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    Re: weird issue with my fragrances

    I've also noticed that when I go out and bring a sample size decant with me to sneak some sprays in throughout the night after 5 min I can't smell anything on me
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    Re: weird issue with my fragrances

    I shower then about 10 min later I moisturize then wait another 10-15 to apply scents.

    I have very dry skin so I have to moisturize
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    weird issue with my fragrances

    Ive always had problems with longevity and sillage.

    I work in a motor shop so I don't shower in the morning. I've recently been wearing my fragrances to work and noticed I can actually smell them....
  4. Re: Which scents have you ever stolen from the girls?

    I've been known to sneak a couple sprays of my gfs chanel coco mademoiselle and d&g light blue
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    Re: Allure Homme Sport

    I have a bottle I bought not too long ago

    Unfortunately when I wear it I get a rash anywhere I spray. My older bottle didn't do that to me. It still smells the same to me though, it sucks cuz I...
  6. Re: Smelling great off of body butters/lotions?

    I use the body shop Shea butter body butter as a moisturizer because I have dry skin.

    It smells awesome but doesnt last more than 30 min
  7. Re: Summer Fragnence that fits my discription?

    360 red yes but I always thought white was a le male clone? Le male is humidity can be a little too much
  8. Re: Summer Fragnence that fits my discription?

    Chanel allure homme sport
    Chanel allure edition Blanche
    Prada infusion dhomme
    Aqua di gio
    Leau dissey pour homme
    Versace pour homme
    Lacoste essential

    All work well in the heat, smell good,...
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    Re: Prada / Chanel

    You honestly can't go wrong with any of those scents you listed. They all smell great
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    Wanted: Prada amber pour homme

    I'm looking for a bottle of Prada amber pour homme (original non intense version)

    I prefer a 3.4 bottle but of the price is right I'll settle on a 1.7.

  11. Re: What would upset you the most if it was discontinued?

    Platinum egoiste and la nuit
  12. Re: Do you think that Kouros is the ultimate best male fragrance ever?

    I think its one of the most nastiest smells I've ever smelt. Not even talking about fragrance wise
  13. Re: Millesime Imperial vs. Allure Homme Sport & Bleu de Chanel

    All smell great but im gonna go with allure gimme sport.

    Longest lasting and most sillage for me. I can't see myself spending all that money on the creed when it hardly lasts 4 hours on me
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    Re: Spring Summer Gourmands???

    Def hm hanae mori
  15. Re: Fragrances that you have a change of heart with

    Amen, the tar completely turned me off at first. I'm still not a big fan of the tar but have gotten used to it and love the fragrance now
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    Re: Most (_ _ _ _) Oud.

    Can anyone explain to me what oud is and smells like in the most simplest way please?
  17. Re: New here and looking for a summer/spring scent

    Chanel allure homme sport
    Aqua di gio or try the new essenza version
    Mugler cologne
    Bleu de chanel
    Chanel platinum egoiste
  18. Poll: Re: Better Going Out Fragrance: Midnight in Paris or La Nuit de L'Homme

    LA nuit
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    Re: Help: a fougere for Spring?

    If you like platinum egoiste but found it too harsh try a&f fierce, ck eternity or paco rabanne xs
  20. Re: Taking my girl out to a pretty upscale strip club for her first time...

    Wow, there are a ton of strip club haters in here huh?

    I'm not the biggest fan of strip clubs but occasionally me and my boys will stop by one after going out for the night. As for what i would...

    I take if you're not a fan?
  22. Re: Was Le Male reformulated in the past year?

    My new bottle def smells diff than the one I had years ago. Its also weaker
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    Re: La Nuit de L'homme - signature scent

    This is my signature scent, I wear it all year round. Just go easy on it in the summer, I've yet to find anyone who doesn't like the smell. It really is an excellent frag
  24. Re: HELP: Hollister / A&F perfume which smells like Armani Mania?

    I'm not 100% percent on this but my little brother used to wear Jake and it smelled s little like mania when I used to wear it.
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    Re: Dior home sport 2012 or Chanel bleu

    Both smell great bit bleu seems to last and project better, I've sampled both formulations of dhs and it had terrible longevity
  26. Re: Kenzo Pour Homme vs. Gucci Pour Homme II vs. Mugler Cologne vs. Eau Fraiche

    Try sampling Prada infusion dhomme. Its very clean and great for summer
  27. Re: Kenzo Pour Homme vs. Gucci Pour Homme II vs. Mugler Cologne vs. Eau Fraiche

    Try sampling Prada infusion dhomme. Its very clean and great for summer
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    Re: La Nuit De L'Homme

    Nice pickup, La nuit will always be a staple in my collection. Its an awesome scent and have yet to meet anyone who didn't like it
  29. Re: Chanel's allure homme sport (Eau de toilette) vs bleu de chanel

    I love both, the whole allure line and platinum egoiste all are awesome scents.

