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    Re: Kourkdjian - Best nose around?

    For me there isn't any one best nose because there are too many variables however, I like both FK and BD. And when I mean like, I mean drop everything, buy now and ask questions later. Meanwhile,...
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    Re: Most Powdery?

    Danieq, you mentioned you were trying to remember which of the Guerlain eaux was powdery - for me the most powdery is Cologne Du 68 - barbershop up top with a very powdery iris and sandalwood...
  3. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    So true about the black. I think it's the sex and danger aspect that is so attractive. Black bottles make us think we're grown-ups who are serious about our perfume. It's funny when light, fresh or...
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    Re: Anyone here use just one spray?

    I do three - two wrists and one neck. However if I'm feeling cautious I'll just do my wrists. I'll repeat spray at least once, but more often twice during the day. I have a large collection and it...
  5. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    Yes there is too much pink-itis and weird body parts, and I really dislike plastic diamonds. I've shut my eyes to such things many times - however I don't mind a truly ridiculous bottle - it's a nice...
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    Re: MAHORA - Guerlain Your views ?

    I bought a bottle of Mahora from an online store. It was ‘new’ and the cellophane wrapping was intact. However the box design has a hole in it where the bottle protrudes and is exposed to light. My...
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    Re: Chamade, Rive Gauche, Chanel No 5 family

    To me Chamade, No 5 and Rive Gauche are from distinct groups, and not particularly similar.

    If I had to do groupings I would put No 5, Joy and L’aimant together and Rive Gauche, Calandre and Ma...
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    Re: From niche to mainstream

    To me the biggest difference between niche and designer perfumes isn't ingredients, quality or uniqueness but rather distribution. A number of design houses restrict certain lines to create niche....
  9. Poll: Re: Returns -- Which way does your moral compass point?

    Being in Australia I can't return perfume once it's been opened. However I do buy online from the states and they accept returns. There's been a couple of times when I'm pretty sure I've received a...
  10. Re: Is Concentre d'Orange Verte similar to Lime Basil & Mandarine?

    I have both and there are similarities. I prefer Concentre D'Orange Verte. Lime Basil and Mandarine has a musty edge on me and it's a bit too 'aftershavey'. To me CDOV is very clean and bright, with...
  11. Re: Timbuktu by L'Artisan (my impression and my thoughts)

    Coincidently the nose behind Sartorial and Timbuktu is Bertrand Duchaufour.
  12. Re: Timbuktu by L'Artisan (my impression and my thoughts)

    I get this really interesting note, about three minutes into it, that occilates between coffee and dung.

    Then it disappears, and I mainly get sharp green mango cologne and smoky black incense.
  13. Re: What were the 3 biggest impact/revolutionary designer fragrances for you?

    Poison as a teenager in the eighties

    Rive Gauche in the nineties

    Aromatics Elixir five or six years ago

    What's more surprising is my current interest in gourmands, which I previously...
  14. Re: Have You Ever Dumped A Fragrance Then Re-Purchased It ?

    I gave my mother Femme, Alchimie and Opium and then years later, when I realised they were reformulated/discontinued, I asked for them back. What's even worse is that I binned whole bottles of Nu and...
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    Re: Help with note recognition please

    I can't speak of Vanille Absolument, but I own Amaranthine, Fleur De Liane, Traversee Du Bosphore and Seville A L'Aube, all Duchaufour creations. To me there is relationship between them. The creamy...
  16. Re: Fragrances that you have a change of heart with

    This happens a lot to me. Lately I thought Annick Goutal's Mandragore Pourpre and Eau Du Ciel were so bad, I nearly gave them away. I tried both of them again this week, after a four month hiatus,...
  17. Re: The Hermes Perfumer on How to Choose a Fragrance

    No disrespect to Jean Claude Ellena -I'm sure he is being utterly sincere in his comments and I love his work myself, but he is the face of the Hermes perfume campaigns. He may not see himself that...
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    Re: Givenchy III.

