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    Re: manly strawberry fragrances ?

    You want Diesel For Life, great fragrance...I get compliments on it all the time. It is still masculine won't smell like strawberry shortcake or anything.
  2. Re: What fragrance do you use the most sprays of when your applying, and how many sprays?

    Thats funny...went to a gathering yesterday and sprayed 5 sprays of silver mountain water...I thought that was actually pretty strong, but the thing went away after about 2 hours...would...
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    Re: My Top 10 Picks For Winter 2012

    I don't have that many winter scents...but the few I use do a great job, smell great, and always get compliments.
    1. Givenchy Play Intense
    2. Dior Homme
    3. Diesel Fuel For Life
    4. Fierce
    5. Le...
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    Re: What are the top COMFORT scents?

    1. Silver Mountain Water-tea scent and is soft
    2. Prada Amber-fresh and clean
    3. Mugler Cologne-green soft and soapy
    4. Dior Homme-snuggled by spices
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    Re: Mugler Cologne or Rive Gauche Pour Homme?

  6. Re: Advice on Fragrance for Thanksgiving get together?

    DuNez...good advice, I was thinking I would be light on the sprayer for these reasons. That is probably the best scent for this type of event, that drydown is pretty nice. The Prada Amber drydown is...
  7. Advice on Fragrance for Thanksgiving get together?

    Hello Basenoters...scent masterminds.

    I am going to a large Thanksgiving get together and was curious which one of these fragrances you might recommend.

    Background: This is going to be a...
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