    I'm gonna go with AHS over bleu. They both smell good but there's something about sport that lifts my mood up and...
  30. Re: Chanel's allure homme sport (Eau de toilette) vs bleu de chanel

    I love both, the whole allure line and platinum egoiste all are awesome scents.

    I'm gonna go with AHS over bleu. They both smell good but there's something about sport that lifts my mood up and...
  31. Re: Creed Virgin Island Water (Review) by Noirdrakkar

    Thanks, nice review

    I just can't get down with something so expensive that wouldn't last or project. I have trouble as it is with power scents like amen and le male
  32. Re: Creed Virgin Island Water (Review) by Noirdrakkar

    Thanks, nice review

    I just can't get down with something so expensive that wouldn't last or project. I have trouble as it is with power scents like amen and le male
  33. Re: Looking for a nice casual evening scent..

    La nuit
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport

    Yea it can be worn all year

    Its in my top 3 scents of all time, unfortunately its been giving me a rash when I use it
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    Re: Prada Infusion D'Homme is SO amazing

    Love it so much I bought a 13.5 oz bottle, unfortunately my skin tames this scent pretty bad. I have it for sale if anyones interested
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    FS: Prada Infusion D'HOMME 13.5oz

    Prada infusion d'homme 13.5 about 50% left

    Comes with Big bottle, little splash bottle and prada funnel

    40$ shipped

    Please email me at as I always forget to check my...
  37. Re: Out of nowhere my frags are giving me rashes!

    All of my frags are doing this except for la nuit.

    I don't like to spray on my clothes so does anyone have any advice? Most of my scents I've been wearing for years and never had any problems.
  38. Wanted: Le male, chanel pe, leau dissey, a/men

    Looking for the following bottles

    Le male
    Chanel platinum egoiste
    Leau dissey

    Please email me at

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    Prada infusion dhomme 13.5oz


    Big 13.5 bottle of infusion dhomme 50%, I'm looking for le male, amen, hanae mori hm, Chanel pe. Open to offers also, I'm posting from my cell phone so I'm not sure if the pics will...
  40. Re: Out of nowhere my frags are giving me rashes!

    Sorry for the late response

    I usually spray my neck and chest, my routine hasnt changed. Dove body wash and the body shop body butter moisturizer, also
    doesnt matter if im in the sun or its dark...
  41. Out of nowhere my frags are giving me rashes!

    Has this ever happened to anyone? The past 2 weeks my frags are making my skin break out in a itchy rash, once it goes away i try another frag and boom another rash. Id hate to just spray on my...
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    Scents similar to abercrombie classic?

    Hey well my gf's bestfriend loves the classic abercrombie & fitch perfume. Its not called classic, i think its just called abercrombie & fitch.

    They discontinued it and shes looking for the...
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    Re: Looking for an Ed Hardy perfume

    To be honest she never knew the name but im sure its whatever is the best selling most popular one? I know im not
    giving any info but I bet its the most popular one
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    Looking for an Ed Hardy perfume

    Hey, my gf's bday is coming up and wanted to get her a perfume.

    I remember when we first started dating she mentioned that she really like an Ed Hardy perfume but she didnt remember the name or...
  45. Re: Haters of GREY FLANNEL: Why do you hate it?

    I dont hate it, it just doesnt smell good to me
  46. Re: Can someone recommend me an empty atomizer?

    Thanks for the site, which bottle did you get? Anybody have any other recommendations?
  47. Can someone recommend me an empty atomizer?

    Hey I have a 13.5 bottle of prada infusion but it doesnt have a sprayer.

    I looked in the diy forum but could really find a bottle design i liked, can any of you guys recommend me one that youve...
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    Re: Soapy scent with great projection?

    Thanks for all the replies guys, yea on me the infusion just stays close. I asked a few people if they smell anything on me and didnt notice.

    Fumes4ever, ive never heard of CB but I went to the...
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    Soapy scent with great projection?

    What's up everyone?