    I was lucky enough to find the vintage version at an online retailer in Australia - it certainly wasn't discounted but it was unopened and in good condition. It definitely has a sexy 70s...
  19. Re: Help: Is Monsieur Balmain sharp as YSL pour Homme?

    Re: Eau D'Hadrien
    With the Annick Goutal fragrances the edt formulations that are sold in both the square bottle (for men) or the curved flacon (for women) are identical.

    For example Eau...
  20. Re: Is Monsieur Balmain sharp as YSL pour Homme?

    YSL PH is pungent and dirty in the first half hour, but then (on me) has a very good soapy vetiver drydown.

    Monsieur Balmain is a soft, sweet lemon citrus scent that is much easier to wear, but...
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    Re: Clinique's Aromatics Elixir

    If you like dry chypres with a strong sillage and endless longevity, like I do, then you can wear it. Gender isn't really the issue here - whether it burns your nostrils, or not, is the determining...
  22. Re: serious question: convincing your loved ones you are not crazy

    On a lighter note, I just tell them about the guy that goes around photographing all the different transmission towers in the UK.
  23. Re: What is your staple Spring and Summmer fragrance?

    Not in any order:
    Concentre D'Orange Verte, Eau D'Hadrian, Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, Fleur De Liane, Eau Dynamisante, Eau Ressourcante, Escale A Portofino, Creed Original Vetiver, Ninfeo Mio,...
  24. Re: Do you have a spreadsheet/Database detailing your collection?

    My electronic record consists of a simple inventory list, and then a journal where I log what I'm wearing, when and my impressions and rating of it on that day. I stay away from any costings list. ha...
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    Re: the irony of winter fragrances

    For sustainability reasons my home only has passive heating and cooling, so there's a minimal temperature buffer. While I understand that scent can't literally change my temperature, wearing...
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    Re: have you ever tried modifying your frags?

    I haven't done this, but as for layering I wouldn't do it to something I loved. I would only do it on something that didn't work on me and I was trying to make it wearable. And I would also probably...
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    Re: Your most expensive blind buy

    An unopened vintage bottle of Givenchy III for $166 and Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile for $164 - both gorgeous and worth the risk.

    I admire all those sensible souls that sample, sample, sample, but...
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    Re: Top long lasting fragrances

    I second all the fragrances that have been mentioned, but for something less on the oriental side and more on the fresh green/floral side suitable for work try Estee Lauder's Aliage, Estee or Private...
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    Re: First unsolicited compliment!

    While there is a bit of reverse fishing it's just safer to compliment another woman on her fragrance. I've complimented men on their scent, without any agenda, and men aren't sure how to take it....
  30. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    A grade front and back skank - Paco Rabanne La Nuit

    Pungent sweat-like herb skank with a gorgeous vetiver drydown - YSL pour homme (pre-reformulation version)
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    Re: R-e-s-p-e-c-t

    I can see that on the right person Paco Rabanne's La Nuit would be mind blowing, but on me it's too much dirty underpants and not enough spice, rose and honey. I respect it for what it could be, and...
  32. Re: Which masculine or unisex fragrances ladies do you wear?

    I love citrus, spice and wood which means 'masculines' are always interesting to me. I wear them as the mood strikes me, although if they're at all animalic I save them for private use, as I would...
  33. Re: Do you feel guilty after testing and not buying in shops?

    I have the opposite problem which is either the store doesn't have testers - discount chemists fall into this catergory - or testing at the big stores makes me want to buy something. Even if I know I...
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    Re: how important is bottle design for you

    I love a beautiful bottle. It enhances the the enjoyment of applying the perfume. Perfume isn't just an olfactory experience, it's a visual and tactile experience too. I remember the first time I...
  35. Re: when fragrances come in casual conversation

    My husband outs me as a 'perfume addict' to anyone who will listen - the op-shop lady, the neighbours, all his friends. At one stage he freaked out about how much it cost and he told people how much...
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