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  1. Re: What hairstyling product (wax/pomade/gel/etc.) do you use?

    Pinaud Clubman Hair gel and a little Groom&Clean. Great scent and hold.
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    Re: Any good anti aging face cream

    The best anti-aging application I've ever used is plain old virgin coconut oil. You can find it at GNC or your local health food store. About $12 for a tub. Smells great(like chicks in bikinis) and...
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    Re: Puig/Agua Lavanda Bar soap

    What a coincidence! I just smelled it this weekend quite by accident while shopping at an Iberian products store. It smells nice and clean. It was about $8 for three bars, a good deal. Yardley is too...
  4. Re: What's the crime with chest hair?

    Walk proud!. It's great to know REAL MEN are making a comeback.
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    Re: What deodorant do you use?

    A drop of scent du jour under each pit and Suave Unscented. Leaves me smelling clean with just a hint of scent.
  6. Re: Fragrances that end up in your toilet

    Having recently reached the half century mark in life, I think I've flushed most every major stinkbomb from my naive youth down the toilet. The only scents I've kept are Polo(Green bottle) and Old...
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    Re: Chinatown gift shop scent??

    Thanks Mimi! I've tried that soap. Smells amazing, but it's not quite 'that' scent. It's almost a cross between that soap and the green B&F label soap, forgot which scent that one is?? I think...
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    Chinatown gift shop scent??

    Hello scent community. I've noticed over the years that every time I walk into a gift shop at any Chinatown worldwide, there's a sweet, flowery scent in the air that really brightens my mood. I...
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    Re: NEVER shop at !!!

    Agree with Mentallo. Ordered a bottle of Floris JF about three weeks ago from 1st Perfume and it barely arrived yesterday. The UPS tracking(which gave me a confirmed delivery date, already late)...
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    Re: Barbershop?

    I agree with all the descriptions of the fragrance community. Yes, I really believe that Caswell&Massey's Jockey Club and Old Spice are the "ultimate" barbershop scents...but let's not forget Aqua...
  11. Sticky: Re: Which scent get's you the most female compliments?

    The two that have gotten me consistent compliments are Gucci Pour Homme and ...believe it or not, Jockey Club by Caswell&Massey.
  12. Smells like a barber shop in church

    I LOVE it!! I was first exposed to Trumper's Spanish Leather in their Jermyn Street store on vacation in late 2005. Had to have a bottle. My wife bought it for me and since then I can't get enough of...
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