    I've been wearing prada infusion dhomme for about a week now (I bought the big 13.5 oz bottle) and absolutley love it. However I'm upset that the projection is very close to my...
  50. Re: What hairstyling product (wax/pomade/gel/etc.) do you use?

    I use the new suave proffessionals version of the american crew pomade. It works just as well and only costs around 3 bucks at walmart you cant go wrong. I also use the shampoo and conditioner of the...
  51. Infusion vs Amber vs amber intense vs mugler cologne

    Im ready to buy my first soapy scent. Ive smelled all 4 of them and love all of them.
    To me sillage and longevity are the most important things to me when buying a frag.

    I know everyones skin is...
  52. Re: Tiffany for Men, Pour Monsieur or Egoiste Platinum

    Well my fav frag is egoiste platinum.

    Its very versatile, and has great sillage and longevity. Its one of those frags you just feel good wearing
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    Re: Kenzo Power Cologne- my review

    Thanks and nice review!

    I like the original but felt it lacked in the sillage and longevity departments. Is this flanker stronger in both aspects?
  54. Re: Does using lotion before applying fragrance affect it?

    Ive always and problems with longevity with scents due to my extreme dry skin. Ive tried using unscented lotions but they just dont work good with my skin. I found a body butter from the body shop...
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    Re: Looking for a signature scent

    Platinum Egoiste
    Chanel Allure

    All have great longevity and girls love them
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    Re: Cuba Paris House?

    Dimitrios, I cant.

    The reason why I brought this topic up was to see if they were a knockoff of a designer frag. I would try to describe them
    but Im horrible with notes. I can tell you that NY is...
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    Re: Help with Hilfiger line of frag ?

    The original tommy is def a great smelling frag but there are better scents out there.
  58. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport or Azzaro Chrome? What is the best fragrance?

    Both are great warm weather frags that get compliments from girls. Chrome projects and last longer imo and is more fresh has a metallic vibe to it. Allure homme sport is more citrus. Both are great...
  59. Re: What is the best summer fragrance.(projection and uniqueness)

    Well i have problems with projection and longevity but the allure flankers get good ratings for both. Homme sport and edition blanche, both are good for summer with blanche being more unique. Chrome...
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    Re: Bvlgari Aqua or Aqua Marine

    Ive had them both and I like marine way better, its more fresh and clean and thats more of what im into. Aqva isnt bad tho
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    Cuba Paris House?

    Whats up everyone?

    Well lately ive been finding myself wearing Cuba miami alot, the bottle is a cigar. Ive been searching for more info on the cuba house but it seems the only popular one is gold...
  62. Re: Has a Fragrance Ever Made You Violently Ill?

    Jovan Musk

    Basically any of those old man scents
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    Re: all purpose warm weather fragrance

    Platinum Egoiste
    Mugler Cologne
    Allure Homme Sport
    Prada Infusion
    Versace Pour Homme
    YSL Live Jazz
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    Re: Decent Selection at Jc penny?

    ^^^ Thanks, yea i heard but unfortunatly mine doesnt.
  65. Re: Hanae Mori HM - a gourmand hater's gourmand

    I purchased the edt a few years back because a SA told me itll last long (i didnt know better and was looking for something because nothing lasted on me) and i loved it! I wanna try the edp, im sure...
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    Decent Selection at Jc penny?

    I have a gift for jc penny and was wondering if they have an ok selection of frags. Im not expecting much but does anyone know if they have any of the following?

    YSL La nuit
    Le male
    Leau dissey...
  67. Poll: Re: Best Niche Summer Fragrance from among these 3 is...........?

    All smell great but VIW has horribly longevity so im gonna go with fire island
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    Re: YSL La Nuit or Rochas Man?

    La nuit
  69. Re: YSL la nuit de l'homme vs dolce gabbana the one ?

    I like both but im in love with la nuit, girls seem to love it too
  70. Re: Kanye West disses Cool Water in latest song

    Not the best ryhme but I do have to admit hes been coming out with alot of hot songs and verses lately
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme V Dior Homme

    I havent worn any personally but have smelled both on paper and I gotta say Allure by a longshot. Dior is a little feminine to me.

    People are saying longevity is good on allure but can anyone...
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    Re: Bond No 9; Which 6 samples for a man?

    Ive only tried 3 and new haarlem and fire island are great! I dont remember the name of the other one but it smelled good too
  73. Re: Need help on a nice smelling oriental for winter

    Thanks for the replys but im not really liking any of those besides bmen and havent experienced good sillage from it.

