I have to say that I absolutely love Aramis, Antaeus, Egoiste and Kouros, which seem to be getting a few votes here. . .

    But I can't stand Farenheit. I find it cloying - one of the only scents...
  35. Re: Cheap perfumes that smell pricey almost niche quality?

    My all time best cheapie is Alt-Innsbruck EDC, which I think is fantastic.

    I don't know if VC&A Pour Homme counts as 'cheap' but I got my bottle for a little over $30 online, and it's an absolute...
  36. Re: (30 +) what are your TOP 5 this year ?

    Ha - I'm so new at this that my all-time Top 5 is exactly the same as my 2011 list. . . because I'm not aware of having bought any fragrances previously. (Hope to make up for lost time, tho'.)
  37. Re: a watch like my fragrances: classy and high quality at reasonable price

    Go vintage, young man.

    I'm biassed, in that I collect vintage Seikos. It's got to be handwind, as far as I'm concerned - but I'm aware that I'm odd like that.

    My advice, for what it's worth:...
  38. Re: What are your favourite clothing brands?

    If it fits me, I'll wear it - with a 30 ins. waist and 34 ins. inseam, I don't get too much choice in pants. Funnily enough, I can always get jeans, but I'm better off with tailored (ie unhemmed)...
  39. Re: The worst of the worst: Projection / Longevity

    I managed to find a store with Guerlain Jicky, which is something I've been wanting to sample for a while. I sprayed it on my wrist and it was gone within five minutes. I then got the SA to help me,...
  40. Re: Quorum with Oakmoss (before regulation)

    I always said I'd never be one of those people ranting on about reformations, lecturing people on buses about "pale shadow of it's former self."

    I mean, if you don't like it, there's plenty more...
  41. Re: I wore Nippon Koh tonight and my wife said I smell like

    That's nothing. My wife was giving me grief about the strong, sweet, floral scent she picked up when I walked past her in the kitchen earlier on. "You smell like horrible perfume," she kept saying.
  42. Re: Gah! Whats Wrong with My Skin! Longevity Silage Issues

    I moisturize. (With Aveeno, but I think they are all pretty much the same.) What helps is not drying myself much at all when I get out of the shower, so the moisturizer traps a layer of water against...
  43. Re: Your Top 3 fall/Winter 2011 Fragrance

    Knize Ten
    Chanel Antaeus
    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme

    The VCA PH is new, until now I was wearing Alt-Innsbruck EDC quite a lot.
  44. Re: Just got marry... My wife's reaction to Kouros

    I like - but don't yet own - Kouros, but I think four sprays would probably make me cry.
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: November 2011

    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme.

    The one with two lines of text, as...
  46. Re: Fragrance Heaven In Tijuana Mexico/ Question about Traveling With Quantity...Please Help

    Oooh. . . I was just looking at a Gucci PH1 bottle.

    Don't try this at home, kids.

    Actually, I'd be inclined to put it in my airplane checked-in baggage. In my opinion, which doesn't count for...
  47. Re: What is your favourite L'Occitane fragrance?

    Vetyver, although I need to go back and do some more sampling.

    I'm in the camp that says this is a great, but mis-named scent. Famously described as vetiver for people that hate vetiver. . . It's...
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    Re: I liked Dirty English, what is similar to it?

    Holy thread necrophilia, Batman!

    I wonder what the OP got for Christmas 2009 and 2010, and what he's asked for this year. . .

    (And I'm guilty of giving it a further bump - aren't I a...
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    Re: Dirty English?

    Personally, I've only ever sampled, but never bought Dirty English - so take what I say with a pinch of salt.

    I find it a very bland scent wrapped up in a provocative name. In my opinion, it's a...
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    Re: Tabac Original EDC

    Let us know how you get on with it. Tabac EDC is, in my opinion, the best of the high street cheapies - as opposed to one-off online bargains.

    It's warm, but not sweet, and somehow a reassuring...
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    Re: What makes a frag cheap ?

    A fragrance is inexpensive when people are not prepared to pay big bucks for it, whereas retailers can jack up the prices of 'hot' commodoties - usually newer scents.

    I say it's all marketing....
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    Re: Chanel?

    Another vote for Antaeus, due to the green/musk thing it has going on, although I have to be honest and state that I'm not familiar with the rest of the line.
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    Re: Tabac Original EDC

    I've got the EDC and I'm very impressed by it, especially considering the cost.

    It's a comfort scent, really. It's a Sunday-afternoon-wearing-a-sweater scent rather than a night club thing.

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    Re: YSL Kouros - First Impressions

    I thought it was more a case of tearing their clothes off every time they caught a whiff of the most mainstream scent imaginable. . .
  55. Re: Looking for a refined, sophisticated scent for my 46 yo husband...