    Maybe im not looking for an oriental but something non gourmand for winter....
  74. Need help on a nice smelling oriental for winter

    Whats up everyone

    Im looking for a good smelling oriental for winter. I have enough gormands so im looking for something different. It needs to be

    Have great sillage/longevity
    Something that...
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    Re: Has anyone tried "Power" by 50 cent?

    Damn, so much hate for 50?

    I dont care if your a hip hop fan or not i respect what he does. I doubt that hes an illiterate and talentless peice of crap. His talent is making money and he does a...
  76. Re: Burberry Brit Limited Edition For Men in October

    What he said
  77. Re: New: YSL La Nuit De L´Homme Le Parfum (EDP)

    Nice, sounds promising. Does it still smell the same as the original scent wise?
  78. Re: New: YSL La Nuit De L´Homme Le Parfum (EDP)

    I got a sample of the EDT last week and its def number 1 on my list. I just really hope the EDP smells ezactly the same but just stronger and longer lasting and id be a very happy camper
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    Re: top 5 sexiest FRESH fragrances

    Aqua di gio hated on here but everygirl ive ever met think it smells sexy
    chanel allure homme sport
    issey miyake
    a&f feirce
  80. Re: Ever have someone say you smell good and ....

    Well i just started talking to a new chick. Everytime we chilled so far ive worn something different and she said i smell good everytime.

    Chanel PE
    Chanel Allure Blanche
    Blue De...
  81. Re: Mike Sorrentino talks fragrance launch -

    Lol, this dude is really hillarious. He really makes the show what it is. Hopefully the frag will smell good and im sure itll sell like hot cakes just cuz of the name. I def could of done without...
  82. Re: What you think of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne?

    I finally sampled this at sephora last thursday and wow im impressed. I got 2 samples and am really loving this stuff, im on the hunt for a bottle on the cheap. Can anyone else comment on sillage on...
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    Sticky: Re: which scent "types/directions" do women usually prefer on men?

    Ive noticed that most females prefer fresh/aquatic scents. Also gourmands
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    Re: Your Dream Cologne

    Platinum egoiste with the sillage and longevity of joop
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    Poll: Re: Burberry London or Rochas Man

    I vote rochas man but for some reason when I goto vote it takes me to search??
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    Re: BFF: Best Fragrance Forever!

    Gonna have to go with a couple, all smell great, great sillage and longevity, and get compliments.

    Platinum egoiste
    Le Male
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    Re: Las Vegas by Bond No. 9

    Damn that bottle is gorgeous.

    Unfortunatly unless i was rich id not spend that much a frag.
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    Re: Favorite season?

    Def summer, I prefer clean and fresh scents so aquatics and fresh scents are in heavy rotation and seem to get the most compliments.

    And summers cool because at night with careful application I...
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    Re: Which is the best scent for the gym?

    Yea, id rather use axe or tag spray instead of a cologne but if I had to pick id choose Polo Sport
  90. Re: Some fresh , nice , inexpensive and with long lasting for warm days??

    Chrome, leau dissey, allure homme sport, platium egoiste

    Ooops didnt notice the inexpensive part. The chanels are pricey
  91. Re: Which Would you Pick For Every Day Hot Weather ?

    Never smelled either but I hear unbound smells like aqua di dio so i say unbound.
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    Re: Opinion thread: Best Cartier???

    Pasha Fraichuer Menthe
  93. Re: Aqva pour Homme is it better than aqua di gio

    I like ADG way better, aqva has a salty note to me that turns me off

    Aqva marine on the other hand is great
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    Re: Out of season wearing?

    Yesterday i wore amen and it was 80 degrees. Used 2 sprays and it was perfect, got a bunch of compliments too
  95. Re: What cologne with good projection and good longevity you think is good for daily wear?

    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
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    Re: Most versatile chanel fragrance?

    I think PE is the most versatile frag ive ever smelled. I wear it any time, any place and it just works
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    Re: New GAP Core for men

    ^^^^ How do you like it?
  98. Re: Are any of these Cuba fragrances worth purchasing?

    I have New York and Miami, i got them for like 3 bucks each when kmart had the big online sale.

    They both kinda suck IMO, i like NY better. Im not good at decribing notes and smells so i cant...
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    Re: Looking for Something Sweet and Sexy

    I dont understand whats so funny?
  100. Re: Non-basenotes approved fragrances you like.

    I never said it was the best smelling fragrance. I said its one of them and I beleive thats true.

    Also, good fragrance knowledge or not if something smells good it smells good regardless of how...
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