    Hmm. . . Aramis Havana? It's a spicy bay rum - and very, very dry. Definitely a warm weather scent. A classic!

    Funny how we're all suggesting such widely different scents.
  56. Re: Excitement...Excitement...Anti-climax

    I walked into a store in Vancouver that specializes in purchasing end-of-line stock and tested Quorum. I liked it, but didn't buy it. However, soon after I saw it online dirt cheap, and pounced. I...
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    Re: YSL Kouros - First Impressions

    I continue to be amused at the insecurity of some people here who think that a perfume will make them (a) more ruggedly masculine and (b) popular with women.

    I'm not saying people have to like...
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    Re: A cozy night by the fireplace

    Alt-Innsbruck EDC every time.
  59. Re: Excitement...Excitement...Anti-climax

    Any fragrance with the word black in the title. (Or noir, dark, etc.)

    Any fragrance with the word musk in the title. (Any spelling.)
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    Re: YSL Kouros - First Impressions

    Funnily enough, just before seeing this post, I went back into the Tried list in my wardrobe and sneakily upped Kouros from one star to five.

    I first sampled it on card, and all I can remember was...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: November 2011

    Last Saturday I tried a lot of scents, and the one I bonded with the most, and lasted on me the best, was Tabac Original EDC. I went back for it on my way home from work tonight. I love the way it...
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    Re: Best Male "Generic" Fragrance

    I get the impression that the OP was talking about the common, anonymous scents. Things that everyone is wearing, are easily available, and tend to get overlooked here.

    I have a huge love for...
  63. Re: Which fragrances smell closest to your clothes after a bonfire?

    A great observation. I earlier suggested Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio, with the caveat that it is too smoky for me. It's too much like I've been at the barbeque all the previous evening...
  64. Re: Why do people buy full bottles instead of samples?

    Because I plan on being around for the next 50 years.
  65. Re: Fragrance that you love but but the wife/girlfriend HATES?

    My wife objects to anything she thinks they is "too floral," along with Sonama Scent Studio's Incense Pure (because it smells too much like incense, and she doesn't see why I'd want to wear that) and...
  66. Re: Which fragrances smell closest to your clothes after a bonfire?

    Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio.

    It is genius, but. . . not an everyday scent. On me, it smells exactly like I've just stepped in from the barbeque.

    More info on the Sonama page. She...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: November 2011

    Today I bought a big box of Aramis products - eau de toilette, aftershave, aftershave balm, body shampoo and soap. And if you remember the '70s, the phrase soap on a rope will come back to haunt you...
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    Re: Tenacious fragrances

    Funnily enough, the longest lasting scent on me is Gucci PH1. Aramis Havana is probably second.

    My skin eats fragrances, however, so I'd not say that I was representative of anything.
  69. Nothing on earth smells worse than brewing....

    Nothing on earth smells worse than brewing. (Specifically, the point at which the hops are added to the wert.)

    Although I'm rather partial to Marmite, however. . .
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: October 2011

    All these hard working, hard shopping people make me realize just how lazy I really am.

    Today I came home via the Holt Renfrew store in Vancouver, where I bought their last (or so they claimed)...
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    Re: What are you itching to buy next?

    I'm going back to a scent I remember from my childhood (I grew up in the 1970s) - Aramis.

    It's just. . . calling me.

    After that, probably Chanel Antaeus
  72. Re: Would it matter to you if other people couldn't smell your perfume, but you still could?

    I am totally selfish - I wear frags for my own enjoyment, so I wouldn't be bothered if other people couldn't smell them.

    I can't help but laugh at all the threads written by guys wanting to find a...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: October 2011

    Azzaro Acteur

    Big sweet n' spicy rose. Loving it!
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: October 2011

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Today: Knize Ten and Alt-Innsbruck EDC. BTW, I'm absolutely infatuated with the Knize - such depth. Everything I'd hoped it would be and more. The Alt-Innsbruck seems sweet...
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    Re: 2 Sprays! 12 Hours!! 10 meters!!!

    Guilty of all of the above.

    Let me explain - as I should have done when I posted - it was an on-the-wrist sample, in which the SA gave me a modest amount. Black Aoud on one wrist, Lime Aoud on the...
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    Re: Just blind bought Quorum

    I've got to say that I've been struggling with the sprayer. It comes out like a fire hose! I find I get better results if I hold the thing at arm's length and run through the mist, like Moonb...
  77. Re: Ingredient that makes me want to puke - what is it?

    I love Aramis Classic and Givenchy Gentleman, but I understand some people could find them cloying. (Frankly, I detest Farenheit, which is like being strangled in a chemical factory.)

    I'm saying...
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    Re: 2 Sprays! 12 Hours!! 10 meters!!!

    My body eats scents - I've erased Black Aoud completely in four hours, which I think must be something of a record. Oh, and it was a pure, clean soapy rose scent on me - no darkness or mystery.

  79. Re: Please help me pick new summer fragrances for summer

    I guess it's summer somewhere, so here goes. . .

    My favourite hot weather fragrance, alongside Guerlain Vetiver, is Aramis Havana. I love the dryness - herbs and spices, bay rum, and a whiff of...
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    Re: Just blind bought Quorum

    I bought Quorum earlier this week, too. I got it online having sampled it some time before.

    Let me say that, as a fully paid up member of the awkward squad, I'm going to disagree with everyone...
  81. Re: Starter Niche houses and Individual Frags

    I'd like to add Sonoma Scent Studio to the list - not a hugely varied selection, but the website is clear, the names indicate what the scent will actually smell like, and you can get affordable...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: October 2011

    Inspired by perfumeCollector's classic review, I got "the king of the hill, the perfume that roars above all others, the perfume all other perfumes pay tribute to" - Quorum.
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: October 2011

    Another vote for a classic - Azzaro Pour Homme.

    Don't know why I took so long to buy this! (Actually, I do know - it's far, far cheaper online than in a store. Cheapskate, aren't I?)
  84. Re: what are the greatest designer toBacco fragrances?

    Much as I love Aramis Havana, I don't get a huge tobacco note from it. Yes, it's there, but I'd not necessarily call it a tobacco frag. It's a beautiful, very dry, blend of herbs, spices and a touch...
  85. Poll: Re: Favorite wood fragrances from this list

    Gucci PH1 for me. My skin eats scents, but there is something about PH1 that goes nuclear on me. I swear one spray will last 24 hours.

    On the subject of Kyoto, I loved it on the paper strip. When...
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    Re: Quorum By Antonio Puig

    Holy thread necropsy, Batman. A seamless jump from September 2005 to September 2011.

    I rather like Quorum - one of those scents that kills all misery dead.
  87. Re: What Fragrances will you wear when your a bit older

    I think I woke the children up laughing at that one.

    When I am old, I'll have to wear a lot of cologne, because I buy 'em faster than I empty them.
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    Re: a Woody

    My personal favourite is Gucci PH1, as it's so dry and calming.

    L'Occitane Vetyver is a warmer take on the woodsy theme. They also do Cedar, which isn't so interesting to me as it lacks the...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: September 2011

    An oldie but goldie, Aramis Havana

    It actually arrived Friday, but this is my first chance to post.
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    Re: Al-Rehab Khaliji - er... wow.

    I know this is a fairly old thread, but it makes sense to post here rather than start something new. After all, it was the participants here that inspired me to try Al Rehab’s Khaliji and Aseel.

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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: September 2011

    Al Rehab’s Aseel and Khaliji – I’m still trying to work out if I love them or hate them. Actually, that’s more often than not a good sign with me.

    At $2.50 each (!) I’ve already had my money’s...
  92. Re: one scent not for human race, and one which gives inner peace

    Made for machines: anything the SA leads me to as the biggest seller. "It's the most popular scent we have. . ."

    Inner peace: anything with frankincense and myrrh. Currently Sonoma Scent Studio's...
  93. Re: Most Wanted! List of Fragrances that I'll buy in next couple of months.

    Well, I've got Aramis Havana, Knize Ten and Alt-Innsbruck EDC incoming. . .

    I think my next step is to buy Chanel Antaeus.

    After that, I'm getting:
    Azzaro PH

    I also need to test...
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    Re: Top 3 most masculine scents

    Givenchy Gentleman
    Chanel Antaeus
    Azzaro PH
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    Re: What made you guys join Basenotes?

    I came here to learn. I still am learning.

    I saw this place linked in a couple of threads over on the wetshaving site Badger and Blade. I thought I should maybe get myself a cologne. Have a look...
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    Re: What Frag(s) Literally Make You Sick?

    Holy thread necropsy, Batman!

    Have to say Farenheit is the most vomit inducing substance I've met so far, and that Grey Flannel is liquid headache. I know both are classics, but not for me.
  97. Re: Guerlain Habit Rouge EDT smells like an old man scent

    Perfect put down.

    That said, I'm going to avoid troll-feeding.
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    Re: women seems to prefer aquatics.

    Who cares? I'm married.
  99. Re: Burberry London Similar Alternatives For Winter

    How about Burberry Beat? It'a a woody office scent. Less sweet than London, and a little more grown up. My skin eats scents, but a sample wrist spray stayed around five hours or so.

    I have to say...
  100. Re: What are your top three Incense frags?

    Sonoma Scent Studio's Incense Pure sets the standard, for me - it's not smoky, and it's not musty, and it's not fleeting, which are all things that kill incense scents for me. Quite the opposite: it...
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